Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Laughs Last

Somebody knocked its top off

' Can u move a little to the left'
' Sure Jared'

'ISTANBUL (AFP) – Famous Turkish singer Ibrahim Tatlises, popular across the Middle East, was clinging to life Monday after being shot in the head in Istanbul, media reported.'


Friday brought news of Jared Loughner and the status of charges against him.
"The indictment charged Loughner in the murders of U.S. District Judge John Roll and Giffords aide Gabe Zimmerman, and with causing the deaths of four others who were not federal employees, including a 9-year-old girl.
Loughner also was charged with causing the death of a participant at a federally provided activity; injuring a participant at a federally provided activity; and using a gun in a crime of violence.
Loughner had pleaded not guilty to earlier federal charges of trying to assassinate Giffords and kill two of her aides."

Apparently 'federal' means he can be sentenced to death. Thus his 'not guilty' plea is more likely to get him sentenced to death than had he pled 'guilty'. [ I think that's how it goes]

Gabby lives, Gabe dies.

2405 people [ in the US] have died between the Tucson shootings and March 14th.

Recent photos of Loughner don't look so much like Glen Beck any more [ right-wing pundit : ) ], his and Loughner's apparent similarities served merely to push the 'right-wing lunatic' agenda, the eventual purpose of which is to belittle all independent research as essentially the ramblings of would-be killers, 'spiracy theorists, whistleblowers, nearly anything but the bilious one-dimensional garbage that passes for modern discourse, debate, intellect, reportage, causes belli, etc etc. One wonders if they 'shopped Loughners photo, distorting it enough to fit in with Beck's features, but that would imply the eVent had been organized.

The pic of Beck is not Beck but Loughner's face superimposed. Its similar to the way the MSM reports, superimposing their agenda on top of news events

The most obvious disparity between Jan 10 when the 1st foto appeared and the 2nd one on Feb 22nd is his neck. His neck, in the Jan 10 foto , on his left, seems to go from jaw to shoulder at an angle that doesn't match his neck in the lower foto. There seems to be an extra 'size' to the first foto.

Some discrepancy over his eye-colour was made when the first foto came out - internetters claimed he had blue eyes in an old foto while in the first 'arrest' foto they look brown. Now in the second 'arrest' foto they revert to blue once more.

The lighting is stark , contrasts marked, compared with the softer lighting in the second. I'm inclined to think the 'neck' in foto1 has been manipulated, check where it connects to the body / t-shirt collar.

It seems that his nose has changed shape some time between the taking of these photos.

Different ears? Lighting makes such a difference

Has a mark on his forehead, on the right.
Still smiling!! Still shaving his eyebrows - still has access to a razor?
Again it appears to be his mugshot but there's no height markings.

the mugshot above and the same one below - 1 is longer , the other rounder

"Gabriella Carillo said he had "caused a lot of trouble" in all his classes except for music. "If he tried, he would probably be at the top of our class. But he kind of just wasted his life. There are some guys who are just angry. I never really saw a smile on his face at all," she told AP."

' Jared'
'Yes Boss' [still smiling]
'I just don't think you're taking this seriously. You killed 6 people?'
' Not guilty '
' Not guilty, there's twenty witnesses saw you do it'
' 2nd shooter?'
' There was no 2nd shooter!'
' He was undercover!'
' Undercover?'
'I had to cover for him , so he could get away, that's why the cops took so long to arrive.'
' Do you know his name?'
' Ray Davies' [ now giggling uncontrollably]
'RAY FUCKIN' DAVIES??!!, who's been arrested in Pakistan?!'
'Or the guy from the Kinks' [ on floor writhing in laughter]


Those who have had contact with him have said that he went a bit 'crazy' over a year or so.
"..fellow student Lynda Sorenson described Mr Loughner as a "mentally unstable person" who could be "one of those whose picture you see on the news after he has come into class with an automatic weapon".
Jared's last name has been spelt 'Laughner' on occasion, some have pronounced it that way. In nearly all his photos he smiles, most notably after arrest. Another Gabby , Gabriella carillo says she 'never really saw a smile on his face at all'.
In the Bible Yitzhaq is about to be sacrificed by Abraham when the tribal deity steps in delivering a ram in the final act. The root of Yitzhaq YTzChQ is TzChQ - ' laugh'. Does Jared think that he elude sacrifice?
RAID AVIS [ Rent-a-car[nage]

