Saturday, December 29, 2007

Post 911

The BLOB and SECRET SUN put these up recently. They are of the same view pre and post 911.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


mr.Crowley oft referred to himself as The Beast 666 among various. He brought forth ABRAHADABRA, a magickal formula with the number 418 which also spells ChYTh a word meaning 'fence, or enclosure' , the 8th hebrew character and ruler of the Chariot card. This word with different diacritic marks is translated as 'beasts of the Earth' in Genesis Ch.1 , v24 and 25. In Hebrew ChYTh HARTz . The Hebrew word for 'beast' I have found = ChYH [23] thus ChYTh must be a grammatical change. Nevertheless Mr.Crowley must have known that 418 had that meaning, well-versed as he was, thus it remains somewhat mysterious that 418 = Beast.
Also the idea that ChYH has the meaning 'living' as well. Change beast for living and we have 'The Mark of the Living'.
Many go foe Satan being 666 but that's about the only name that can't be 666ed. STN = 359, way off the mark, and no amount of screwing into the calculator and hitting wierd math symbols gets one any closer. But if Satan were the beast and beast = 418 then 359+418=777. Grammatically ChYTh STN may mean 'beasts of Satan'. Who'll chip them, then?
Another 777 = TYTh MShYCh- 419+358, Serpent-Messiah. TYTh = the 9th letter , means serpent, and is the Strength/Lust card, so we have this dual or duel current, dark-light, beast and whore cyclone with , with the Serpent-Whore-Messiah taming the Satan-Beast-Lion

The Beast from the East , does it have a fleece, does it shine golden. Preferest thou the serpent skinned garden variety. Perhaps sir would care for a mixture, snap of the back legs, attach it..uh.. to the forehaead, the apocalyptic horned. Dagon influence, no worries, grab this here goldfish and a la beastly practice , ram it up the rectum , lo! and behold, a blue star forms in the East... oh , its the police, must dash

In Chapter 1 verse 5 of Genesis the translation tells us that 'God' made day from light and night from Darkness. Occuring so early in the Book of the Law it perhaps explains an early dawning of the ADM, it's psyche and integrity opening to a relaization of otherness-awareness. The words used for Dark-Light-Day-Night =
ChShK -328,AVR -207,YVM- 56,LYLH -75 which all add to 666, and what can be more revealing than darkness and light dancing their opening duet , The idea of the 2 project outward from us to form day and night, an outer expression of our inner selves.
The word 'darkness' is prefixed by H, translated as 'the' so the word = HChShK=333. This = 666/2 and implies that Light, Day and Night = the complementary 'half' of darkness. 3 IN 1
The word ChShK is used 77 times in Genesis. Actually in the New Testament!!

Yes humans can be beastly and none more terrible than the mathematically inclined Babylonians. Their Grand Viziards who 'put the WIZ in wiz-dom [ the Geodesic Dome of the Wizard-Navigator-Mathematicians who wrapped mathematica into their lore, evidently other people's lore aswell. Then deigning to keep the current technology, events, phenomena from the general public they disguise stories and holy books , plays, comics, films in their mental masquerade, all on the surface, all underway.
911x666=606726 - Each tower a 6 , the 72 = the 72 bricks of the dollar-pillarmid, the 0 = the eye.
If 666 stands in the Book of Revelation, and powerful numbers are kept hidden from the general populace, then like the eye in 'The Beast' above, maybe it will prove to be a key of our personal revelation, to walk or meditate or blog our way through the daemons, on , which is why it has such 'revulsion' to many.
Dark-Light-Day-Night = tetrahedra

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Shhh-Owl in Plane Site

A Close Encounter with the SynchroMystic Man and Princess eLLe, the Fisher Queen. The occasion, the launch of their new holo-doc ' How to Steer Wars in Psifer space'.
' I should inload an episode, or add one or two.'

Aon Blurr, Precrime Loop Inc., Trans-time Detectives, sweeping through loops, snatched up the fluttering docu. The 3 Ls struck , holding him to the instant as the sage panned out. Lyman Frank Boehme, the Lizard of Leominster, The Mer-Chant, the time-sailors' shanty. Catching Tindales and thin veils of currency, glow best as spells slipped tonguewise and baymouthed, silverlipped and weepywinked a spent tear causing crystal froth, and a looking-glass overloverflows. All across the arcscape burnished yellow breaks, waking worlds along its sway, turn into the bright new day. Dawnwrung coughs herald hawks from mountain shocks, swoop down, bake the clay.Some call it Man, this menace of the seashore, urged upon in-dust-wetrial riversolution, a commotion called spots skicks spans.

