Monday, December 17, 2007

All covered in Red

The Drawing comes from Adam Star's nitpicking , part of a predictive art collection of Isaac [the Goat of ] Mendez.
The Capitalist and the Commies are one under the protective red umbrella. If u thought the Red Acemen ever 'lost' a phoney war then u forgot who they borrowed money off. After the Rev in 17 a Central bank System got in place, hive-style, collectively , working to pay back the interest until the market broke in 89, 21 years after the 1st commie Prez of the USSA , Tricky Dickie, got in. He immediately opened a Moscow-Washington direct air-route, you know , just after the Tet Offensive. Welcome Brothers and Sister- Chest Pratsay Moy Droogie

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