She said that she sat close to the door when he entered as Mr Loughner "scares the living crap out of me."
"In October , he was asked to provide "a mental-health clearance" to show that he would not be a danger to himself or others if he returned to college."
Around which time he seemingly became or chose to become ostracized and in November trundled off to a sports store and bought a Glock 19 9 semi-automatic pistol.
In the photo from the Book-Fair Loughner stands upright, in a strong though not aggressive stance . He competently holds the crossword board, and open body, smile , all making for a well-composed photo. It seems unlikely 'a loner' would sign up for what I assume is voluntary work. It does key in with his manifesto promoting grammar and good literacy

Compare this with his character in the desert whose posture and stance are deformed, corrupted while he conceals his appearance with a mask, hood and black bin-liners covering his legs.
"..both are martial stances, hers closed/away, jared’s open, an attacking stance of balance on balls of both feet, leaning slightly forward (towards her), right arm steadying the Big Board, left arm in (as you pointed out) napoleonic gesture

arm-across-chest or crossed to opposite shoulder were once common mongst amerindians, and jareds gesture has a practical application –covers solar plexus, a vulnerable spot physically and “magickally”

jared’s not looking at Ms Storrer, hes not looking at the Big Board, he’s looking right at...

US! "
From Ray in last post's comments

The Tucson Festival of Books took place on March13/14 2010, The Monday is the Ides of March when Caesar, Iulius got et tued in the Brute. Acc. to John Dee, Brut was the eponymous ancestor of the Britons, hailing from Troytown , Asia. Dee is Gabby Giffords' middle name.

This illustration from the courtroom appears to imply a form of joint ritual that invokes whatever's hovering above the Judger's head. Looks like the Babe in the Blue Egg aka Harpocrates, Notice how Jared's dark blue auric tentacle merges with his lawyer's to influence the Judge telepathically who in concert invoke the discarnate daemon, perhaps a playful dust-devil.

---- ------
by Aleister Crowley

'In the Wind of the mind arises the turbulence called I.
It breaks; down shower the barren thoughts.
All life is choked.

This desert is the Abyss wherein is the Universe.
The Stars are but thistles in that waste.
Yet this desert is but one spot accursed in a world of bliss.

Now and again Travellers cross the desert; they come from the
Great Sea, and to the Great Sea they go.
And as they go they spill water; one day they will irrigate the
desert, til it flower.

See! Five footprints of a Camel! V.V.V.V.V.'

Water is precious in the desert , blood has been spilt in copious amounts, twixt Atlantic and Pacific

March 13th, 1962 – Lyman Lemnitzer, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, delivers a proposal, called Operation Northwoods, regarding performing terrorist attacks upon Guantánamo Bay Naval Base, to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. The proposal is scrapped and President John F. Kennedy removes Lemnitzer from his position.

The killings by Thomas Watt Hamilton , allegedly a Freemason and/or protected by members of the Fraternity, killed 16 children and a teacher at Dunblane in Scotland. The Fraternity seems to have covered the Holly Grieg case very well too. If the headline below is accurate then we might imagine that fraternities keep their one good eye on the mental state of their brothers , perhaps manipulating those with more receptive psyches.

March 13th, 1913, birthdate of both William Casey and James Shelby Downard

The US has apologized for the deaths of 8 Afghan boys out collecting wood - a mix-up in communications between complex things that are bound to happen sometime , dreadfully sorry, wish we could reverse time, not really our fault, terrorists…….

She has a piece of her skull still not attached as her brain needs space as it can swell. At present she wears a helmet adorned with the Arizona flag.

Giff-words at Sun-deity School

Odd set-up, with the audience mostly behind the speaker.
A man transfigured has left his Giffords sign on the floor stood against an electronic control box. Most of the group dutifully hold them up. His hat occludes his eyes, 3 limbs replaced with robotica.He weras a HOLLISTER shirt. Some of the group smile , others seem to listen impassively.

