Saturday, September 11, 2010


Reiterating a past numerical incident :

9112001 / 19 = 479579

479579 / 19 = 25241

25241 / 43 = 587

19 was the initial number of miraculous hijackers, doubtless some form of djinn appearing as a cloud of smoke only to merge into the landscape, both material and psychic.

43 = Hebrew: MG 'mag' , a magician of sorts

587 , pointed out to me by Devin from blog 'My Favourite Monsters' corresponds to FLIGHT 587, which crashed in or on Belle Harbour, Queens in New York on 12/11/2001. This made it the 2nd worst air disaster in the US , after the 911 attacks.
Prior to 911 the worst air disaster in the US was FLIGHT 191.

Many will have forgotten Flight 587 , it did take far less lives, as it is not constantly brought up to inspire war and hatred , tribalism, selfishness and smug imperialism.

Nevertheless odd to find it as a factor of that date and then appear in the next air crash in NY.

The date of Flight 587 - 12112001 = 11 x 1101091 , so more 9s and 11s


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Conn-X-sion [ + alterations]

A trawler from

A Soviet sub forced to surface in the Bay of Pigs exercise

SURACI has posted CONNECTIONS which highlights this video he got from HOW DARE I.

Its a programme presented by James Burke, who alwaays attempted something more than the hypno-palliatives of commercial TV.

The show called the TRIGGER EFFECT and filmed at the Twin Towers. It also featured a woman giving birth to Twins and the story includes Flight SK911.

From a comment about SK 911 at another site, sorry misplaced the title -

"Also as an reaction to the 9/11 SAS changed the call sign from SK911 to SK909
Kind rgds
Ole "

Via Hebrew letter-numbers _

911 = RASHYTh [200+1+300+10+400] which is translated as 'beginning'. The first word of the Torah = BRAShYTh - 'in the beginning'.

89 [ passengers on SK911] - Crowley gives this explanation for that number -

"A number of sin - restriction. The wrong kind of silence , that of the Black Brothers'

911 and 89 are both primes which for some reason always catches my eye.
911+89 = 1000, which in Hebrew is ALPh, the first character, so mighty important , probably

The 'word' BRAShYTh [ Berashit - also 'translated as GENESIS] tries 'explain' the action of Aleph , its projections and consequent resistances in the formation of 'universe', physical and METAphysical, that is whole , finite universe [ though not simultaneously apprehendable] as opposed to the hopeless 'infinite universe' somehow grafted on to the 'building block' approach.

Infinite building blocks help strengthen the vast pyramid structuring of metaphysical universe [ our minds] that keeps humanity 'weighed down'.

The prog relates how a 'relay' at Niagara Hydro Electrical Plant did its job but lead to a trigger effect that created an massive overload.

9/11 as a 'trigger' eVent may constitute a 'beginning' of sorts.

The event in the programme happened on Nov 9th 1965 [ another 9/11] [ see part 2]

James Burke made programmes that did not constitute processed drivel. Today I doubt he would get many viewers as he askes them to ....... thnik, sorry, its on the tip of my tongue.. THIKN! Knew I'd get it.

Some observations from Alex of TOO LONG IN THIS PLACE:

"The strangest of things - at last moment of 9.11minutes/sec on the 3rd part of series there is a flash (after the word 'that') - you'll notice a flicker in real time & slowed down there is one black moment..."

This is just after the 'black' screen moment - I thought the words resonated with the falling towers:

James Burke - JB - Jachin and Boaz , the twin pillars of Masonry. The programme goes back to Egypt, the Kingdom of Grain and the croppy god Osiris

"at 6.20-22mins/sec on numero 4...

... is a design that reminds me of your twin two-ers / dealey plaza twinning"

Another comment from ...SAID reveals this:

"Episode 4 Faith in numbers part 5 of 5, at the very end of the video (at 744) Burke holds up a punch-card at a window and says "...the whole world would fall down..." then he moves the punch card to reveal the Twin Towers in the window as the program ends!!!!"

The punch card looks similar to a cartoon drawing of a skyscraper at night with a few lights on.

Just went to Lenon Honor's site and it [ near the bottom] reads thus:

'Picture # 1 was the first picture listed on yahoo for the New Zealand Earthquake. Earlier that day there was a report of a plane crash in
New Zealand. Understand that whenever you experience news about a "plane crash" you are actually experiencing a trigger word or
trigger image for "terrorism". Therefore, the collapsing chimney (collapsing tower) is subliminally the result of a plane crash (terrorism) via
word association, the chimney's structural resonance with the twin towers, shared location via New England plane crash (terrorism) and
New England earthquake (collapsing chimney / trade center tower), and month date association ie September (Month of Global Terror).'

{ I assume Lenon means New Zealand rather than New England]

Not long before Alex [ from NZ] and I wrote comments mentioning both the 'quake and the 'plane crash