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Real Men Shoot Blanks

Watch, its worth it.

The President
The Man

Probably the most perfect shooting of a head of state ever. As the 'lonegunman' didn't use a real gun President Klaus is still alive to commit to dialogue.

The man's reasons for shooting the President was that government is deaf and blind to the electorate.

After the shooting he walked off , did a quick TV interview, and went off somewhere else. The police picked him up an hour or so late, and will probably charge him with a minor public order offence.

Watch the vid for the unreaction of presidential security, who nearly , but not quite , raised an eyebrow. One even moves in the vague direction from whence the shots were fired.

Had this happened in US or UK, to name but a couple of states, I imagine he may have been shot, at least taken down and immobilised. Charges , I would assume, would be on the order of 'terrorism' or some other shrill , sledgehammer-cracking-nut charge, and then at least 7 years banged up, maybe.

Though, perhaps, in many of those countries the use of a harmless 'Airsoft' gun and ammo would be less likely.

Its interesting to live in a country where one may, of an afternoon, shoot the Head of State and stroll off, to be lightly arrested some time later, wondering , perhaps, if you had made your point.

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Drop those Poisoned Towers

Lies and desperation mark 11 years since the Fall, the Foul and Fallacious.

Lies and the breeding of lies, the profit accrued.

Towers of bureaucracy tilted [ slightly ] and tumbled.

Cupidity 3 - Wisdom 0

Smug grins worn 'til death does its part.

Look , no Towers !!

In Florida for his bus tour on Sunday, President Barack Obama made an unannounced stop at Big Apple Pizza and Pasta in Ft. Pierce. There, the shop's owner, Scott Van Duzer, lifted the president off the ground:

Pierce Big Apple - coulda tolled yah it'd happen


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Little Red Ruse Terra

Last year's Drought monitor announces the creeping dryness, welling up out of Texas. Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico. Oklahoma twins with Colorado , both employing the colour 'red' in their name.

That was 2011 , heeeeere's 2012
pics from Da Black Whole 'Start To Make It Better'

Amerka's mimicking Mars, rude planet a-go-go.

Just outta curiosity, a 1-ton Rover ensconced itself in Gale Crater, Mars, but a few minutos ago.

"The rover's Twitter feed announced: "I'm safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU!!!"

Gale did not return the tweet. Gale relates to that cyclone-popping gal Dorothy Gale, from the Wizard In Oz.

:This location is near the mountain Aeolis Mons (a.k.a. "Mount Sharp")."

"It is now one week since the disappearance of 12-year-old Tia Sharp and police are expected to step up their questioning of the public in an attempt to jog memories."

Carlo Suares weighs in with some esoteric technology:
"Planet: Mars/Meadim: Adam (Aleph in Dam/blood) in the Waters (Mayim): Aleph and Yod in opposition (Dallet). When Aleph is perfected as Qof, Adam faces his future in Qedem, the East in East of Eden and projects as Adam Qadmon into cosmic indetermination (Waw-Noun-final). This is a remarkable schema. The developmental future of man is already in man, waiting to be found."

Essentially Mars locates in the East, the direction of Dawn, or Aurora , as has lately inundated the media-induced 'dreaming-mind'.

Mars tag-teams with a pair of Zodiax - Ram and Skorp.
'Suares gives us this on the Ram:

"Self-esteem, initiative, pioneering. Self-motivation, new beginnings and cycles. Aggressive, willful, powerful, assertive; enthusiastic.",

and describes Skorps thus:
"Secret forces of nature, sex, healing power, military affairs, surgery, magic. Regeneration, courage, resourcefulness, ability for secret investigations. Intense, passionate, brooding, magnetic; stubborn, unyielding, driven by emotions; stands up for self, usually covertly, manipulates power.

As the Mars Rover settles a shooting occurs. Mars connects to Ram, via astrology and the letters R,A and M. The shooter has been named as a Wade PAGE.

