Monday, March 31, 2008

In the Forest of Disbelief I came upon a Clearing

Forests are for resting though Mr.Whitaker may disgree. Here he comes bounding through pillars on a chase through Salamanca. He wears a checked-shirt and his right hand attempt to keep his vid-cam pointed at the chasee. All very run-o-the-mill u may surmise, but I've taken a bit of synching from dear Forest. Steve Willner took to posting written stuff about a film called BUTTERFLY.
Below, in the film, Forest rounds a checker- corner on a towertop, pursued by police. They shoot him as he throws the money over the edge of the building to land atop Sarah Michelle Geller's cartop. SMG appeared in Southland Tales

Earlier in his film career he acted as Jody in Neil Jordan's THE CRYING GAME. He's captured at a fairground by The Bhoys who eventually kill him, as in Butterfly, very early on in the film. He reemerges in dreams bowling in his Cricket whites. Before passing on he passes on a contact to Stephen Rea, a girl in London called DIL. Dil isn't quite all girl, a thought that doesn't cross the conservative mind of the good Catholic . Dil, played by JAYE DAVIDSON later played RA in STARGATE.
Forest then dies early in both films, meeting neither SMG or Jaye Davison, 2 women whom he greatly influences with his final earthly act. SMG goes on to Southland Tales which explores hallucination, apocalypse and release with time and planet spinning into Revelation. Jaye goes on to play RA in the irrepressible STARGATE.

Looping back to VANTAGE POINT, a film that deals with different peoples vantage point of the events surrounding the assassination of the Prez, over 23 minutes. 23- ChYH-Chiah, in Hebrew, seems to mean 'living' under certain circumstances and despite an early blow-up Forest not only lives but saves and emerges through the whole sorry adventure ...laughing
Having no idea about the 'sweepstakes', a TV network combat ritual in the US , I was unable to see LOST.
But I did see Matthew Fox, here manipulating events like Ben Lynus on steroids. His number 5372 caught my numerical eye-
72 always resonates as the bricks in the $Pyramid minus the Capstone. 53, a sweet prime, tumbles out the word GN as in Gan Eden , the Garden of Eden, but oddly, modern Hebrew uses the word for 'gene'. The word Eden , ODN 124, sounds like a mixed-up DNA so Gan-Eden = gene DNA. I often think that an earthly Eden could be an island, sailor-man unable to return, the source hidden, surrounded by 4 currents-rivers, perhaps the flaming sword a constellation. LOST resonates with this, though connexions prove wispy.
He's gives us the Checkerboard tilt. The checkers the on/off programming language for DNA

A gtreat car-chase beguiles the viewer for time, here's Matthew's car, with numberplate - CZB. CZ = the abbreviation for CZECH REPUBLIC which sounds like CHECK, in fact to such an effect that last year the Pakistani Government painted CHECQUERED flags from Motor Racing instead of CZECH flags when the PM, Miro Topolanek visited their country.
CZECH BEE- well ther's been no bee virus here, all seems healthy, perhaps the US or other bee-depleted areas may look to import. Fine CZARIOT

The President doesn't actually get shot, he has a twin, a lookalike who takes it in the chest, arms outstretched, The reporter on -screen to the left raises 2 fingers[ the Secret Assassins Bunny-Fingers Death Salute] as the Twin waits to receive 2 shots. President Bush took part in the Easter celebrations with a lifesized Easter Bunny inhabited by FRED FISHER FIELDING [ thanx to Adam Star for that beaut.] which resonates with FERRIS F. FREMONT , the president in Philip K.Dicks RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH [ cheers Aramchek] . The 'real' FFF was possibly Deep Throat from the WATERGATE show and the Fremont is perhaps a parody of Tricky Dicky [ Nixon ]

William Hurt experienced his own film-stargate rez with ALTERED STATES which goes some way to relate JOHN C.LILLY's experiments with LSD in isolation for the National Institute of Mental Health. Much of the work can be found in his book CENTRE OF THE CYCLONE which makes the film a mega-Wizard of OZ - onater.
The cast gives 2 Bs - BOB BALABAN and BLAIR BROWN! Blair and Brown in altered states. More of their magickal dealings , esp. at Lisbon, may be gleaned from NEWSPACEMAN, who has posted some fascinating stuff on ships, Rosslyn, Queens, a ritual at the Emirates Stadium, Franco-British masonic 'meetings'- 'ave a dekko!