HOLLISTER , the company -
"All of Abercrombie & Fitch Co.'s spin-off brands have an elaborate pseudo-history (including RUEHL No.925 and Gilly Hicks) to give meaning and feeling to the brand image of the Hollister concept. nal character named John M. Hollister.[9] An adventurous youth, he spent his youth practicing sports in the waters of Maine.[9] He graduated from Yale University in 1915 at the age of 21.[9] Not wanting the high-life his father established for him in Manhattan, the young man boarded a succession of steamboats, finally arriving in the Dutch East Indies by 1917.[9] There, he bought a rubber plantation from the fictitious Gregory Van Gilder, and soon came to know and love Gilder's daughter, Meta.[9
To maintain the SoCal theme, stores and merchandise are categorized within the divisions named "Dudes" (men) and "Bettys" (women)."
Mrs Giffords voted for this war and as such voted for the killing of civilians, considering its repetition, publicly acknowledged, since wars in Afghanistan and Iraq started. Mrs. Giffords , as a politician, is shrewd, tactical, informed but like many she has become detached. So detached that she may imagine that voting for war will have no reciprocal effect on her life…… and it has, come home to roost, cock-a-fucking-doodle-do, a WAKE-UP CALL. What are the effects of 10years of the cynical 'war on terror' on the psyche of the US people , the constant, low-level buzz of apprehension while at home fellow citizens tunnel into the economy ,

My arm goes all the way in!'
''Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name"


Red and Black has in times past has signaled a gateway to death. and /or initiation. here featuring on NOV 22 1963

JAN 8th 2011


"Why's it bright green?"
" For camouflage in shopping-malls, ma'am"

Perhaps war-mongerers should all receive an alarm-clock [or alarm-glock] , that wakes them each morning to the sound of proximous gunfire.
Anger is growing over civilian casualties. General Stanley McChrystal, the US commander, has warned that Nato risks “strategic defeat” by causing civilian deaths. The Independent Human Rights Commission said that more than 63 civilians had died in the past two weeks, including 27 killed when US special forces ordered an airstrike on a convoy of minibuses in the central Daikundi province. Nato recently introduced a new tactical directive to limit the use of night raids, the coalition’s chief legal adviser, Colonel Richard Gross, said. “General McChrystal realised that this was one of the areas where we had to change the way we do business, or else we would not win this war,” he said.

'business' - 'war'

"Obama and Karzai "agreed that such incidents undermine our shared efforts in fighting terrorism," the statement said."
That's because it IS terrorism.
They say that the increase in civilian deaths this year is due to the rise of insurgents. Surely some of those 'insurgents' are relatives of civilians killed indiscriminately by US terrorists [ terrorists as they kill civilians randomly, as a strategy to encourage 'Perpetual War']

None of the boys were taken to the Hermann Memorial Resurrection and Rehabilitation For Those With Insurance Not Pieces of Wood Hospital.

Mrs. Giffords may attend the launch of 'Endeavour' skippered by her husband, one of twins, Mark Kelly

In the patch of a DELTA IV rocket below we are treated to a black 'Betty' [ possibly the devil you know], above the dark side of the moon filled with letters for craters overshadowing the blue planet, itself partially eclipsing the Sun, like some garrulous skull-cap
Hebrew for 'daughter' = BTh . BN = son and BNY = 'sons' so I wonder if plural 'daughters' = BThY , but I can't find the plural only the singular and its possible there's a different rule for the feminine form. Anyhow , in my limited capacity I wondered if there were such a sect as the BThY BABALON - 'daughters of Babalon'.
the figure , red and black, bears a trident powering silhouette of the particular rocket.ritual tool. Trident as 3-pronged source of power. The Trinity bomb test, Kennedy killed at the Trinity Underpass and the WTC Twin Towers bearing trident-shaped outer cladding.


The motto: PRIMORIS GRAVIS EX OCCANUS. The most popular translation = 'First heavy out of favorable moment'. This might go with the rocket's name DELTA IV HEAVY. Perhaps better sounding may be : "Out of a favorable moment, first seriousness" , if things look like they're going well don't be emotionally swayed to go 'whoop' hoop' hurrah'. Some have claimed 'occanus' relates to the 'west' and/or 'sunset'.