It occurred to Aon that few signs had appeared until after they'd bumbled on to this hive-strewn course. Notably that sub, merged into sea-zeps and mermermaids, had they a single conscious spark of mind oriented omni-directionally perhaps they could have dealt with the end of the spell before it had to happen, not before it happened, but befor PLInc., could do aught nautical about it. Once that sub got photographed ... a beginning, RAShYTh spell the Hebrews, 911 from one, too, many directions...altar course

Oh the Phoneesians, time voyagers, using words, the phonetix , to open their steergates, in they come dirigible, submersible, wave, dream. Masterful legends opening , enlightening the darkness - Chosheykh-Or-Yom-LeiLah
Ice started in the corner-stone of its aigle, an old deadwood stage that cracked through glass rhythm-stout verbage, and herbage glossing a bolder dashed-from-rock, rack, rick and rueing the old Bear's brewing skills.
Wrought-tin Cast-iron Diver's Belles, diverse bells, Zippered Skulls, Well-scorned Lions, SheBeeDeeGees, Carestrollers, Balding Loncoots, Memorable Clays , Rubinesk Rickshaws and Blue-Blown Buddhas, Lavender whimples, dawnaday dimples, Widows and Himpells, Closets of Gray, Soft Whore's hands, Groundsell and Chattel, Gingerbread Mortgages, 2 Sheiks and lamb's Tale, Leatherclad Lollards [ ther's the 3Ls again, he noted] and dumb-fisted wraithers. The Masses are winging it .
Poetry treats an ill will full of woe, claiming nonsense over logic and engineering over Lawyerking.
Tyndale's Death Row Bible, Wycliffes - A Bible Feral, in cartoon English glimpsed itinerantly by the constantly plagued

Cheif Supermanintendant Reeves buckled up an bickled off, the loan gunman perused the newly rotting corpse of the ex-brother of the next president, winked at the illustrious lawman of PreCrime Loop
'Post-crime, off the books now, the first time since the last time and that happened weigh before my prog kicked in'
'U know how come he missed me' trippled Blurr, Cryo-detective extraordinaire from aeons hence, ' I did it a long time ago, calendar-wise, when Precrime was but a Skiffs dream. It was strange I had to do time for it back then. I woke out and there lay this whopping BK, bloody rivulets, one thousand nine-hundred and 68 of them, I htought it was aTV or a story from the koran. Arms got round me, who's that? Come with us and i did'
'One more time...'
'This, the death here, is , or has been a murder I did sometime , some where else. They touched me so I had to stay and pay, see it out so to speak. But i didn't know who I was so he couldn't stop me doing it now and then.They couldn't understand why I did it, They thought Bobby was the victim, I guess he was, he was the patsy, that's why I killed him, here HE was the lone gunman while I'm a lot like Jack Ruby and Muhammed Atta. Kobi Benbenedi shot JFK through time, only a 'family' link can stop itself, so he could become President in '68, helped by the death of 'Brother J'
'How could u kill Kobi then?'
' Travelled through time, materialised, easier, but u get touched, filmed, recorded written into the script, then u gotta see it through. Bobby used time-manips to get stray shots from odd wars to appear at the same time and place. He thought about using Archduke Ferdinand's but u need great artistry to pull off a split like that, easier to take out a bullet that'll end up in some tree , borrowing an assassins bullet, well who know's where its been.Anyhow Bobby-Kobi had enough to watch out for PLInc . In ^* PLInc had only just been set up and then mostly just theoretical investigations. Bobby would have taken it over and today would probably never have happened. Fancy the Benbenedis running the show?'

'Not really. How did Oswald get stuck with JFKs death?'
'Kobi turned him into an Owl. Oswald was a bookish type. Kobi was looking at the $-bill and noticed a little owl in the eaves watching the President, so he sent him to sit in the Book Repository a-hooting , observing the whole thing, but Kobi had to kill Oswald real-time, not being kin an' all. He dropped a fake cancer tab, did a little time as Ruby'

In shudder we fright , the collective uber-rumour, speaks of Shadow-governments and speech slips off home for an early drink before the fire of weakly delights.

She gilded the crew upon her glee-board, all-strung to sing a Mer-Chant, a Shanticle, enchanting a chanting song, the ways and bearings not lost in a lyric, starcharts tattooed, earrings, finga-rings, a bangle, bauble, serve a purpose, papyrus rots and that knot written into mem-mem-oree within our starry wave-borne escapade.

I tie with my little eye

Monday, December 17, 2007

KeyStone Kops

'Where did u say , World Trade Centre? Never heard of the damn thing'
Key Stone speaks for itself, while Kop = Afrikaans for a Hill. or a Veldt-located Pillarmid
The Keystone Kops reacted much like FEMA and NORAD, and many other agencies.
' Does the order still stand'
' Until the Twins fall'
' Which order do u mean?'
'The order order, what other order do u think?'
'Last I heard there was an order called The Bull and Scones'
'That was an order for Lunch'
'I thought the order stood til just past breakfast'
' How fast they brake, don't matter, but they gotta bank to port'
' What, we gotta banker's order and Port for breakfast, sounds like an initiation ceremony to me'
'Oh yea, u remember ours Capstin'
'Order your own '
'I forgot my lodge number'
' K2K-OK'
'Can I have 2 ticKets, with a Capital K, ok, o, to Twin PeaKs , Karokoram Keys, u know, da mountins just South of Key LarGo'

All covered in Red

The Drawing comes from Adam Star's nitpicking , part of a predictive art collection of Isaac [the Goat of ] Mendez.
The Capitalist and the Commies are one under the protective red umbrella. If u thought the Red Acemen ever 'lost' a phoney war then u forgot who they borrowed money off. After the Rev in 17 a Central bank System got in place, hive-style, collectively , working to pay back the interest until the market broke in 89, 21 years after the 1st commie Prez of the USSA , Tricky Dickie, got in. He immediately opened a Moscow-Washington direct air-route, you know , just after the Tet Offensive. Welcome Brothers and Sister- Chest Pratsay Moy Droogie

What a hootie!