Oops up side your head!

Round bend of Bay and Back Again, from FW initialled burbles forth FINNEGANS WAKE, Joyce's personal AltaMira, acc. to Marshall McLuhan. The book lives in many times, in mythology, dream , archetype and the pub. If ever there's a book u can never finish such is FW.
The Checkered Forest angles its eye through a grid capturing all. The eye here = the 3rd eye, now portable. Due to William Hurt's journey through the mind in Altered States FW can capture the memories in his 3rd Eye. FW = us, opening to our evolutionary memory allowing us to use our pineal gland almost 'portably', He through his relationship with DIL in The Crying Game delivers him the physical stargate, that opens up Egypttian themes so prevalent in Finnegans WAKE. Sarah Michelle Geller in SOUTHLAND TALES plays her part as consort of APOCOSTARGATEALYPSE initiator Boxer Santeros/Jericho Cain. With the Apocalypse comes an opening , inner and outer.
I got to writing this post due to SYNCHROMYSTIC FORUM - movies. I wrote something like this:
CATCH 22 with Alan Arkin Orson Welles Anthony Perkins, Jon Voight and BOB BALABAN who featured as Orr [ Fly with me Yossarian] and acted in ALTERED STATES which stirred WILLIAM HURT who played in VANTAGE POINT [ which I've just watched] with FOREST WHITAKER who was in BUTTERFLY with SARAH MICHELLE GELLER who in turn played in SOUTHLAND TALES which at present is undergoing some sort of trans4mation via the talents of image-weaver STEVE WILLNER.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

SynchroMystic Art Takes

When it comes to the healthy option choose these, other products in the range are Oven-Baked Chips, for bad, naughty , evil types. WAVE in Hebrew = GL, 3+30=33, = Micro33Chips, all far too MaZOnic for my tender diet.

Adam Star has watched RACE FOR THE WHITEHOUSE due to illness. Had he not contracted that virus I would have taken little notice of the prog. Some of the stills therefore from its Youtube outlet. This one clearly shows the Reptilian candidate A Miss Hillephant R. Clintongue.
Mr McCain has what looks like MOO coming out of his head, maybe he's Hathor inthe binary androgyne checker-board tesselation that passes for identity in politics today, maybe he's the Hunchback of Notre Dame as the question mark sort of suggests.Crowley wrote The SOLDIER and the HUNCHBACK, the ! and ?. Apparently they're all related to Bush.
HEADLINE, HEADLINE , David Gregory,[Gregorius Dialogius] beloved of the airwaves,watcher of men, with his searching questions and intimate knowleDGe.........., Dear God. Nevertheless he whizzes us off in search of the new WIZ to take position in the O-Valis Office has he has acquired through birth the hallowed initials DG , Dorothy Gale, our gal in OZ. Numerically the DG = 7 , the OZ = 77.

His HEADLINE lies horizontal with the 2 weeny windows and through the 3 windows to a fashionable Orange our eyes take in the implied pillarmids , DGs head mimicing the central altar space of a church.

Considering today's heightened visual awareness and the capacity to find 'hidden' images in everything, except of course hidden things that by the mere act of secrecy can't be seen, but wistfully imagined nonetheless, I feel amazed they let this image of a black and white tie through. Orange , B&W, its all becoming tigerish. The words HATE, RITE, appear out of the melee.

The obligatory obelisk, is that 10 or a 100. Well I wish it were 10 as that would secure a vote for Aten, , there's 7 or 8 stars so it could mean millions...millions of stars. Leastways, unclear, but a blurred obelisk with its constellation, which reminds me, check out STYGIAN PORT's latest starburst of info.

For about point something of a second appears this dark image of woman, after or before there's a dark picture of the LIBERTY MUTUAL logo. More unclearness.

