Wednesday, January 2, 2008

OZ-NY-Main-Deus or These Footprints are made for Walking

Deutsche Bank have their own Twin Towers in Frankfurt-am-Main, home to many a banker, past and present, and thus ultimately tied in with the 911 enrich-u-all. DB's building on Liberty Street , NYC, got damaged in the attaX and was or perhaps still is being dismantled floor by floor.
The logo - A Cuboid , or squarefied OZ, also mirrored 7s , making a 77, and an LZ as well as L7. Coupled with their Frankfortian twin-towers, with a footprint and a half, their special WW2 investments, their appearance in the 911 OZ 77 Producktions + their statement that the logo = 'timeless' all lead me to believe something, though intangible.
Their Cube-OZ logo on their right-handed Twin Tower seems to say - 'Hey , over here! I'm not in New York'
Bucky-Fuller reckoned that by the mid-80s humans would be able to travel via radio-waves, as far as he could tell the development of technology had reached that stage , rockets = slow travel.
Twin Towers or H-Towers as convenient 'ports' for that modern executive.
Also like HAL becomes IBM by moving 1 letter on , so does NY become OZ
Plus , tilt it point upwards and its like a double-triangled 8


Jake Kotze said...

NY=OZ=Jake going wow!

aferrismoon said...

I guess looking at again there could be a misspelt Zyon. Perhaps NY is OZ, the big Apple, its green too.

The Secret Sun said...

I don't know about you guys, but I see 7's visually encoded into the Freedom Obelisk design..

Unknown said...

Freaking uncanny. This doesn't really relate to your article directly, but there's an interesting detail difference between the movie and novel versions of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". In the book anyone entering the Emerald City is required to wear green tinted glassed. The W.W.Denslow illustrations of this, especially on the Lion, are delightful. The reason for the glasses is because the Emerald City is not really green at all. It's another illusion of the humbug Wizard. A weird detail that may hold deeper connotations. I'm curious what others might make of it.

aferrismoon said...

The whole 911 thing Adam, were we wearing explosion -tinted glass. Perhaps if we believe it did happen, did someone paint aeroplanes on the lenses, and then of course the whole WMD-Tinted glasses got everyone into a flight of fantasy for real.
Perhaps at another level, cities attract with streets paved with gold, and many a young thing breaks' neath its weary spell, their talents scooped up , used up and thrown away by the City's Beast of Beasts, the Businessman - see Edison and his badly payed workers, while he lit the city up. In fact in the original OZ film the Wiz does have an Edisonian look

Michael said...

That's a marvelous post. My gay syncs reel off balance. Homos identify with Oz like no one else (friends of Dorothy), and of course, NYC is gay mecca. That bank logo - also makes a nice diamond when tilted. The building DOES look like gigantic feet - right back to Daniel.

FilmNoir23 said...

Brilliant as always Moon!

aferrismoon said...

Thanks for all those extra connexions.
Michael - U might have to help with daniel and Feet connexion. Considering Gay-slang through the ages I can imagine a quick trip to the Emerald City to be something other, though what I know not. Dorothy , the strong female lead, looking after those men lacking the pazzazz to make it 'to the ball'.
I often feel the Gay Community esp. the TV and Drag , have the ability to turn a boring event into a colourful, exciting one.
Cheers all

Michael said...

Daniel 2:31-34, Daniel's interpretation of Neb's dream of an enormous statue with feet of iron and of clay.

The gay connection to Oz is entirely symbolic, but IMHO, the three companions of Dorothy are all gay, which makes them guardians of a "grail" - the ancient and unconscious eunuch guardian programming.

Unknown said...

Ever read the second of the Oz books, The Marvelous Land of Oz? The protagonist is a young boy named Tip who is revealed to have been the rightful ruler of Oz, the female Ozma. A reverse of the Dionysus story where he was raised as a girl.