Saturday, March 1, 2008

Spirit and Opportunity

Tod's UM , HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM got me to a thinking - Rockets + Ripper = Jack Parsons, not that he was a murderer.The Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity [SO] were made there . These are their stories..........
Behind Marvin the Martian [MM] we can see two pillars , one clipped by an 'almost Isis', that is 1SLS looked at from a distance, in a Zeppelin-shape.The other one is clipped with RED PLANET GLADIATORS. All the usual suspects are here - the Jet Propulsion Lab , famed alumni included Jack Parsons, a member of the OTO and attempted to conceive a Moonchild. Cornell sets up CORN = Horn and El, while the sea is invoked with MER. The Rocket zooms off through the middle Pillar off on its journey. Marvin as this rather faux - Roman resonates with Philip Dick's timeflash to Rome 70AD in 'Valis'.

Daffy Duck [DD]is I feel a tricky talismanic image to invoke. Considering that he can flip out and go bouncing off on one of his ill-conthidered but highly adventuroth mithonth bodes looney for any Martian adventures
It'll be Yosemite Sam for yew colonists, y'hear. Mind you, Red Planet Gladiators sounds pretty focussed on the conflict thing though it has redeeming initials RPG - Role Playing Game , but then there's Rocket - propelled grenade.
2 Original States [OS] have been destriped from the flag green-costumed Daffy carries.


Just Me said...

Interesting, the Roman reference. Did you notice today's news about a black high school footbal star who was gunned down? See here:,2933,334790,00.html for his photo. He was number 11 and the team was the Romans.

aferrismoon said...

At present I go for the Philip K Dick , it's still 70AD, and bits of a time experiment are starting to leak.