Despite all the imagery that's apparently coming out , that will muddle our minds, symbolize our seratonin to the point we can only dream in logos, however much its practiced in dark, computer-filled NSA hospital-brothels or in plane sight in the voluminous towerblox of ad agencies, we can be sure 'they' can't control everything.
Note the R,W & B pens pointing at SM, initial of SynchroMysticism. Next comes the A, the pillarmountainmid amid followed by RT, the Stargate Queen , Robin Tunney. The stem of the glasses does that 'line on the grid' drawn by Crowley in his Book of the Law, info on which resides at THE BLOB. it marks RK, the initials of Crowley's wife ROSE KELLY at the time the 'book' was received. She took part in the ritual, I think.
SynchroMystic ART TAKES, well I'm quite taken with it at pres.

Martin PRINCE, of darkness, relates how the Twin Pillar takedown relates to the Horned God colection of rituals, at least that's what the butterfly told him. Notice his forehead, pyramiding , flanked by his pillaring fingermids, I sense wrongdoing.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Car-full with that A/X U genes

Michael slowly transforming into Kevin a burgeoning assassin prepares for his fate, ignoring the Wizard's invite to the Penthouse, goggles the box, A Quiz show, Bathed in Valis-pink with a shower of quartered crosshairs, it's host bounding audience-ward enters through another, breezing between 2 massive studio pillars, below some sort of vortex-ceiling affair. Does Michael listen, had he he might have a glimpse at the future. A question= who wrote Slaughterhouse 5?. The Quizee answers correctly - Kurt Vonnegut. For a bonus can u tell me who the book's main protagonist might be - the answer dissolves before a Special News Report on the finding of Oceanyc 815. The protagonist was BILLY PILGRIM, a man from Ilium ]TROY] NY who, after injury in a plane crash has 'shifted in time'. The TIME MACHINE was filmed in TROY, NY in 2002

Miroslav Satan [ Mir = Peace, Slav = celebrate] skates on the NY ISLANDERS rink. Sporting No81, a number of the Moon acc. to some Satan enters into Island lore. SATAN, the biblical character often gets translated as the DECEIVER which could be another name for LOST. Deception and Mandacity course through the islands veins, though to the Island itself perhaps all appears 'honest' in the grand scheme of things.

Nevertheless a team displaying the Island of Manhatomb and the NY - OZ principle, plus the Shakespearian idea of PUCK lends decepto-trickery level Ly-More proportions

Reminding me that time runs 'forward' and 'back' when viewed in certain ways this clipette from Steve Willner's WWWORMHOLE moving picture gallery. The BACK2theFURURE chariot zooms off in time along a street in a town somewhere on this Island Earth. The tracks lead to the neon sign - OWN. This reverses the NWO spell that's been careering through minds the media world over. Shall we not OWN ourselves and dispense with the archaic hierarchies that plague our awakening

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5180926834094391362" />

No one gets in the way of Ben's awakening, and thus some will grasp at rule, subterfuge and mugwumpery. 'Let me back into my Temple of Images, Jooohn', as Ben is apt to drawl when effortlessly introducing the various survivors to futility. here he sits , backed by Checkerboard- Thoth rezzer , the crescent denoting Thoth as Min , his Moon-God appelation. All Thoth's business as the Moon delivers measure, periodicity, while to the right a grid to keep it all in order on this earthly plane.

Michael Dawson / Kevin Johnson greets Naomi pre-boarding the half-named Widmore freighter in Fiji. wearing a winged baseball cap, its logo brandishing A/X winged. The AX links into the Virginia Tech massacres as the automaton who did the deed wrote something about Ismael Ax. Rather closer to home the X stands for 10 so M/K wears the glyph of ATEN, updated for modernity.