It makes 'Rampage' a film which was highlighted in the previous post for the body-armour allegedly worn by James Holmes, which obscured his face etc.

Some people wonder how this can go on.

On 9/11/2001 5 Israeli Mossad agents were caught cheering the destruction while recording the event. On Israeli TV they admitted to recording - thus they had prior knowledge of the attacks. In response the US promptly ignored their confession and began a genocidal massacre on the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan, whcih still continues today - 1000s of civilians dead, and neither of those two countries had anything to do with the attacks, not even the 'official' one. Most were , if true, Saudia Arabians, with which the US has a continuing and v.profitable relationship. The US's pimp, Israel, is essentially rewarded for taking part in the attacks by their own agent's confession.It is one of many instances in the amnesiathon that doubles for history these days.

Harking back a few posts to "MAN FREED", a man got lost in the Utah desert, an autistic.

His plight in the arid zone, his autism, reminded me of the character in PKDick's 'Martian Timeslip' , Mannfred Steiner.

He 'sees' the future, of himself , bed-ridden, in a giant Martian housing complex, built by the UN and business affiliates, AM-WEB . He does not want that future and , with the much adventure, his future changes, so that he walks off into the desert with the natives Martians, the Bleekmen.

PKDick, it seems, favoured Mars in his stories. He often returned there in his novels, be that physical or mental.

In his short story 'We can Remember It For You Wholesale' the protagonist , Douglass Quail, has memories of Mars implanted, or perhaps they were real. The story became the basis for the films TOTAL RECALL, which has been rewritten and rereleased this year. The first film, starred the ex-Gov of Dick's state California, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role. It finished with the release of the requisite elements to make all Mars breathable, habitable.

The tale has been somewhat changed for 2012 and the trip to Mars isn't included, though there are references to Mars, apparently, as a nod to the short-story and the previous film.

The basis for the book is that we don't know what our real thoughts and memories are - adequately illustrated by Jared Loughner's 'Not Guilty' plea dismissed until medicated to comply, which , after a year of heavy , psychotropic medication has issued a 'guilty' plea, and everyone says 'how well he seems'.

"Avoiding a trial will allow us - and we hope the whole southern Arizona community - to continue with our recovery and move forward with our lives"
Mark Kelly - astro-hubbie of Gabby Giffords

Avoiding the truth will help America get on with its recovery.

Identity, loss, memory loss or replacement, the feeling of being somewhere one is not, the 'ordinary' person swept up in mighty events far outside of their once-reality, the descent into madness are all plot devices that Dick's protagonists are prone to suffer, and the LoneGunMan event-storylines seem just like that - the difference is that the protagonist has been silenced, in the case of James Holmes and Jared Loughner, subdued by the state's psychtropics.
Dick himself suffered mental problems and often they were described in his writings.

In post 'MAN FREED' the autistic man who got lost is William LaFever, and he was found sitting in the Escalante river, hoping that help would come. His journey, to pick up some money from his father, was directed at PAGE, Arizona. On August 5th, yet another lonegunman, killed people at a Sikh temple, in Oak Creek Wisconsin.

The killings have been accredited to the now dead WADE MICHAEL PAGE - the name gives up LaFever's destination 'Page' and the word 'Wade' implies being in water.

In that post used this card to illustrate Mr. LeFever's focus on getting money over the actual journey to arrive there.


Mr.Page is described as "as a sergeant, and later as a specialist based in Ft. Bliss in Texas and at Ft. Bragg in North Carolina. Wade's job was as a Hawk missile system repairman, and he then became a psychological operations specialist, defense official confirmed to ABC news."

Yikes" He's a Psy-Op specialist in the midst of yet another 'lonegunman' massacre. We wonder how a PsyOps specialist doesn't know the difference between a Sikh and a Moslem, esp. as Amerka's war seems , among other targets, to be against Moslems.
The 5th Guru Arjan Dev was martyred by the Mughal ruler Jahangir in 1606 for refusing to convert to Islam, which might imply Sikhs would be considered more 'friendly' than 'hostile'.