In Adam Star's Doctoring ...III he inserts a DR.MIDNITE who sports an OWL on his shoulder. This wee beestie has the moniker HOOTY which Thoth resonates with the scribe-god's Egyptian name TEHUTI. To supply further conneXion we know that Tehuti was originally a Moon-God, the love of measuring , and the recording of many cycles, small details synchs etc , finally getting published, perhaps an early blogger deity.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eye carry the Capstone

Nuff said
Quote from Stan Ley
'Doctor Living-Stone , I presume'
Camel = GML = 73.
72 stones hath the pyramid, its eye = 73
The Eye of an Eedle
Listen to it drop

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Owl Bee Damned

Owls have kept their sacred place in the dark. Minerva-Athena casts her shadow over the mice and other rodentia flitting across the forest-floor. They surface as the symbol for Accountants in Czechy - Bohemia and one wonders if that is how they find themselves secreted into the corner of Dollar bills. well dollars or Thalers hail from Joachimsthaler, a silver-mine region of Bohemia, now called Jachymov.

In Chris Hyatt's Energized Meditation he introduces the reader to the Order of the White Lion, which 'he' found through an old black woman somewhere around New Orleans. She showed him the Strength card as a symbol of the Order. Looking around I found the Order of the White Lion = the highest order awarded in Czechy, even Bill Clinton's got one.

An Owl introduced the latest Futurama movie, Bender's Big Score, perching on the nose of the Planet Express Ship . I thought of PKDick's Owl in Daylight, his unfinished work . Night Owl figures in Watchmen. In Czrch the word for Owl = Sovo, which has an Owl-like OVO. They don't seem to appear in egyptian hieros much, or Judaeo-Christian myths, yet the Greeks had a fondness , with Athena and the Roamns with Minerva. Guess Mary did for Minerva when the Church kicked in.
SAD OWL , in daylight sitting in a Book Repository using its exceptional vision to seek out its victim meandering around BlackField Plaza, shot later on Rue Bee, a stinger to the stoma.
And after a brief bit of research [ always a grand idea] I find that an Owl represents the sound ' m ' in Egyptian Hieros
Over at Inside the Cosmic Cube, in Doctoring 3, a backview of Dr. Midnite with an Owl perched on his shoulder called 'Hooty', which = Tehuti, the Egyptian pronunciation for Thoth. Thoth also did duty as a Moon deity .

Monday, December 10, 2007

Toot and Come In, it's Shane Gorilla

So Egypt and Tibet ,Younghusband and Al Crowley , a host of daring explorer Nazis, Art Deco and Monster movies. One has the natural pilamids and the other the artificial mountains. both realms impressed the Western World and converts grew into new magickal societies, while The Orthodox Jews, Moslems and Christians waited until they could find another reason to fight over land to take their mind off the lack of 'wonder' proferred by the Big 3. Various high-rankers gleeped off into Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Lamaism, Taoism, Native Indian Religion, Hinduism, until all the names and gods and wild wierd colourfluality concentrated into Albert Hoffman's drop of LSD in 1943, holding all that within it until the 1960s when all those distilled daimons, genii, gods and taras romped passionate and gleeful through bleary eyed mothers breast-feeding the Nouvelle Wunderkind
Younghusband entered Tibet in 1904 around the same time Crowley received the Book of the Law in Egypt.
The Chinese , never ones to find their water supply cut off by white ghosts off their head on religion and mescaline, swooped in under the cover of the Great Leap Forward, ousted the Ocean Priest [Dalai Lama], who then devised an excellent Exiles marketing campaign, keeping them in clover and the honest side of the Western Freedom [ Dalai or F-16, your choice] Actor and Celebrity Just Cause Society.
The Romany, the Rom are often called Gypsys from the mistaken belief that they hailed from Egypt when they apparently came from Northern India
The whole Tibetan thing went different on the screen, no screaming outside the Chinese Embassy, but High Magic, Supernatural powers and an xcellent wardrobe.
JL , at Inside the Cosmic Cube's Comments mentions THE CHAMPIONS while a few years earlier Hilton wrote Paradise Lost or LOST HORIZON. The other was Milton, Milton Hilton.
Hey lets go to the Milton Hilton , see Paris as Alice.
Lutcher Stark built his own Shangri-La in ORANGE , Texas, in 1937 but it got snowstormed into oblivion in 1958. In 2002 The Stark Foundation reopened it on a much larger scale but made a place dedicated to Lutcher called The garden of the BLUE MOON
The Champion drew one in , super but human powers , no lycra or steroid muscles, or dealing with a face that needs a mask. I remember the 1st episode, lots of flashbax, snow and seemingly pleasant healing methods. Those images instilled me with the power to read fast, as well as heal myself of most ailments through the power of mind, write blogs and work out alternate ways to load pictures with the help of others, take off my shoes one by one,communicate over vast distances, tell an amusing story , spell 'liaison' properly but always under the expert tutelage of Alexandra Bastedo-Sharon McCready, my first female guide.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Ch = The 8th hebrew letter-number, pronounced as a hard H, lends itself to the H-pillarmid synchs.The shape of the the Hebrew letter = the H without the projecting roof-top columns. It rules the Chariot card , the armoured Charioteer invokes the Tinman's rebirth.
The card is influenced by the Crab-Cancer-Carcer-the Prison, see the post below for further cells in this symbolosong
The 8 opens out into an H and vice-versa.
I wanted to use this in the article ' your life is irrevocably human. Ergo sum...', but what the hey!. The article contains reference to B-13 now surfacing as a film-title at The BLOB. The other photo that wouldn't load was the Promethea below, which contains the words ...delay the inevitable.
Why delay, lets go with and make it happpen.