Earlier/later Michael reaches his limit and prepares to deliver himself unto whatever happens next. He looks at his own STAR-CHAMBER, 6 circuit judges each with their own verdict jostle in their seats. 6 can lead to a 3-3 decision so a 7th Judge, supreme to all must pass sentence. The sentence:
The Islands of Manhattentum and Lost intwined in words, by the green-glowing wizard of the Alley, prior to his exit through the green-trapezoid

The Wizard, the Wizard - he is the final judge. He comes down from his Hotel Penthouse to the alley where the forlorn father grits his teeth before his final act. The alley bathed in a green glow wells up Oz imagery, the Emerald City. The Wizard gives the only order anyone can take - a choice. The Wiz plays on Michaels need to repair his past actions by offing the 'bad' people

Anyhow, by now I'm lost in the various time-zones. Michael gets into his Chariot of Death , switches on the Radio for a tune to die for. TUNER - a glimpse of TUN-NUT [ Tunney and Nut, the sky deity]. Ensconced between the R and T is UNE the femi9 form of 'one' in French. Re = the Sun and Nut = the Night sky. The goddess appears as Michael attempts to force open the Stargate by impelling his auto at breakneck speed into a cargo container. He doesn't pull it off as the island has left him temporarily immortal.

Posts at the personal Chambers of Adam Star [ Inside the Cosmic Cube]Retro-Action Comics 1 and 2 and Michael[Gosporn] No Man's Land bear testimony to the influence of Jules Verne and the filmic offspring it sprang forth. One of the classics = The MYSTERIOUS ISLAND from 1961. The wrecked attempt, despite the offer of a new sea-borne life from an unpredicatble mariner named NEMO, to leave the island. The giant animals have a greater part in the movie though they can be found in LOST as Polar Bear and Pig. Nemo in Lost could be anyone of a number - Ben, Locke, Widmore or the characters may be becoming so distant from their pre-crash selves that all are NEMO. The Green, trident-bearing figure, doubtless Nemo, bears the Green of Oz while the Trident, 3-Teeth, add flavour to toothy grins basking dental anonymitty - molars, phoenician letters, the W.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Size of a ........rabbit!

Happy Easter, or else! A mutated chocolate bunny sporting 8-rayed rosetta and some ice-cream frag-bombs makes space in Staromestka in the centre of Prague, in fact just a few metres from the Prague Meridien.

A while later, after typing out yesterday's post I noticed this OZ 911 resonator, apologies to whoevers motor it is but u just got synched. The 5A5 = a hidden 11

Inside the Cosmic Cube links a part of his post to craters that I brought out in the Starman post 2 back. The furthering of the Crayter phenom took me to JUDGE JOSEPH FORCE CRATER who disappeared in 1930. A NY judge , he went to a show called 'Dancing Partners', then hailed a Taxi and was never seen or heard of again.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Turn OZ the lights, I can't see a thing

In Czech 'fruit' = Ovoce while 'greens' = zeleninova, thus the Fruit and Veg shop they call Ovoce Zeleninova. For whatever reason I got the idea that the Wizard was naught more than a greengrocer grown grand. Thus the shop brings the whole realm of OZ into the mundane streetfare. Nevertheless , the last 2 letters of POTRAVINY ends with NY giving way to OZ, albeit split by VOCE. There's an APPLE in the O

The Opel Kadett , almost extinct Stateside , brings a chariot-logo fit for syncrow-pilots. hang it HipHop style on a chain, stolen from the Town Council or City Hall [ remember u r the WIZARD], have a special power or two lieing latent within, and Pazax Kamoona Tutu Bilan, the Whirrled is your Ozter, OK

The rotating N to Z turns New into ZOO, aplace where one may photograph Zebras, fall in love with Zoe, the Parisien grey-bangled Cockatoo, perhaps even contemplate the Zodiac at the special genetic Zoo where goat-fish and centaurs roam. NY has already dialled forward a letter to OZ and that inculcates itself into the swop from NEW [ NOO] to ZOO, a description New York's nightlife in the '70s by a rapper - ALI.
Note there are no TwinTowers in the skyline indicating that it has officially turned into OZ and merely awaits the Freem Tower

Thursday, March 20, 2008

X that Bridge

John Carpenter [JC] gets a skyload of choppers to fly over a giant crater in AriZOna in the '77 film STARMAN. The nasty, bad choppers attempt to dissuade the Starman from going anywhere and follow the falling-over couple into the crater, shooting at them with their metal fingers and aiming death bomb poopookaka at the fleshy escapees

The ATM machines seem to carry symbo-value, at least to my vogelled vision. Here in Starman a polygon despoiled ATM Temple harbour a police car. Quicksilver graces the top, a nice link by Jon Carpenter as the cop-chariot snoops out to chase the unwitting duo AriZOna bound.