Alex, from 'Too Long In This Place' came across this , which seems to connect the Western MeDIA, and their baying masses to their favorite sport.
Note the name and headline of the pape with ref. to Holmes.


The only difference between now and then seems to be that once accused , the good people ain't goin' to lift a finger, despite the media-led court case, for which the actual court-case is merely the official stamp OF APPROVAL, and the fantastic hearsay evidence.

In the J.Holmes case it was reported that he sent his psychiatrist notes and drawings detailing his upcoming killing spree, BUT as it is doctor-patient confidentiality no one can see the contents - hey! and that's ok, coz he's a murdering no-good nut that shoulda bin whacked in the car-park [ or so go the comments to the story at Yahoo]

Jared Loughner - he pled Not Guilty , so they went all psychiatric on him and told us that he din't no diddle squat or even what planet he was on - so they forcibly medicated him, and then stopped as it was illegal, and then it wasn't illegal and they've been pumping him full of 'FitForCourtomazine' and now he say him heap big guilty, after a year and a half of programming and torture.

The media , at present , keeps displaying the obviously fake 'loony-nutjob' photo of Jared.The reporters and editors condoning it are , basically, acting criminally in unduly influencing public opinion with deliberate deception and untruth.

The rueful smile photo, somewhat more human.

Note the grazes they both share in almost the same position, on the right of their foreheads. The half-smiles also correspond.Bruised left eyes. Both share the name 'Lee'.

The Greening of the Red Planet.

Perusing the drought charts at the head of this post, we wonder if that galloping red signals the enlivening of Mars, symbolically our 'future'.

ADM - Adam , translates as 'red'.
ADM = 1+4+40 = 45
QDM = 100+4+40 =144, translates as 'east'.
MADYM = 40+1+4+10+40 = 95 , translates as 'Mars'

Red-East-Mars, via this system, strongly interconnect.

First colour pic of Mars from the planet itself [maybe ]
"The individual frames are only 144 by 144 pixels. There are 130 of them in there. It took us about an hour and six minutes to take the mosaic.


The Tarot card associated with Mars is the 'Blasted Tower' and it corresponds to the Hebrew character 'D' and number '4'.
'D' , in full = DLTh , a 'door'

Considering that no-one has adequate proof humans landed and played golf on the Moon, the trip to Mars seems a long way off.
The matter of Landing On The Moon is a belief. Objectively no proof exists accessible to the general public. That today's scientists agree that humanity has reached the Moon is merely avoidance therapy.

Part of the Mars thang is to impress on people the 'been there , done that' attitude about the Moon.

Moon landing - July 20 1969
Aurora Psyop - July 20 2012

Bloggers have noted the preponderance of 'red' with the Aurora shootings, notably Holmes' dyed red hair, dawn often has reddish tinge, the release of yet more remakes - 'Red Dawn', 'Total Recall' and its referencing Mars, the Mars mission.
Marie in comments adds: "What is it with hair lately? There is a story in the UK right now, about a missing 12 year old girl, she would be on all tabloid front pages there, if it wasn't for the Olympics (lol) The Missing Poster has a description including...

'She has dyed red hair'! "

The Red Aurora shootings took place in July which in Czech is ' červenec ' [ chair-ven-ets ] and derives from the word ' červen ' meaning 'red'.

Suares has this to say about Mars:

"Meadim (Mars) formed by Thallet-Dallet to the East, towards which we look, is always ahead of us. However long we look in that direction,we can never completely grasp it. The name Adam is contained in its name, mixed with Mem and Yod, the Autiot of the Waters. We project on Mars the wisdom which we have not yet attained. Our response to that projection is Hhokmah (intelligence) by Thallet in 'Aqarav (Scorpio); our blunt resistance to the future is Olet (folly).       Suares, The Sepher Yetsira, p.133"

Wisdom or Folly - buying into folly , stupidity and cupidity are necessary qualifications to 'get on' it seems at present, and as exampled by the reactions to Loughner, Holmes and Page - we don't care about evidence, thoughtfulness and objectivity, we want blood , revenge, the face crushed by boot [ or book ].

