Monday, January 21, 2008

More V

Hot on the heels of Michael at Gosporns fronting of MaryTylerMoore, looking groovy with Ms and Vs I caught DemiMoore covering V-magazine in a similar pose. Add this to AlanMoore's V for VENDETTA and a mooreing we will go flicking the Vs at all and sundry.

I watched the film FLAWLESS last night, its ok, but what synchromeshes up to the hilt is the design of the London Diamond Corp. headquarters which I can't find an image of ...yet. All the windows in the foyer are trapeziums or truncated pyramids
Get 3 Moores, Alan, Demi, Michael , whip off their initials , free ADM the MOORE.
Demi came into this world on NOV 11, 1962 in the town of ROSWELL and her full first name = Demetier which = the Greek version of Ceres, who crops up every now and then.


Vapo said...

Hello Moon ~ As to the London Diamond Corp.. it is fictional
In the film Flawless, De Beers is represented by the fictional corporation, London Diamond.

That being that some other interesting items come up..

What was Aber Diamond is now Harry Winston Diamond(London).. their website is interesting as it shows 3 towers of 3 diamonds(pyramids?):

If you go to DeBeers you see a similar set up..3 diamonds inset in a ring and more plus a interesting logo

Also the names Cecil Rhodes and Oppenheimer

That is all

Have a great day and BEE WELL!


iAdmin said...

Thats funny,I just watched that last night also! That room was pretty interesting, also noticed that character died right on the 8 pointed star.
-bee seeing you

aferrismoon said...

Cheers , just been through the DeBeers pages. They certainly know how to say very little comprehensively over a great many pages.
Cut and shaped Diamonds, mountains , pyramids - I'll buy that for a dollar
I wonder why Rhodes called it DeBeers, a Dutch name.

Yeah it was Joss Ackland, who I think is a South African aswell. He falls onto the 8-pointed star, a bit like Jake's pic of himself on the 8 pointed star, Jake's has or did have South African nationality, or perhaps just lived there.

Amazing u should have watched it last night as well - buzz buzz

iAdmin said...
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The Secret Sun said...

Keep digging into Demi- you'll get some fascinating hits Check out the Seventh Sign.

Vapo said...

Just a quick thought and has really nothing to do with this.. When Bruce was still with Demi I went to the Mint(nightclub they had in Sun Valley)to watch BB King.. in the back of the Club(Mint)there were 12 White GM Dually trucks and 1 Black..Demi's was the Black 13 I know that because I asked Bruce who drove the Black one..sorry for the ramble


Atlantean Times said...

Holy shit it's 9/11 fucking damn..

well well well....

It was hard to hear..In fact so hard that It was nearly imperceptable but.

It sounds more like 9/11 than night of the living dead...

Whacked..totally whacked...

cheers for that

Michael said...

Roswell, eh? Well that settles it. She's a freakin' alien. "V" was the name of an 80's alien invasion TV series - including sneaky reptilians disguising themselves as humans.

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Atlantean - yea, its perhaps a bit diff to hear, but it didn't sound like 'night of the living fucking dead' ; mind u minds hear what they will.

'V' - remember that , lizard detectives etc, quite a few species issues. That reminds me of Queen Elizardbirth the II
anyhow , I was more amazed at the hit between the 2 Lady Moores, I wonder if they took the idea from MTM, except for being far more explicit about Vagina