Bound for what? Well, Hitting earth's atmosphere, after listening to the dulcet tones of Kurt Waldheim and Jimmy Carter on the Voyager Golden Disc, a starbeing comes to earth
The starbeing is Jeff Bridges [JB] who takes on the look of recently deceased husband of Karen Allen, which at first freaks her out. They get on after a while, as she hasn't slept with anyone in a year though the movie doesn't make this explicit

JB has plenty of powers , he has little spheres that pulsate light, bringing beings back to life, but if he don't mek it t' Crater [ Grail] he won't get home and will die. Thus the need for the '77 Ford Mustang Cobra , an orange+black whizzer that gets them near. The last car they use is a Cadillac, probably because they're so common. The Cobra force feeds one 77, as we are reminded by cop radio that the suspects 77 O&B Cobra is speeding along Highway 13 and a half, please pursue, don't touch them. The North Carolina cops try to shoot him as they hate cars like that
Here is the sweetie, parked skewiff, thus showing off its trim lines alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5179765247304285906" />

Somewhere in the film Jeff had watched VANISHING POINT and in mimicry of his human hosts slams one of the cars into an oil tanker, sorting out the problem with the roadblock. Luckily he has the spheres of life and he carries his lover out through the flames. Bit of a Daniel rezzer, flouncing through the flames with God on your side, who'd choose to Serve and Protect

The film graces us with one observing us and being drawn to it and perhaps deals our best chance for personal starbursting, gating. Observe a little more, criticize a little less which I shall work at, I need to. The film uses the 77 OZ rezo, and we get driven to AriZOna for the bridgeing ceremony in a meteor or giant 'bomb' crater. The word 'grail' comes from the word 'crater' which ritually opens up to planetary entity types proffering pinky-red beams. I wonder if JC tried to work off Valisian influences when making this. JB brings in the 2 pillars while Kate Allen links to Flash's surname, Kate Austin as mysterious child-bearer [ in this film JB seeds her] and KA as the Egyptian soul [ Ithink its the soul'

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Of Pandas and Lyres

Martin Prince takes a spectacular dive to find himself LOST on an island ....somewhere. Springfield thinks him dead, torn apart by a cougar. Bart and Lisa know him murdered by their childish acts of subterfuge and attempts to aid the hapless angel of intellect. Martin proves ever resourceful taking but an hour to get off the island.

Bart's conscience leads him to develop Martins chrysali where he and Lisa confess, apparently only to the butterflies, listening to Martin's Music for Butterflies, a piece on Lute timed for the emerging. The Lute playing continues after the Sony cassette-recorder is switched off, but with confession appears NELSON, detectiving like COLOMBO, to listen in and catch the dastardly pair. The truth emerges with Nelson's flawless talent for music and the exodus from the Chrysalis.

The only Lutenist I know is from PhilipKDick, JOHN DOWLAND who composed FLOW MY TEARS, which became the title for PKDs book highlighted in Southland Tales, alluding to the Acts of the Apostles. I don't think he was overly fond of butterflies, in one short story they travel back in time on a timetravel vessel and kill humanity with their poisonous ways. i believe Martin Prince will grow uo to be head of some Montauk-CIA-Illuminati organisation which he will then lead from its saturnine, paranoid ne'erdowellness. Martin as head of CIA, position offered by Ralph Wigham , President.

