Sunday, December 9, 2007

Unleash the Dogz of Lore

Forces unleashed know now naught of what will and what may, their thoughts, picture and word-bound create derisory laughter and mockery, shock and/or. For they the important = the real [estate]. the royal, that handed down, though I speak and write of that which is handed in. Cartoon lore merges with these outer zones , zongs we zang we zing again.
Bark, Barque - Hark I hear a dog or a tree.
Tis a boat , see, tiz a little boatsie.
And where will your little Barque lay, come to rest on a mountain top. Like an eye , old dogeye or dageye, the eye atop the Pylamid.
See the Pylamid shimmer, its eye gleaming within its heat-haze body, like a Blob. I imagine that one day millions of these dollar-sized eye-topped pylamyds will animate and , silicon -based, will blob and plop out as the synchromystic electrowhirl stirs their little hearts a-go-go. And money will be fun again.
TINMAN opened , OZ - 77 revisited by DG -7. Here the series twists into multiplying reality.
DG in Hebrew = a Fish and D+G = 3+4 = 7 , while O+Z= 70+7 [77]. To take her place DG and OZ will mix, the Z - Twins in the Tarot replaced by DG creatin DOG 77. This invokes Sirius for some.
By Sefer Yetsira Tarotic attributia =
D - 4 - Tower - Mars - Door/gate [ Hebrew meaning]
O - 70 - Devil - Capricornus - Eye
G - 3 - Wheel - Jupiter [ whose metal = Tin] - Camel
Z - 7 - Twins [ in fact Cain and Abel, acc. to Crowley] - Sword
The 2 sisters = one draws the life breath of the other , the other a manifestation of her own mother, the mother the prisoner of herself awaiting their reconciliation and the Trinity becomes one. The D the sister in the Tower that will be moved by the G -Wheel that must turn, and then the Door will open and the Camel may walk into the Eye.[ Note>> The Camel carries the CAPSTONE on its back]
A clip where Askadelia sucks out the soul of her captain sees numbers 3 and 4 alternated in the background, DG has arrived. Askadelia is clothed in the colours of the Queen Bee, gold and black, she who would rule the hive. The hexagram will extend outwards but will not not turn back on itself and thus all in the system, undefined, may be controlled. With addition of the 5 the sysystem comes back on itself , creating the sphere [ football]. As we lose the bee-hive-ming-mind and become spheres of influindividuality we may shake off our national shackles, and become the sovereign entities , the WiZardic Dogs of Oz [ which is where Olivia Newton-John spent a lotta years] that discard the worn , insect-minded house and future-furniture buyers of Old Town. Let us En-Gage each others minds not Mort-Gage each others bodies.
'The Sails are ripping Cap'n, this Synchrostorm has unlocked the 4 winds'
'And more, Master Mate, will come , before we make Ararat'
'Aye, Aye Cap'n' ' Where?'
'I meant 'yes' Capn,!' ' Ay yes , so u did,MM, so u did! Now , hold steady, crew, the Synchro-Gage tells us we can handle a lot more'
'The synchro - gage??'
' It's like a mortgage but instead of having to pay every month at the right time , one only has to arrive in the right place at the right time to get paid, or whatever specific metaphor engages your synch-warped minds'
' God!' 'Gott!' 'Goat' 'Boat'
Sang the crew in uniSong
OZ in the Hebrew = a Goat , transforms into DOG, a goat -O enclosed within a Fish DG an image of Capricorn , the astro sign that follows Sagittarius [ In Hebrew represented by the Rainbow]. Well when we cross that Rainbow on Dec21, 2012 the next day will be Capricornus, the Goat=Fish, that which aspires to the heavens while swimming within the currents.
In the Torah a code exists in the 1st verse that swops each letter for another, called Amun Sepher. See article : Dog-Ma, from August 21.
The 1st 9 letters of Torah = BRAShYTh BRA and swopped by the code = DOGPhTQ DOG. No mean feat to produce humourous synchs some 6000 years ago.
BRA - create = 2+200+1=203 = Thats a 23 which means 'living' with the egg of all possibility pregnant within it.
DOG - ? = 77.
For the creation emanated from the DOG, and in Oz all turns, and things as they seem are knot, God is a Dog again but no mere spite from a soulless tongue.
She DG, is protected by a Tinman, an envoy of that gracious father Jupiter. His soul transformed within a Diving Suit , that we have seen cladding the Charioteer, he of the CheckerChariot. The Crab influences the Chariot, and the Tinman is all boxed up.In Czech 'Krabice' [Krabeetsay] = Box, while RAK = Crayfish which = the Czechs use for Cancer. Note RAK is KAR reversed and thus Chariot. Released The Father takes up the 5 stars of Mars, a Marshall no less. His violence though will be tempered by the benevolent Jupiter.
We meet the Wizard sojourning as the Mystic Man. In his backstage room we see a glimpse of a poster advertising 'The Merchant of Venice'. Venicia - Fenicia-Phoenicia, the Water=people rise again as their Queen of the Sea , DG comes to the fore, Deus Gratia. They sing a song of sea they call the Mer-Chant. for they are the Old from Out of the Sea
The Ex - Mer - Auld
Our emerald sister , the twins adjusting, Crowley's Adjustment card.

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