Unleash the Dogz of Lore

Forces unleashed know now naught of what will and what may, their thoughts, picture and word-bound create derisory laughter and mockery, shock and/or. For they the important = the real [estate]. the royal, that handed down, though I speak and write of that which is handed in. Cartoon lore merges with these outer zones , zongs we zang we zing again.
Bark, Barque - Hark I hear a dog or a tree.
Tis a boat , see, tiz a little boatsie.
And where will your little Barque lay, come to rest on a mountain top. Like an eye , old dogeye or dageye, the eye atop the Pylamid.
See the Pylamid shimmer, its eye gleaming within its heat-haze body, like a Blob. I imagine that one day millions of these dollar-sized eye-topped pylamyds will animate and , silicon -based, will blob and plop out as the synchromystic electrowhirl stirs their little hearts a-go-go. And money will be fun again.
TINMAN opened , OZ - 77 revisited by DG -7. Here the series twists into multiplying reality.
DG in Hebrew = a Fish and D+G = 3+4 = 7 , while O+Z= 70+7 [77]. To take her place DG and OZ will mix, the Z - Twins in the Tarot replaced by DG creatin DOG 77. This invokes Sirius for some.
By Sefer Yetsira Tarotic attributia =
D - 4 - Tower - Mars - Door/gate [ Hebrew meaning]
O - 70 - Devil - Capricornus - Eye
G - 3 - Wheel - Jupiter [ whose metal = Tin] - Camel
Z - 7 - Twins [ in fact Cain and Abel, acc. to Crowley] - Sword
The 2 sisters = one draws the life breath of the other , the other a manifestation of her own mother, the mother the prisoner of herself awaiting their reconciliation and the Trinity becomes one. The D the sister in the Tower that will be moved by the G -Wheel that must turn, and then the Door will open and the Camel may walk into the Eye.[ Note>> The Camel carries the CAPSTONE on its back]
A clip where Askadelia sucks out the soul of her captain sees numbers 3 and 4 alternated in the background, DG has arrived. Askadelia is clothed in the colours of the Queen Bee, gold and black, she who would rule the hive. The hexagram will extend outwards but will not not turn back on itself and thus all in the system, undefined, may be controlled. With addition of the 5 the sysystem comes back on itself , creating the sphere [ football]. As we lose the bee-hive-ming-mind and become spheres of influindividuality we may shake off our national shackles, and become the sovereign entities , the WiZardic Dogs of Oz [ which is where Olivia Newton-John spent a lotta years] that discard the worn , insect-minded house and future-furniture buyers of Old Town. Let us En-Gage each others minds not Mort-Gage each others bodies.
'The Sails are ripping Cap'n, this Synchrostorm has unlocked the 4 winds'
'And more, Master Mate, will come , before we make Ararat'
'Aye, Aye Cap'n' ' Where?'
'I meant 'yes' Capn,!' ' Ay yes , so u did,MM, so u did! Now , hold steady, crew, the Synchro-Gage tells us we can handle a lot more'
'The synchro - gage??'
' It's like a mortgage but instead of having to pay every month at the right time , one only has to arrive in the right place at the right time to get paid, or whatever specific metaphor engages your synch-warped minds'
' God!' 'Gott!' 'Goat' 'Boat'
Sang the crew in uniSong
OZ in the Hebrew = a Goat , transforms into DOG, a goat -O enclosed within a Fish DG an image of Capricorn , the astro sign that follows Sagittarius [ In Hebrew represented by the Rainbow]. Well when we cross that Rainbow on Dec21, 2012 the next day will be Capricornus, the Goat=Fish, that which aspires to the heavens while swimming within the currents.
In the Torah a code exists in the 1st verse that swops each letter for another, called Amun Sepher. See article : Dog-Ma, from August 21.
The 1st 9 letters of Torah = BRAShYTh BRA and swopped by the code = DOGPhTQ DOG. No mean feat to produce humourous synchs some 6000 years ago.
BRA - create = 2+200+1=203 = Thats a 23 which means 'living' with the egg of all possibility pregnant within it.
DOG - ? = 77.
For the creation emanated from the DOG, and in Oz all turns, and things as they seem are knot, God is a Dog again but no mere spite from a soulless tongue.
She DG, is protected by a Tinman, an envoy of that gracious father Jupiter. His soul transformed within a Diving Suit , that we have seen cladding the Charioteer, he of the CheckerChariot. The Crab influences the Chariot, and the Tinman is all boxed up.In Czech 'Krabice' [Krabeetsay] = Box, while RAK = Crayfish which = the Czechs use for Cancer. Note RAK is KAR reversed and thus Chariot. Released The Father takes up the 5 stars of Mars, a Marshall no less. His violence though will be tempered by the benevolent Jupiter.
We meet the Wizard sojourning as the Mystic Man. In his backstage room we see a glimpse of a poster advertising 'The Merchant of Venice'. Venicia - Fenicia-Phoenicia, the Water=people rise again as their Queen of the Sea , DG comes to the fore, Deus Gratia. They sing a song of sea they call the Mer-Chant. for they are the Old from Out of the Sea
The Ex - Mer - Auld
Our emerald sister , the twins adjusting, Crowley's Adjustment card.

