Monday, December 17, 2007

KeyStone Kops

'Where did u say , World Trade Centre? Never heard of the damn thing'
Key Stone speaks for itself, while Kop = Afrikaans for a Hill. or a Veldt-located Pillarmid
The Keystone Kops reacted much like FEMA and NORAD, and many other agencies.
' Does the order still stand'
' Until the Twins fall'
' Which order do u mean?'
'The order order, what other order do u think?'
'Last I heard there was an order called The Bull and Scones'
'That was an order for Lunch'
'I thought the order stood til just past breakfast'
' How fast they brake, don't matter, but they gotta bank to port'
' What, we gotta banker's order and Port for breakfast, sounds like an initiation ceremony to me'
'Oh yea, u remember ours Capstin'
'Order your own '
'I forgot my lodge number'
' K2K-OK'
'Can I have 2 ticKets, with a Capital K, ok, o, to Twin PeaKs , Karokoram Keys, u know, da mountins just South of Key LarGo'


FilmNoir23 said...

Brilliant Moon...shining bright. Loved it

Newspaceman said...

Liverpool at Arsenal tonight, Rangers Lisbon tom.