Friday, March 21, 2008

Turn OZ the lights, I can't see a thing

In Czech 'fruit' = Ovoce while 'greens' = zeleninova, thus the Fruit and Veg shop they call Ovoce Zeleninova. For whatever reason I got the idea that the Wizard was naught more than a greengrocer grown grand. Thus the shop brings the whole realm of OZ into the mundane streetfare. Nevertheless , the last 2 letters of POTRAVINY ends with NY giving way to OZ, albeit split by VOCE. There's an APPLE in the O

The Opel Kadett , almost extinct Stateside , brings a chariot-logo fit for syncrow-pilots. hang it HipHop style on a chain, stolen from the Town Council or City Hall [ remember u r the WIZARD], have a special power or two lieing latent within, and Pazax Kamoona Tutu Bilan, the Whirrled is your Ozter, OK

The rotating N to Z turns New into ZOO, aplace where one may photograph Zebras, fall in love with Zoe, the Parisien grey-bangled Cockatoo, perhaps even contemplate the Zodiac at the special genetic Zoo where goat-fish and centaurs roam. NY has already dialled forward a letter to OZ and that inculcates itself into the swop from NEW [ NOO] to ZOO, a description New York's nightlife in the '70s by a rapper - ALI.
Note there are no TwinTowers in the skyline indicating that it has officially turned into OZ and merely awaits the Freem Tower


Anonymous said...

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Vapo said...

Nice post Moon ~ The lights must have gone out as I see nothing :)-.. maybe it was due to a hole in the OZ-one

Have a great day!

aferrismoon said...

Quite strange , went off today , in the process of reuploading