Checker-framed Prometheans delay the InEvitable

This should have posted a moon ago and in YOUR LIFE IS IRREVOCABLY HUMAN.ERGO SUM...
In Jake LaKotzees newest Cuboid integration video harlot we are skippled with cruciate synchers.
Xanadu [ Xanablack?] sung bu Olivia Newton- John whose mother was daughter of Nobel Physicist Max Born , while her father worked at top-secret Bletchley Park on the Enigma code.
Orson Welles - Le Chiffre [ from Ian Flemings 007, Fleming who may well have worked with or close to Olivia N-Js father]brings up the Tibetan Medical School link. which had me recalling the wonderful Alexandra Bastedo from The Champions which has been noted by JL on AdamStar's Doctor comments. The CHAMPIONS = a must see, the music = fantastic too.
Then AlBaldwin stands near the Barclay Hotel, which is maybe where the Barque of the Egyptians lay, or the Ark of Noah lay, or where the Bark the Dogged Sirians lay, or a Tree. Great Hotel must go. Berkeley is a character in Joyce's Finnegans Wake.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Considering that Goats jump or climb high they can be astro-cosmonauts, the fish tails make these astronauts Capricorn.
Ckeck the video at this site, the czech natioanl muzeum

Monday, December 3, 2007


In the vast numerical synchromesh few gag my gob like Daniel 5:27. First let me spell it out -
530 931 111 1139 274
It tarnslates into english something like -
Teqel, thou art weighed in the balances and art found wanting
But then I saw da mix , so hard I couldn't get over it
In true 911 style I gotta say WTC - what the crikey
So the number mirrors but not like equal forms either side, the usual humbug
So the Left 8 - 53 etc to 1 but the mirror side comes in from the right thus starting with 47 .
The 111s oppose each other in the centre, 111 = ALPh, and 3 1s make a Triangle, so 2 triangles doing the Shield of David motif.

Then the 93s, AGAPE and THELEMA , Love and Will, in Greek enumeration the famed 9T3 Then the 0 opposite the 2 , the universal equation : Universe = 0, divisible into 2, Me + Environment, Will and Love, in case u missed it the foist time
Finally the 53 - 47 move. These show that mirroring doesn't equal mirror images, but acts in dynamic complement, so here at level 4 projection of Universe-Alef we get two numbers that = 3 more and 3 less than 50 [ the average orbit of Sirius B around A]. Averagism don't deal with diggidy dog doo, creates parallelic non-con-divergence which = a NoNo. To get a bit of dynamic interplay, shit, someone's gotta be found wanting , thus this out-of-kilter yin-yang orbital gyroscoping.
just to show they ain't messing wit' y'all they = 100 , a Sirian double-psychle.
Plus , they're both Prime numbers
A tetrahedron can be formed by 2 3-directional vectors [see SYNERGETICS] , thus the 3 triangles aren't triangles as such but look like that from a certain angle. This reminds us that events [ commonly called points] overlap, they don't make seamless connections. These 'points' have triangular spaces within , which is why there's no point to synchromysticism
Further reading might include another browse in SYNERGETICS , section on Scheherezade Numbers, which among other 'points' talks about the Babylonian Navigator - Priests 'hiding' mathematical knowledge inside fantasy stories.
Which brings me to the Trojan Horse. Again I cite Fuller, this time Critical Path.
When Troy was attacked on land a soldier and his pack and soldier carrying horse came over the mountains, laid siege, didn't succeed , went home or got killed by a some projectile. Thus the Trojans identified this horse - soldier- provision thing. Then one day a bunch of deep-bellied ships with horse-head prows , rented from the Fenicians scooted over right into the boundaries of Troy, onto the beach no less, out poured the soldiers and the provisions , to which the Trojans exclaim ' My, havent their horses been genetically-modified?'
'Nah , they're sea-horses , you daft apath!'

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hovering above the synchrolandscape, like a brazen hawk-eyed wing-beater I treasures the glints of eyes far below : scorpions or ice, beetles or headlamps, diamonds or the twinkling vidz of U-Tube and other fearless televistula accomplishments.