AlBen - they look a bit similar except that Al has been on a special polar-bear diet, put on a few pounds since the election years, must be all the 'good works'. Ben Lynus - BL[32] - Baal - King of the Island, in cahoots with Locke. Big AL[31], king of the environment [and peace], in cahoots with Maurice STRONG. BL + AG = BLAG, which is British slang for speaking untruthfully to get something - blagging it.
'Integrating issues such as climate change into investment analysis is simply common sense'. Like Ben , Al just wants to save us from the bigger danger, which we are too little to do aught about. Ben needs to get $3.2m which links to BL-32-baal, he too knows the greater danger and only he knows how to get the Islandees to safety. John buys that for a dollar.[ Synchromystic librarian's last post is of a time-map and a TREE of LIFE , which has 10 sephira and 22 paths = 32]
Below the Panda-Taxi scene. The Panda, B&W slips in due to Panda's greater popularity in the orient. Thus the synchs transform , shapeshift to assimilate new environments. B&W animal in a chariot mimics the RiderWaite'Book of Thoth tarot designs. In Jakes post The WW3 Stargate Mega Ritual he delivers WWW. This = 23rd letter of the alphabet and 3x23=69. That was March 9 and it emerges fairly quickly via a Lost episode with a few synchitting elements, incl the Twins crossing the Zebra crossing traffic sign ahead of the Taxi. Panda = symbol of World Wildlife Fund WWF
19 came up with Kate as a mother and it = ChVH, which = Eve, Mother of all Living. On the numberplate we have 38, 2x19, and a 2nd child is born to Sun in this episode. That makes TWINS , Erin [ or Aaron] and Ji Yon.
23 + 38 = 61 which = ANY[anni, like the one who goes to get his heart weighed in The Egyptian Book of the Dead] = I, add the flirtatious 69 and we have 130 which = OYN = eye. All rather unbelievable, I agree, nevertheless, true

While Jin is alive at various times in this episode he also seems to be dead. Sun and Hurley present the baby girl to Jin. Sun says that he was right, it was a girl, but how could he have said that if he was already dead. Korean graves and tombs seem to accentuate the mound to great effect, Pillars included. The 2 actors playing Sun and Jin KWON both have the surnames KIM.

While he's alive , sometime, he races to present a PANDA to a Chinese ambassador, opening relations between China and Sun's business mogul father. He gets there jsut in time, tieing a blue-collar round the neck for a boy. We assumed him to be racing to Sun but he merely acts as errand boy for her father. The ward blooms with red+blue roses - these 2 colours appear in the grail held by the Charioteer in The Book of Thoth Chariot card, the B&W animal lends us the animals afore.

Sun garbed in B&W and showing her SUN-MOUND - see Sun Tarot card, goes into labour, and I start to wonder if this B&W business links to pregnancy/birth, the chariot a womb or womb-an, B&W, the first programme, from yin-yang to checkerboard to Yi Jing, possibilities emerging from source.
Jin's gravestone - 11/27/1974 - 9/22/2004. In its Korean vertical style the 11-9 sticks out like a sore tum. The 9 from the deathdate divides into the 27 of the birthdate, the 11 from the birth into the 22 from the death, a 32 in a roundabout way. 22 - letters in Hebrew alephbeyt, this extens to 27 when the final forms are included.30 years - LMD-Adjustment .
1974 , this was the year PKDicK met Zebra/Valis and Nixon took a tumble through the WATERGATE.
Sept 22, 2004 is the date Ozeanic Flight 815 took its tumble through a time&watergate and the date the PILOT episode aired on ABC. Perhaps the PILOT episode crashed and LOST was never aired.
On the same day the US Senate voted Mr.Porter Goss in as Director of the CIA by 77-17. These two numeros in Hebrew - OZ -goat, strength and GDY - Hebrew name for astro-sign Capricornus,[See post G'DY OZ sed PAN] So on 9/22 the Senate invoked twin goats in the form of a vote 77-17 while a fantasy jet draws in half a nation [ 3 years 11 days after 9/11] to see the latest episode with a birth-celebrating PANda beetling off in a taxi. 3/11 I slipped into the last post, Etemananki gives it as date of the swearing in of the Sov.Knights of Malta [ an island] 79th Grand Master]
22 verses hath the Hebrew alephbeyt thus the Tarot , Revelations [ featured heavily in Southland Tales] contains 22 chapters, Crowleys Book of the Law has 220 verses [ 5 x 44], and there's a 44 on the gravestone. It = DM, blood . Finally the 70 and the 90 = O and Tz together making OTz, a TREE, [ Otz ChYYM- Tree of Life]. Trees grow , branching out covering Jin's grave, perhaps he is emerging