Continuing with the BABYLON WORKING, Crowley's desert ritual involving homosexual sex magic. I noticed 'GRAVIS EX' could morph into GRAVI SEX [ Gravy Sex]. 'Gravy' [ as I learnt from Celtic Rebel's investigations into Hollywood Sex Magick Rituals and the Dreaming Mind, is a mixture of sperm and faeces. Technically Crowley took the anal passage, sealed at the sphincter [ SPHINX] to act as an hermetically-sealed alchemical instrument. What grew in there I have no idea, but the Golems of Glitz in Hollywood seem to have taken on the whole anal fixation philosophy as their basic underlying message, blood too, lots. Perhaps it relates back to the Tuat [ try calling someone in the UK a Tuat], the underworld of Ancient Egypt , where the Dung-Beetle carries the sun to the dawn, implying that sun worship doubles for dung-worship - as in the 'sun shines out of his/her arse.

I watched 'THERE WILL BE BLOOD' recently. The relationship between Daniel Plainview and his adopted son seemed to imply a pedophiliac relationship. At various times in the film Daniel touches and holds the boy in almost violent ways, pulling him in, holding him very close , once the boy seems to be trying to get away but is drawn back into Daniel's squidlike embrace. Due to an explosion from an oil-well the boy goes deaf which I took to be the inwardness associated with the trauma of sexual abuse. Blood-Oil-Sex - desert rituals from Shell to hell, via the Black Passage.


We're shown the darkside of the moon, its letter-filled surface similar to a brain. The Moon = Psyche acc. to some traditions and as the psyche is internal , the moon resides at the centre of the planetary system, not the sun. Jesus is not a sun-god.

"Another departure from the classical model is found in the solarized Christian hermetic tradition, which apparently wanted to put the Sun of God in the center of the hexagram. This displaces the Moon to one of the six extremities and is based on an incomplete understanding of the tradition being adopted, especially the significance of Tav."

The letter Tav is the final Hebrew character and is represented in Tarot by the image of the High Priestess who has a cross on her chest , which in Hebrew is Tav [ ThV]. Via redaction the sun has been placed at the centre of the system whereas this is the Moon's place . Many of the Golden Dawn and the Book of Thoth [ Crowley/Harris pack] have clues, whether deliberate or not, that indicate the cards are in the 'wrong' order in both packs, such as the rather blatant cross/tav on the Priestess' chest. Crowley and Harris even go so far as to illustrate the this card with a camel so that you know its a G, the 3rd character where Crowley placed the Priestess.

On the first Priestess card above reads II in roman numerals , as in this pack the card is placed in different order and acc. to a different Hebrew character. As the High Priestess wears the Tav cross it implies that this card is the last card of the Taro, and it does seem sensible to pass through the veil at the end rather than in the 2nd or 3rd place as do most other Taro packs. The camel here does not represent the character G but the idea of passing through the eye of the needle aka 'piercing the veil' as with the bow and arrows that rest , dianically, 'pon her lap.

"If we can come to give up fuzzy "archetypes" and "magickal" confabulation and instead read the symbolic and energetic relationships between the structures being described, we can see a coherent, necessary and sacred whole in the placing of the Moon (Psyche) at the center (not the periphery) of the Cube of energies, where it is formed by Tav (the last, not the third letter)"

Thus our inner has been swopped with the sun, a peripheral outer symbol, while the moon-psyche has been expelled. We see our psyche outside ourselves and 'fear' it, and trust to the external world wholly, resisting what our inner selves suggest. We can get 'locked up' for listening to the inner self, unguided by the power-structures We tend to 'seeing is believing'. The visual , external world hypnotizes us and High Priests [ celebrants] of Tele-Visualistaion entangle the viewer in their web.
Note the popsters mandatory use of the music-video to support their uuh.. compositions.