In jakes - tunney tribute, we see a mock ritual for Deb - which is short for Deborah - the bee, below DEB was written RIP, a demise of a Bee. In Part the 2 , the narrator says '........finally driving off in a checkercab' , whereupon R.Tunney lays down next to an Octogonal table sporting an Octogonal ashtray affair.
Pushing into CheckerChariotTaxiCabs who might the Knight be, sometimes it feels like Arnie as Terminator, but only slightly. The Knight = the I that pushes or merges , or finds itself clothed in DNA represented by the 4 beasts before the Book of Thoth Chariot. These = the 16 subelements, that will divide again into 64 I Ching hexagrams, all of thm representing those outer vestiges of Man who , invisible and unknowable drives the Chariot in the form of a human.
The Chariot - A ferry taxiing people from place to place, The ferry - a water chariot, built by a CARpenter, carried upon the sea.
JC , a charioteer , clothed in his body-armour, his WAY.
The Taxi, a man on the move, shuttling back and 4th> Travis BICKLE [Taxi-Driver], Korben DALLAS [5th Elephant], Judd HIRSCH, Andy KAUFMAN, Christopher LLOYD , Danny DeVITO [TAXI Sit-com]- 'shoundsh like a shuttle launch' -'Evidently , Bond'
In a recent episode of NUMBERS, a robbery at a Comic Fair turns to murder and forgery, The Seller of a rare copy of ULTRA-WORLD [ played by the son of Dr.Beverly Somebody from StarTrek-The next Gen] has it stolen. It was drawn by Ron Moore in the 6o's , who still lives and is played by Chris Lloyd. He meets Judd Hirsch ,[ the father of the brothers who are the heroes of Numbers]. Thus in this month or 2 of Taxis we see a meeting of 2 of the cast from the TAXI sit-com of the 80's.
Danny DeV hits it off with Arnie in Twins [ though of course not identical twins] while Chris Lloyd calculated trans=time in Back to the Future
Which brings me to Futurama - the film starts with an OWL swooping in to perch atop the Planet Express ship [ Taxi-courier] and then to be seen no more. Then Fry gets into a cab which has got ' .... Checker' written on the side, scrawled in post-production. Couldn't read all of it, sorry base, but..chhhhzz.. we're so deep now.chhxzzz... comm...
Star Wars provides an action ending with a Hassidic fighter-pilot who sports Stars of David on his fighter's wings, while Bender and Fry use a Binary code to open a Stargate [ green electro-ball]. The code is found in microsize on a tattoo of a BLUE BENDER on Fry's right arse-cheek.The Torah numeration means that we can translate the Torah into Binary images [ see August post - Binary Torah]. Bender's 1st jump is to Ancient Egypt and later he receives the order of the Double Cross from Nixon. Hermes gets decapitated.
Gore does the hero bit, saves the world by death-defying flying.
I watched Criminal Minds and they too brought in Comic books, or was that CSI Agartha.
If it fractallates . I'll tendril it
The blog has not magically fixed itself for pictures.
Darjeeling = Lightning Bolt.
The Chariot , represents the Hebrew letter Ch[8], which in full form is spelt ChYTh and has a value of 418. This = ABRAHADABRA , Crowley's Word of the Aeon, so the Chariot must provide a resonance for this great charge from Climber Crowley. What proves interesting is that the BEASTS written about in Genesis , Chapters 1 and 2 are called ChYTh. Generally ChYTH = fence , enclosure, but it definitely has been translated as 'beast' , yet we are led to believe that 666 = the number of the Beast. I doubt Crowley would overlook this, and he can't have missed it as it creates a form of strange irony. He takes the number 666 and calls himself the beast, yet it is 418, ChYTh, ruler of the Chariot and encoder of ABRAHADABRA that = the Beast. And the chariot = the 8th Card , despite the 0=1, 1=2 confusion, secreted in by Crowley to fool all.
And 8 shines through as number of import, throughout this ritual, it will be the chariots number at the base of the FreedOm Tower
The Crab or Krab spelt backwards = the Bark which Ra sailed across sky and through underworld. This hard-shelled soft-centred thingy might represent our cosmic path , ensconced in physicality we are sensitive to the tiny changes in currents and temperaures, mental and physical. like wee crabbies in a rockpool dammit.
Todds blog does a bit of the old Led Zep tug. They once said , or one of them, I doubt they all ad-libbed at the same time, they'd go down like Lead Zeppelin , and the name stuck, invoking Saturn as u do when u get plum bummed. LZ , their awesome initials, comes to 37 via the Hebrew tongue-number code{
30 for L = Adjustment and Libra
7 for Z = the Twins and Gemini ,
what an airy collective
3 x 37 = 111
L7 resurfaces if we take the Z as such
Airships and Air Chariots and Air Taxis and Bees Yellow Black...I can't make... indist...chrfzxx... its..
...we've lost them
Well the radio's down, but at least we're not lost

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Your life is irrevocably human. Ergo sum........

Wise words wend their way from Willners wyrd, along with the splatter of raindrops and blood, blue of course as neighbouring deities , dragons and demons skillfully invoke their own story through the matted hair of mindstruck mortals. Leave us , let us write, but they will ne'er .
In yesterday's afternoon I took the offer from the BLOB to rewatch 911 Timelords. A little while after TubeTV saved me the Ophiuchus-Burning Tower creation and then off for food and with coin and paper upon my person to a bookshop.
There, at the BIG BEN Bookshop I collected a Graf-Nov that had been waiting for me to supply the monies to take it away - that novel was and still remains PROMETHEA.
This morning I watched the Timelords 911 with that synchro shake of the head as image after image of Promethea flew forth. It 'ended' in linear time allowing me to savour Ophiuchus, the images of Agent Smith [ he that doubtless forges] and the words ' indefinitely delay the inevitable , as Agent Smith would say'.
I brewed tea - Golden Monkey , and ate bread spread with honey from the Locust Tree, began reading Promethea. I get to a part early on where Barbara Shelley , the present incarnation of Promethea tells Sophie Bangs, the Promethea to come ,'...just somewhere we can hide up to delay the inevitable'
The Labyrynthine Psychonaut urges viewers to recognise the signs and free one self from the looping wheel of time. or we can hide up or even try to definitely delay
All these synchs happened this morning Nov 11, St.Martin's Day who came this morning upon his White Horse - Prague's first snow of the winter fell this morning
On the wet streets a mini, with a checkerboard roof, a difficult to see Skull and Crossbones hanging from the rear-view mirror, a 13 which when the 1 and 3 touch becomes a B and very Apian livery . The Scarab has been fashioned from Libyan Desert Glass which Scientists claim comes from a massive meteorite 30 million years ago and not an Atlantean Swamp Nuke - desperate escapism veils the time-spun interdimensional conflict
When the blog magically fixes itself I'll post the pix

