Monday, December 17, 2007

What a hootie!

In Adam Star's Doctoring ...III he inserts a DR.MIDNITE who sports an OWL on his shoulder. This wee beestie has the moniker HOOTY which Thoth resonates with the scribe-god's Egyptian name TEHUTI. To supply further conneXion we know that Tehuti was originally a Moon-God, the love of measuring , and the recording of many cycles, small details synchs etc , finally getting published, perhaps an early blogger deity.


Unknown said...

Lol. That's so great and so true. The patron deity of blogging is undoubtedly Tehuti-Thoth-Hermes-Mercury-Odin-Cernnunos-Nabu.

aferrismoon said...

I'd hate it to be Maat -
I have weighed your blog and its heavier than your heart, engage in comedy skills, mortal.
Well blogs are kind of cyclical, they go round often the same subjects, just adjusting, augmenting, etc