So worship of Sun-deities is the result of the dismissal of the moon from the psyche replacing it with a radiating ball of energy. Instead of turning inward for energy we look out for it and continue with the deification of humans as gods, which infers that we still live in a Pharoanic dynasty , despite the hoopla about Judaism, Xtianity and Islam, which have been co-opted and set against each other. The messages of these 3 [ as they require internal thought] dismissed for the super-star and the vague chance that we can get their autograph.

Sun-gods have a habit of dying and resurrecting and Mrs Giffords , considering the Arizona flag secured to her head, seems to fit the symbolical bill accurately. The killing off of sun-deity 'dictators lately also follows the pattern. The countries won't change they'll just get a new demigod. The Dyadic couple of Giffords and husband Kelly,. the astronaut, work together. Giffords almost dies, miraculously survives fairly intact while the ascension is taken over by hubby on the last space-shuttle flight, 101 days after the shooting. Returning to earth we get the messiah-shuffle.

"The possibility of an extra-heavy variant was indicated in a 2006 RAND Corporation study of national security launch requirements out to 2020,[16] which noted, "...only the Delta IV Heavy has the performance to lift the ten NSS launch requirements that require a heavy-lift capability... the production capacity for Delta IV, with one possible exception, can satisfy the entire projected NSS launch demand. The exception involves the requirement to increase the Delta IV Heavy lift capability to accommodate a single NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) payload. The best solution to this requirement is currently under study."

At blog ' I Understand And Wish To Continue' [ post - 'Moonageddon and Black Betty Boogie'] we are informed that the Earthquake/Tsunami that has greatly affected Japan occurred on the same day as the launch of DELTA IV HEAVY Rocket, transporting a classified payload. Armed with info that its the only rocket that could lift an NRO payload , and POSSIBLY did I took a look at the NRO patches.

Careful Joops, you'll start an earthquake.

CORN or Croppy God, the Cropsefather

From CRITICAL PATH , R.Buckminster-Fuller [ p.341]

"We now find that every human being generates a self-surrounding , ultra-ultra-ultra-high-frequency electromagnetic field - exquisitely ephemeral but exquisitely real. Each individual's field alternates between positive and negative. When an individual is feeling predominately negative mentally, the field is negative, and vice versa.
The sensitivity of the satellite-mounted, electronic, spy-sensing equipment developed by both Russia and the United States is such that satellites, dynamically space-stationed around the world, can take continual readings of the sum-total proportions of positive and negative electromagnetic field reactions of all humanity in respect to world-numbered "proposals" - to be broadcast at given times all around the world - regarding computer-discovered solutions to each and every world-human-affecting problems.

…Thus will begin the world's first tamper- and corruption-proof democracy."

Obviously the technology has not been given over to omni-humanity but is being used in the ongoing psy-op, seeing what makes us feel neg or pos. Doubtless useful for corporations and media empires who can now discern what effect the pop-stars, politicians, football results have on the individual and group-mind.

The difference between the negativity over the shooting of Mrs Giffords versus the emotions [ or lack of due to media re-emphasis] of the 8 boys killed in Afghanistan. Or the earthquake-tsunami versus Deity United reaching the final with a last minute goal.

At 33 degrees North, 114 degrees West, in Quartzsite, Az one may find the final resting place of Hadji Ali, known as Hi Jolly, whom the US Army hired as a camel-driver, in an experiment using camels in the desert. After that he sometimes mined.
The camel or GML in Hebrew atop the pyramid = the capstone [ symbolically]. See post ' 33 IN CONSPIRACY AND PRAXIS'.

A pyramid Masonically regaled on 33degree , the burial in a desert of an Arabian camel-driver, the lodge must have laughed at that. In New Mexico at the Trinity site , also on 33 degrees, is the Trinity Memorial Site, which too is marked by a lone pyramid.

The pyramid of a Moslem and a pyramid for Trinity, an atomic bomb, implying Christianity both on the same degree, the Masonical 33.
This page reminds one that [ added to Oppenheimer's statement ' I am become death' or similar is that the Hindu's have a Trinity too.


A Hebrew word for 'wave' = GL and numerically = 33

"In fact, the 2011 Sendai Earthquake tsunami, although it peaked at 33 feet as it rolled inland through Japan and caused damage as far away as the Pacific Coast of the United States, might not even register as one of the five worst in history."