Saturday, November 10, 2007

All at 6s and 7s then 8s and all in 11s

Synchronicities ply their way as they will, daily events play their part, yet some jump out , requiring little investigation. The event of November 7 2007 plays with 8, though putting them together with another 8 might elecit some dis-gust , a bad taste in the mouth.
A young man in Finland took the lives of 8 people, after notifying the world at large via Youtube. Here we get the info and [ like 911] appear powerless to do anything about it. What would I have done had I seen it - rang the Finnish Embassy or perhaps just ignored it as a kind of radical art-form . As yet I haven't seen it
On a vastly different note, the evening before Liverpool beat Besiktas 8-0 in the Champions League. This is the new record win of the League, taking over from Arsenal's 7-0 victory over Slavia Praha a fortnight ago.
The eight souls touched human consciousness via the 8 goals , aware of it or not the soul will not be shot down as an irrelevancy due to an individuals belief that it has the right to take someone's life against their will. These souls emerged into my mind through the very popular and much-watched European Champions League telling viewers that they will not be dismissed. Nevertheless the souls message came 24 hours before their leaving their bodies and makes me wonder, madly perhaps, whether we may be contacted before the event, on a mass scale and then put it together with the gunners video . I doubt it, the distractions of life, running around , doing this or that. Yet I kept meeting people who talked about 8 nil, 8, and then the transformation into 8 dead humans , seamless 8, interrupted living.
Had I contacted the authorities with my info and the gunner arrested then the crime doesn't happen and the gunner will walk free. To keep the guy in one would have to have a great probabilty of the guy going through with it at some time but then that's PKDick pre-crime , Minority Report. Chips or surveillance of body chemistry look like possible physical-world solutions, or our own pharma-supply of mood-alterers and Lucy NoGens
The player with the forefinger of both hands raised - pillarmidding -has the name Markus Babbel and he scored 2 goals.
The Finnish gunner has used a checkerboard pattern for his image here, though I agree its not black and white etc. An extension of Travis Bickles disgust enlarged to encompass all humanity
Yossi Benayoun scored a Hat-trick. His initials = I and B for the 2 pillars Iachin and Boaz
The Besiktas Club logo - B+W with a white 5star rising from the crescent on a red ground . The White Pillarmids and the inferred 3 made by the black become an H when the glyph or the Kaaba Stone or Caryotid joins them.
The twin eternal flames on the Liverpool logo in remembrance of those fans who died at Hillsboro'. The eternal flame does burn for real outside Anfield, Liverpool's ground. The bird is called the Liver [Lie-ver] bird, its origin is disputed though some wonder if it represents a Phoenix, many though think a water-bird like the Cormorant]
The Football accentuates the pentagram-orange . While green represents the active-King scale Venusian colour, Orange or Amber represents the female- Queen scale.
7 = the Sefirot influenced by Venus on the Tree of Life
For many Liverpool fans the song and the words of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' have great resonance at times of great joy and deep despair.
I leave u with a snippet from Violator's comment [Nov 6] at Inside the Cosmic Cube- Heroes-the Nit-Pickers OCD Gude: 6
' there's some reason why 7:11 is important, but I'm not going to try and remember it now, it's too late'

Friday, November 9, 2007

Tribulation 99

Perhaps many have seen this BUT if u haven't take the time.
made in 1992 it seems to presage much of the Conspiracy culture by taking the US side as it battles for the Earth's future against the off-planet though hibernating deep underground Quetzels, who can't handle too much radiation , thus the reason for underground atomic testing.
The narrator tells us how , despite his own UFO experience , Jimmy Carter inexplicably fails to bring this up as a reason for the 50,000 people killed in Nicaragua under Samoza. What an oversight!
Howard Hunt appears with other saviours.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

During World War

Such relates the words struck at the base of this relief I discovered opposite the Spanish synagogue in the centre of Praha. A sphinx with its hand-claw nudges men towards a sword surmounted with branches in its right hand. The men appear encouraged to climb the blade to reach some sort of blossoming. Its eyes , wide, glaring and oriental survey a space beyond its frieze-captured duty.
It represents WW1 and probably dates from the early 1920s

