Sunday, December 9, 2007


Ch = The 8th hebrew letter-number, pronounced as a hard H, lends itself to the H-pillarmid synchs.The shape of the the Hebrew letter = the H without the projecting roof-top columns. It rules the Chariot card , the armoured Charioteer invokes the Tinman's rebirth.
The card is influenced by the Crab-Cancer-Carcer-the Prison, see the post below for further cells in this symbolosong
The 8 opens out into an H and vice-versa.
I wanted to use this in the article ' your life is irrevocably human. Ergo sum...', but what the hey!. The article contains reference to B-13 now surfacing as a film-title at The BLOB. The other photo that wouldn't load was the Promethea below, which contains the words ...delay the inevitable.
Why delay, lets go with and make it happpen.

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