Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eye carry the Capstone

Nuff said
Quote from Stan Ley
'Doctor Living-Stone , I presume'
Camel = GML = 73.
72 stones hath the pyramid, its eye = 73
The Eye of an Eedle
Listen to it drop


Unknown said...

My brand. I suppose I'm a sucker for the Mysteries. Everyone knows about the hidden sexual images in the design right? I can't help but notice them.

Unknown said...

Last packages I saw had the naked dude and the lion airbrushed almost completely out.

I heard there was a KKK on red Marlboro packages but I could never find the third K...

Illuminatus Observer has an article about Camel/Gimel:

aferrismoon said...

There's a Red Mason Bee, Holy synchronicities , flatman, its all turning 3-d. I did see the 'hidden' things in the camel's leg packs, but gave it a miss.
I wrote an article introducing BEEMAN on July 21,
'Hi Honey , house the hive?
Almost cogent
Red Bee is a BBC Media co. too.
And K is the 11th letter.
Did u know that in the late 30's or 50's a guy joined the KKK, got all the passwords , codes and secret languages and wrote them into a Superman story. KKKers came to hear their kids running round the house reeling various secrets as they, Supermanning, menaced the White hooded religious order.
i don't know about any hidden sexual imagery, Camel's are sweet enough for me