Saturday, December 22, 2007

Shhh-Owl in Plane Site

A Close Encounter with the SynchroMystic Man and Princess eLLe, the Fisher Queen. The occasion, the launch of their new holo-doc ' How to Steer Wars in Psifer space'.
' I should inload an episode, or add one or two.'

Aon Blurr, Precrime Loop Inc., Trans-time Detectives, sweeping through loops, snatched up the fluttering docu. The 3 Ls struck , holding him to the instant as the sage panned out. Lyman Frank Boehme, the Lizard of Leominster, The Mer-Chant, the time-sailors' shanty. Catching Tindales and thin veils of currency, glow best as spells slipped tonguewise and baymouthed, silverlipped and weepywinked a spent tear causing crystal froth, and a looking-glass overloverflows. All across the arcscape burnished yellow breaks, waking worlds along its sway, turn into the bright new day. Dawnwrung coughs herald hawks from mountain shocks, swoop down, bake the clay.Some call it Man, this menace of the seashore, urged upon in-dust-wetrial riversolution, a commotion called spots skicks spans.

It occurred to Aon that few signs had appeared until after they'd bumbled on to this hive-strewn course. Notably that sub, merged into sea-zeps and mermermaids, had they a single conscious spark of mind oriented omni-directionally perhaps they could have dealt with the end of the spell before it had to happen, not before it happened, but befor PLInc., could do aught nautical about it. Once that sub got photographed ... a beginning, RAShYTh spell the Hebrews, 911 from one, too, many directions...altar course

Oh the Phoneesians, time voyagers, using words, the phonetix , to open their steergates, in they come dirigible, submersible, wave, dream. Masterful legends opening , enlightening the darkness - Chosheykh-Or-Yom-LeiLah
Ice started in the corner-stone of its aigle, an old deadwood stage that cracked through glass rhythm-stout verbage, and herbage glossing a bolder dashed-from-rock, rack, rick and rueing the old Bear's brewing skills.
Wrought-tin Cast-iron Diver's Belles, diverse bells, Zippered Skulls, Well-scorned Lions, SheBeeDeeGees, Carestrollers, Balding Loncoots, Memorable Clays , Rubinesk Rickshaws and Blue-Blown Buddhas, Lavender whimples, dawnaday dimples, Widows and Himpells, Closets of Gray, Soft Whore's hands, Groundsell and Chattel, Gingerbread Mortgages, 2 Sheiks and lamb's Tale, Leatherclad Lollards [ ther's the 3Ls again, he noted] and dumb-fisted wraithers. The Masses are winging it .
Poetry treats an ill will full of woe, claiming nonsense over logic and engineering over Lawyerking.
Tyndale's Death Row Bible, Wycliffes - A Bible Feral, in cartoon English glimpsed itinerantly by the constantly plagued

Cheif Supermanintendant Reeves buckled up an bickled off, the loan gunman perused the newly rotting corpse of the ex-brother of the next president, winked at the illustrious lawman of PreCrime Loop
'Post-crime, off the books now, the first time since the last time and that happened weigh before my prog kicked in'
'U know how come he missed me' trippled Blurr, Cryo-detective extraordinaire from aeons hence, ' I did it a long time ago, calendar-wise, when Precrime was but a Skiffs dream. It was strange I had to do time for it back then. I woke out and there lay this whopping BK, bloody rivulets, one thousand nine-hundred and 68 of them, I htought it was aTV or a story from the koran. Arms got round me, who's that? Come with us and i did'
'One more time...'
'This, the death here, is , or has been a murder I did sometime , some where else. They touched me so I had to stay and pay, see it out so to speak. But i didn't know who I was so he couldn't stop me doing it now and then.They couldn't understand why I did it, They thought Bobby was the victim, I guess he was, he was the patsy, that's why I killed him, here HE was the lone gunman while I'm a lot like Jack Ruby and Muhammed Atta. Kobi Benbenedi shot JFK through time, only a 'family' link can stop itself, so he could become President in '68, helped by the death of 'Brother J'
'How could u kill Kobi then?'
' Travelled through time, materialised, easier, but u get touched, filmed, recorded written into the script, then u gotta see it through. Bobby used time-manips to get stray shots from odd wars to appear at the same time and place. He thought about using Archduke Ferdinand's but u need great artistry to pull off a split like that, easier to take out a bullet that'll end up in some tree , borrowing an assassins bullet, well who know's where its been.Anyhow Bobby-Kobi had enough to watch out for PLInc . In ^* PLInc had only just been set up and then mostly just theoretical investigations. Bobby would have taken it over and today would probably never have happened. Fancy the Benbenedis running the show?'

'Not really. How did Oswald get stuck with JFKs death?'
'Kobi turned him into an Owl. Oswald was a bookish type. Kobi was looking at the $-bill and noticed a little owl in the eaves watching the President, so he sent him to sit in the Book Repository a-hooting , observing the whole thing, but Kobi had to kill Oswald real-time, not being kin an' all. He dropped a fake cancer tab, did a little time as Ruby'

In shudder we fright , the collective uber-rumour, speaks of Shadow-governments and speech slips off home for an early drink before the fire of weakly delights.

She gilded the crew upon her glee-board, all-strung to sing a Mer-Chant, a Shanticle, enchanting a chanting song, the ways and bearings not lost in a lyric, starcharts tattooed, earrings, finga-rings, a bangle, bauble, serve a purpose, papyrus rots and that knot written into mem-mem-oree within our starry wave-borne escapade.

I tie with my little eye

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