"Formative Meaning: Adam immersed in the waters of existence, consciousness drowning in the flow of life. The future as defined by our resistance/response (Dallet) to an adaptive or developmental context. Duality: Wise-Foolish."

source for pic.

Manfred by Virgil Finlay , August 1963 issue of WORLDS OF TOMORROW.

This description in the 'formative meaning' above reminds me of William LaFever, the man found in the arid desert, sitting in the Escalante river, hoping for rescue. His autism, the desert and the comparative lack of water had me thinking of Mannfred Steiner, the autistic boy, in Dick's 'Martian Timeslip', and in post 'Man Freed'

The post I wrote on July 15th while the Aurora shooting occurred on July 20th. Oddly a quote from the Garfield County Sheriff's office spokeswoman Becki Bronson seemed to connect to the Aurora shootings -
"It was a shot in the dark to find William,” said Garfield County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Becki Bronson."

Bronson connects to Batman as Tom Hardy , who plays Bain, played Charles Bronson in the film 'Bronson' about the UK's 'most violent prisoner'. He was born Michael peterson but changed his name , when bare-knuckle fighting to Charles Bronson.

A quote of his seems to connect to the incarcerations and mental health of 'the lonegunman'.

"I'd been certified mad because of my violence. I was still violent – and they were now certifying me sane. Where's the sanity in that? Isn't the system just as crazy?"
—Psychiatrists discussed psychopathy and schizophrenia, but never agreed on what mental illnesses, if any, Bronson was suffering from."

It appears that psychiatry is based on political motivations rather than an objective study of a patient's mental health.

Of course the moon landing may have taken place, but there is no real proof of it, or the classic - we did land on the moon but all the footage and fotos are fake.

Showing people film and fotos of a place they have never seen before, nor will, is not proof.

Nevertheless , the possessed mainstream, regales us with fotos of the shadow of the flag[s] planted there by the brilliant astros, who, first-time landed the bug on the Moon, despite no practice.

"The LORD will turn the rain of your country into dust and powder; it will come down from the skies until you are destroyed.  (Deuteronomy 28) , and also 'Start To Make It Better' at Da Black Whole

" Shadow of Curiosity moments after landing (photo taken through the clear lens cover in order to protect the camera from the still-settling dust"

As you can see technology seems to have taken a backward step - the moon bug , on its descent, which involved, if it were real, copious amounts of thrust to brake, leaves both the surface and its exterior pristine.

They actually fit a Moon-Buggy in there.

Trinity exploded on July 16th 1945. Downard wrote, in his 'Call to Chaos' essay that this was the alchemical splitting of opposing elements, or male-female elements. It also had the effect on humanity of imminent destruction. People lost their faith in their ability to influence what happens to them - and now they great media swayer looms large over the private citizens life - controlling and defining their mental state - creating the conditions for a Mental-State Totalitarianism, where one wrong word or tweet will have one condemned, out of a job, forced to publicly grovel.

The splitting apart of pos and neg elements is iterated in the year - 1945.
Via Hebrew letter-numbers :
ADM [ Adam ] = 45
ChVH [ Eve ] = 19

45-19 = 26 = YHVH [ Yahweh ]

The Power Structures, since WW2, seem to have applied a lot of pressure to divide men and women on Earth via one of their psychic weapons - feminism.