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Scare City , Terror Fearma

Not enough food to go round but adequate feud.
An hour or so of Bucky giving his 'comprehensive' view, psychology of ploytics.
As the blog has a prob inloading it go to Youtube :
Buckminster Fuller World Game Anticapatory.[ The spelling is wrong on the link]
RBF in conversation with Harold Hudson Channer - 1974
At present some claim scarcity in abundance, though Britons throw away a 1/3 of their food [ Yahoo article a couple of days ago] while US parents get told that having a child reduces stress and premature death [ Yahoo article the same day as the UK one].
At BTB a video of an impassioned , clear-headed approach to this ' obvious' problem has its bland semantics broken by the word 'exterminate'. In a comment to BTB I remarked that the reporter could be paraphrasing for the Daleks, a species of 'do-gooder' genetically modified to 'do good' in the most efficient and cost-effective manner known to man.
Surplus - apparently we have many products and produce in surplus though Mr.and Mrs Mark Etforces have to be assuaged , thus butter and meat mountains, milk lakes. Yet here in Czech the price of butter has changed dramatically- 25Kc last hear, 35 this and anywher between 50 and 75Kc expected in the New Year, so Czechs pop over to Poland where its 19Kc . 19Kc is about $1US [ it was 40Kc - $1US 5 years ago]. That's when the war started, previous to that the Fed had been buying up Eastern European Gold at low prices for Gold and the Eastern Europeans bought dollars at 40Kc [guess who helped pay for the war]
Market Horses.
If the planet = a system then it self-regenerates, it has to feed itself so we have to have enough to go round. Food proves plentiful though it appears that access = scarce. Channelling food through the market sets up different priorities, the energy of the food, in part, transforms into energy as money. To balance this energy transfer we throw food away.
Homeless people used to get bread thrown out at the back of supermarkets that had passed its sell-by date until supermarkets decided to stop and went to great effort to dispose of the bread hermetically sealed as it were. The homeless were recycling the bread for free, yet the supermarkets could not see that they had a universe-supplied free recycling service- the Homeless should have asked for a payment for their service
Scarcity = a cult . Members look concerned and furrow their brows. They realise there will be casualties. It's a dirty job, its far easier to harvest people than feed them but let's at least be humane.
Fear acts as the 'will' of Scare City , beamed at us [ though our intelligence can always dis-spell the Fear by contemplating self-regenerating Universe, phew] through benign objects such as TVs , radio, blogs, and the rest, real message-acrossers like bullets leave me with little time to contemplate the options and at such times I may well panic. Nevertheless slow-mo bullets like indirect starvation through hoarding of energy as money I can probably deal with intelligently, without doing the inner-guilt finger-biter at having regular access to affordable energy income - food-heat-intelligence - love
Universe is not scarce , we cannot spend it, the law of conservation of NRG. As we see with synchromystic research the story of 911 emerges through comics where it is hidden in the 'real' world. The supermarkets throw food away , the homeless recycle it at no cost. We turn food into a commodity then digitize it into bank-accounts we can hoard a whole heap of forward days often extending far past our expected life at this particular body-frequency [ batteries not included].
'Whooah Scarcity , I'm scared, no doughnuts!!' freaks Homer
'T'aint nuttin' but Moonshine them folks is a-spinning' informs Cleetus

Bridge it bard - O

A flick around finds vertical H-blocks upstanding. Gosporn weighs in with the Double-H Ranch , and JaKe Otze's Blob picks up on this theme. I found this logo concerning Vysehrad [ Vyshay-hrad ] - which means High Castle. The logo represents the Cathedral and its twin spire-towers. Due to its cathedral layout I recognised the two spires stand thief-like either side of the altar - place of worship, a little like JC 'pon the cross. .
The Kaaba stone may form the altar at the Twin Tower site, and the whole metaphor dumped on Giza with the little pyramid a form of altar , focusing human prayer-energy used to power the whatever however. The triangular shape in this Vysehrad logo nudged me thataways.
The spires remind me of spiral and that tower comes from turning, all very inspiring - and then to the dual current Jacobs L-Adder, Tree of Life, Us and Them. The dual-NRG nature of Universe disbars the singular-mono-trip , humans as systems develop tetrahedrally, concave and convex. 'The entity that one speaks to when one says 'you' is also the entity that speaks when one says 'I''- John Lilly - The Centre of the Cyclone
The other images decided to catch a lift , the journey looked interesting.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


The proposed Czech National Library as well as having the nickname OCTOPUS has a more recent appellation - BLOB which leads me to let u know that I , yes I, have found BNOWs brand new handmaiden- the BLOB..
Above a view from 'inside' the / a blob, through its singular massive eye , no less.
I add a pic of Max Mercury to link to the Flash items and Azure qualitiease of recent articulations.
Then I remembered classic washing-powder Flash and the sci-fi - fantasy names Procter&Gamble give to their cleansing products.
The 3 above create a Poe-Marvel or DC-Lovecraftian tale almost instantly. Fill a bucket with hot water and add the contents of the Fairy-Flash-Vortex combo and hey! pressed-O, atale for children and adults ina cleaner than clean imagination kitchen where stories , tales and sagas emerge hologoraphically as blue mist . Inhale the blue mist for the inner version, sort of like an inside B-side job. It's the old thing new again!
All the Blesk

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Does your city have one ?

Generally if you exist as a sovereign nation you get to have an embassy, ambassador and a plethora of security guards and secretaries. I may be mistaken but since when have the Sov.Military Order of Malta been a sovereign nation. A quick look round the net says that you don't have to be a country to be recognised as a sovereign entity, it requires only that you are recognised as such by other sovereign entities, who no doubt feel pleased to have you recognise them and so they recognise you....
Dear bloggers and blogettes:
I formally recognise each and every one of you as Sovereign Entities.
Novice Ordo Saeclorum - The New and Most Innocent Order of the Ages
I include a strange atmospheris phenomena as a symbol of this new order - it appears to be a rainbow though no rain poured that day. Perhaps its not too unusual but a sense of the dramatic seems de rigeur for new eras.


Due to infection from various blogs and their inherent subject matter my camera caught a pic or two.
Michael at Gosporn mentioned H - linked to the Petronas Towers, and many moons ago Steve W included a linked twin-tower in a vid.
Mr Neo from Matrix gets a few hits and the Egyptians have been synchromystic blogging [ mostly in stone] for a millenia or
A company that has something to do with fight against Diabetes has a Hathor-based logo, in this years fashionable blue, and sports the name Novo Nordisk which seems to hide Novo Ordis.