Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Identity Chrysalis

In the Phoenician Alephbeyt the letter ShYN which evolved into the more famous Hebrew Shin , means TOOTH, specifically a molar, due to its triple-headedness. It also gets drawn or painted above prophets heads, sometimes the sneaky biblical illustrators substitute a flamette. Shin or Sheen or Sin is the Hebrew letter representing FIRE as Alef does duty with AIR and Mayim for WATER. Notice the W-shape of this form of the letter, doubtless easily reversed into an M

Via the K2- Kandy-Lollipop trinity a few 'sweet tooth', 'TOOTH FAIRY' comments and posts have veloured themselves like tacky seat-covers to dang near ev'ry blog in the Universe. As pointed out a couple of posts ago there is a TEMPLE OF THE TOOTH atop Kandy [ a word from KANDA - A mountain] , Apart from having a K in the North upon which Crowley sweated we have another Crowley-spot in the Southern K. I checked Kandy and K2 on a map and they seem to 'be in line'. Still trying to get a good map of India , K2 and Sri Lanka. Anyhow to cut a long story short PYLAMOUNTOOTHAMID.
Just for extra synchromadness I include the WorldTradeCentre buildings in COLOMBO , Sri Lanka.

Jason and Cadmus at different times sowed the earth with Dragon's Teeth which grew into handy warriors. While searching for this I noticed these war defences, against Tanks. Shaped like baby-pyramids , even decapped, they littered fields etc. Some US G-Eyes even got persuaded to do a low-tech stargate ritual, perhaps they were being chased by TIGER tanks

David So. commented to the last post with a subtle synch. He related the day his father was laid to rest at a place called KIT'S COTY [ the Cromlech , an inverted Shin, at Kit's Coty is pictured below]. Jake Kotze brought up KIT a few posts ago attached to KIT-KAT. This KIT is a corruption and shortening of CATIGERN , a British warrior , while COTY means 'house', so Catigern's House. CAT to KIT gives a KIT-KAT

The Pyramids = The Mountains and both resemble teeth , if u like. The Temple of the Tooth atop Kandy [ Mountain] further impresses this connexion for me, as well as the brilliant Kandy -Candy which seriously defies any humourous-probability curve. The letter Sh in the Phoenician with its W-shape certainly looks mountainy and toothy + the W thats been doing the rounds and its intimately inverted M for Mountain has possibly been delayed in world domination by K and H. Check the H in the Alphabet above, its a LADDER which Egyptian Gods used to climb from the mountain-top to Heaven. Also TOOTH has gotta be a THOTH resonator, HO HO HO


Jake Kotze said...

Thanks cool K@...

THOTH=TOOTH (as 2001=2012). That practicaly solves this Tunney problem from "The Secret Lives Of Dentists" I've been labouring over..


Michael said...

This article is sorta like an eye tooth. Love the dragon's teeth thing. W is the symbol of George W. Bush - presented everywhere. Or maybe you already hinted that.

hello said...

bluetooth whispers without wires, whereas bluethoth whispers from higher dimensions.

aferrismoon said...

Bluetooth strikes a mountainous logo, coupled with the Egyptian mythology of their 2 hills where the sun set and rose, added to Thothic blueness invites a deal of resonance.
Thoth + Blue = Speech + Throat Cakra

Due to Steves Greek myth films I had a time-jump to Jason and the Argonauts done in the same style featuring the work of Ray Harryhausen. Thus the Dragon's teeth story has always been quite close
Far too frightening , nevertheless George slew the Dragon - W , and the Bush relate to Moses slaying the idolic religions perhaps

20012012THOTHTOOTH - my first words to myself = imperceptible movement. Though I definitely look forward to some light-shedding from the Dentists Ajna

Atlantean Times said...
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Atlantean Times said...


I just posted about the recent air crash in london and linked it to the cory Lidle Crash which I labeled up as a Fire/air/Water/earth event..

Symbolic towers were again in play...

anyways cheers..gav

repost due to terrible spelling