Monday, October 1, 2012

Real Men Shoot Blanks

Watch, its worth it.

The President
The Man

Probably the most perfect shooting of a head of state ever. As the 'lonegunman' didn't use a real gun President Klaus is still alive to commit to dialogue.

The man's reasons for shooting the President was that government is deaf and blind to the electorate.

After the shooting he walked off , did a quick TV interview, and went off somewhere else. The police picked him up an hour or so late, and will probably charge him with a minor public order offence.

Watch the vid for the unreaction of presidential security, who nearly , but not quite , raised an eyebrow. One even moves in the vague direction from whence the shots were fired.

Had this happened in US or UK, to name but a couple of states, I imagine he may have been shot, at least taken down and immobilised. Charges , I would assume, would be on the order of 'terrorism' or some other shrill , sledgehammer-cracking-nut charge, and then at least 7 years banged up, maybe.

Though, perhaps, in many of those countries the use of a harmless 'Airsoft' gun and ammo would be less likely.

Its interesting to live in a country where one may, of an afternoon, shoot the Head of State and stroll off, to be lightly arrested some time later, wondering , perhaps, if you had made your point.


Anonymous said...

How very strange!

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

Its as if to the power structures, we want to discuss things, but you won't listen unless we do something violent, well this is violence without the devestating consequences, so lets try sorting things out.


Loren Coleman said...


Where were his bodyguards?

Was this a dry run for something else?

The day this occurred also happens to be the anniversary of an important assassination in Czech history. Prince Wenceslas had an eleven-year reign that is described as "the golden age of the Czech Principality.“ Wenceslas ensured the peace and prosperity, helped the poor and the sick. However, his younger brother Boleslav had a strong desire to rule. Boleslav invited Wenceslas to Stará Boleslav, where Wenceslas was assaulted and killed by his brother and other killers on 28th September 935 A.D.

aferrismoon said...

Hi, Loren,
Certainly don't think there was anything behind it , though it would be deemed a far greater breach of security in many other countries. His manner seems matter-of-fact.

Sept 28th is a public holiday , so 3 day weekend.

Anyhow , a shooting where no one was killed, copycats please take note


little dynamo said...

Its as if to the power structures, we want to discuss things, but you won't listen unless we do something violent, well this is violence without the devestating consequences

most of the "citizen-violence" in america is directly due to the oppressive police-state and intentional degradations of masculinity

not due to copycatting :O)

people understand when they are being fed shit; not allowing them to talk about it changes nothing

illustrates what the u.s. is vs a country still lingering in the sanity of wholesome folk roots and social cohesion

... course they aint got shinar neither! heh

theyd have jacked him up here, 15-20 in fed, totalled life, then congratted theyselves for bein Good Guys and go buy something

ps yes there is an occult dimension to this event concerning "prince" -- tho certainly not in a contrived way by any of these external participants, consciously

the president's reaction and statement about his "guards" was, suitably for cz, nonplussed


aferrismoon said...

'intentional degradation' , possibly a new term for 'copycat' :)

Comparing the Czech Police handling of the event versus the 'officer safety' MO in the US, as highlighted at Prolibertate, the cult-ural difference of how people may be treated is evident.

The man , Pavel Vondrouš had planned it, including shooting himself to make sure it didn't cause injury amd making sure he got close enough not to shoot Klaus in the eye.

Of course, it could have been real bullets, so the event implies that the deaf and blind politicians should wake up, penetration to the heart of government , a coup , though the smallest coup of all - the President was both killed and saved at the same time [ obviously in that order ]


little dynamo said...

an anti-coup

a choreographed gesture of powerlessness -- however, with an unstated implication of threat in reserve

the President was both killed and saved at the same time [ obviously in that order ]

put like that, reminds of antichrist -- revived from deadly head wound to one of his horns (ie probably a subordinate person or nations, not himself)

the CZ incident resonates JFK also, b/c by the taking of that king, another was spared, and "the land prospered"

this mime-assassination is beyond politics or even national policies tho -- "dry run" fits it, so does "czech prince"

wenceslas after all wasnt jesus, just a "good king"


A13 said...

Hi Ferris, well that was weird but understandable..if it happened here in Oz there would be tazers and bullets flying and nob heads running in all direction and the media bitches would be creaming themselves..I think it's funny though.the reactions to the Air + gun.It would be too dangerous an a ct to contemplate here in NWOZ.
Anyway Klaus is quite a decent leader/politican compared to what we have here as well...we can swap :)
Cheers A

little dynamo said...

oh no you dont ossie, AF i'll trade straight over, klaus for our Superstar

OUR guy can snatch citizens anytime he wants

your guy AF cant even terrerize his own people! its so quaint, tell him get with the times


A13 said...

Hi Aferris
Off topic ok, but i saw this and EEEWW... i'm sure you could use the first pic in the story for something..


aferrismoon said...

A13 - Klaus dpesn't have a great rep here [ check out " Klaus pero" on Youtube ], but as he's not a native English-speaking politician doubtless he would be preferable to 'yours' or Ray's 'cit-snatcher '.

Ta for the photo - as well as Hillary's wandering eyes the whole article claiming Ms Aguilero has somehow staved off world pov is a real vomit-inducer.

Ray - choreographed powerlessness, quite different from the orchestrated powerlessness of the Occupy 99% , who attempt to cajole us into believing we are able to stand alone on our own two feet, which seems to be the raison d'etre of any 'pro-test-move-ment'.


john said...

Cheers aferrismoon. An interesting non reaction by security there and as the commenters here have pointed out, a very different reaction than we would get in TWAT countries.

I was catching up with Bill Maloneys Sun Sea and Satan documentary filmed on Jersey last night and as well as a rather shocking and in-your-face garden shrine that he showed us, there was also this sculpture which I had not seen before. He walks on the water in Jersey.

A13 said...

HI ferris, just popping in to say hello :) hope things are good in the land of the pilsner..
Cheers A

aferrismoon said...

Ta John , at least they give a warning [ for those who get a choice].

Czech photographer.


All's well, autumn has arrived , its quite pleasant.

Will upload photos


A13 said...

Hi fez, lovin to see Prague in the autumn looking forward to that..
it's heating right up here in the tropics, monsoon season arriving, lots of thunderstorms, rain and high humidity and temps into mid to high 30,s...not much fun...and the cyclone season bothers me with all the haarp and other stuff they have..
super storms seem to be all the rage yknow.
cheers A