July 16th 1969 - Moon Launch
From Suares:

"The Moon is inner, psychological energy and structure, defined as free/bound states of energy. The idea that the human psyche (always represented by lunar symbolism) is the center of our experience seems to have been met with strong resistance from both the post-Lurianic kabbalists and their western Hermetic re-decoraters, who claim that either Jupiter or Saturn belongs in the center of our being. The strangeness of these ideas apparently does not affect their survival, despite their uselessness for a scientific metapsychology."

Whether Suares is right, wrong or even worth reading is not of earth-shattering importance though his words above appear to imply a 'war in the heavens', a battle for psychic control. Not only that his stand for 'scientific metapsychology', over the daft Tarotic industry and its divinatory or character-telling aspects, its bland commercialism, its use for dark, nefarious, purposes - calling up this beastie or that demon due to some desperate inadequacy etc etc, seems to promote 'intelligence' over the present feeling-based psychology or enlightenment via a considered selection of limbic, emotive adjectives - aka 'Joy', repeated ad nauseum , and/or temporary drug trips - see LSD , ketamine, magic mushrooms and ayahuasca + those chemicals and plants assorted salesmen-priests, who will help you 'Get Home'.

The landing on 7/20/1969 , real or fake, apparently took in the planting of a Masonic 33 degree flag, and it must be said, that Masonic influence is far more in the public [ though not necessarily mainstream] via 'Conspiracy Theory Theory'. The date scoots us forth to the shooting [ launching , the film was launched] at Aurora, Colorado [ red-colored dawn] in 2012, by a man with dyed red-hair, so we are led to believe. This preceded landing on red-planet Mars, our symbolic 'future'.

Trinity = Body
Moon = Psyche
Mars = Trajectory

The red dust of Mars , the burnt soil of Amerka, the bloodied earth of North Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan [ predominantly ], JaRED , James EAGAN [ Fiery ] Holmes [ fiery homes] and Wade Page [ maybe ] shootings of Sikhs on August 5th preceded the August 6th landing on Mars of Curiosity, the latest landing there, not that I would know as I have never seen Mars close up.In 1917 the ship 'Aurora' shot a blank shell that signalled the assault on the Winter Palace.We may also note that Mitt Romney has chosen his running mate - Paul Ryan, congressman for Wisconsin, where the shootings at the Sikh Temple occurred. He made the declaration aboard on the retires aircraft carrier USS Wisconsin, in Norfolk, Virginia.

"One leading theory holds that the name originated from the Miami word Meskonsing, meaning "it lies red," a reference to the setting of the Wisconsin River as it flows by the reddish sandstone of the Wisconsin Dells"

August 6th marks the flight of Enola Gay, the plane from which dropped Little Boy upon the powerless civilians of Hiroshima [a Ma-Son Op] - its wondered that perhaps the war was 'kept going' so the power structures could play with their new toys.
On Aug, 6th "1996 – NASA announces that the ALH 84001 meteorite, thought to originate from Mars, contains evidence of primitive life-forms." I don't know if they were Republicans or Democrats though.
" Already the month-long period on Mars had begun to waver in his memory; he had only an image of profound, gaping craters, an ever present ancient erosion of hills, of vitality, of motion itself. A world of dust where little happened, where a good part of the day was spent checking and rechecking one's portable oxygen source. And then the life forms, the unassuming and modest gray-brown cacti and maw-worms.
As a matter of fact he had brought back several moribund examples of Martian fauna; he had smuggled them through customs. After all, they posed no menace; they couldn't survive in Earth's heavy atmosphere.
Reaching into his coat pocket , he rummaged for the container of Martian maw-worms -
And found an envelope instead.
Lifting it out,he discovered, to his perplexity, that it contained five hundred and seventy postcreds, in 'cred bills of low denomination.
'Where'd I get this ?' he asked himself. 'Didn't I spend every 'cred I had on my trip?'
With the money came a slip of paper marked: One-half fee ret'd. By McClane. And there was a date. Today's date.
'Recall' he said aloud."

'We Can Remember It For You Wholesale' - PKDick.