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Puer Aeturnus or Little Boy Lost Shows the Way Home with a Coat of Many Colours and a Torch of a 1000 Gates

In the grounds of the Pentagon another smaller pentagon-contained building - the Ground Zero Cafe. One wonders if this could/should/may have been the actual target. The rather large building we have become accustomed to , and perhaps the 'terrorists' too.
This cafe , named 'after' the TRINITY - Ground ZerO site in New MeXico, links by name and number. As a Penta it offers the number 5 while Trinity graces us with 3 making 8 when added. The 8 synchs flush with the 9/11 eVent as the forthcoming FREEDOM Tower will have an octogonal base, while the TWINS may be linked with the TRINITY nuke-test and the JFK Sun-King ritual. The Dealey Plaza lay-out synchs with the outer facade design of the Twin Towers [ see post 3 IN 2 1 DON'T G.O.], a 3 pronged-fork or stylised TREE [ cheers Michael-Gosporn].
1945 to 2001 = 56 years , which = 8x7, but then 1945 - 2012 = 67 which via Hebrew number/letters = ZYN , the Sword and the Hebrew Letter corresponding with the TWINS Tarot card.
Below the TRINITY Site base commander Captain Harold BUSH, just showing a good name goes a long way. Mounted on his footless horse HONESTY [ the plant Honesty also has the name LUNARIA], he surveys the base.

The Ground ZerO OBELISK that triples with the GZ Cafe in the Pentagon grounds and the NY/OZ TT G.Z site.

Rooseveldt's administration okayed the Pyramid + Eye design for the $-bill in 1935. Perhaps rather than trying to mind-fuck everyone by Illumalunatic methodology , they had a case of the pre-synching that burns like a wildfire around the 9/11 eVent. Rather like the comic artists whose prefigured TwinTower destruction drawings the designers of the DoLLar BiLL caught a psychic snatch of the aftermath of the TRINITY bomb.
The black bomb-blast crater seems perched atop 2 lines giving an eyeful of pyramid circa. 1945

In the pic we see 2 bomb craters, on the right the crater left from a conventional bomb, on the left the leftovers of an Atomically-inspired piece of alchemy. Somewhat resonant with the Moon and Sun eye of the Heavenly Hawk - HORUS as well as simple CHECKERBOARD or the remanants of JACHIN and BOAZ , the Masonic Twin pillars, that lead one to the altar.
This perhaps shows that the ' rich and powerful them-ites' get synched out just like any normal dude or dudette.
DENIS STILLINGS in an essay titled 'MEDITATIONS ON THE ATOM AND TIME' makes this pitch, though to do with Hermann Melvilles MOBY DICK -
" One might well expect such a mighty horror as the Bomb to create anticipatory images in fiction and mythology long before its complete physical realization" - he then quotes from a piece by ROBERT JUNGK -
" While he was reading Moby Dick it struck him that 'only a century after Hermann Melville wrote his great book our own American atomic engineers unwittingly selected almost the very spot [Eniwetock] in the broad Pacific.....where the fictional Pequod was rammed and sunk by White Whale.....Melville has Ahab describe the whale with an image remarkably similar to the conventional symbol of the atom used by artists, " O TREBLY HOOPED AND WELDED HIP OF POWER" "

They practiced exploding plutonium in this massive casing called JUMBO. We see it parked at the POPE SIDINGS prior to it slow journey to TRINITY. Its supported by a special trailer with 64 wheels, and a BECKETT HITCH , a knot, coupled it to the vehicle pulling it.
Beckett resonates with Thomas a'Beckett [ assassinated by Knights loyal to Henry II] and also , for James Shelby Downard rsonates as a possible KING-KILL. Becket was Archbishop of Canterbury and came to earth in 1118, same year the Templars founded. He got offed in 1170 by Knights though I know not if they were Templar - perhaps just medieval gangsters

At 5.29.45, JULY 16 , 1945 . The Great Fire God appears. Some have linked it to Yahweh and not inaccurately.
Using the Hebrew letter/numbers -
19 = ChVH [ Eve] while 45 = ADM [ Adam] , so a marriage or divorce of sorts.
45 - 19 = 26 , the general enumeration for YHVH , or Yahweh. YHVH and ChVH have a very close relationship. Thus the 2 parts of the date , the 19 and 45 , reveal Yahweh through a form of Subtraction, forming a dynamic TRINITY.
July - 7 + 16 = 23 , thus , despite all the hullaballoo , emerges ChYH - translated as 'living' [ among other words]
The 23 reiterates with ADM 45 in the exact moment of awakening as 529 = 23x23 , guess that's why they needed accurate stopwatches.
From Stillings essay relating to the desolation of aftermath as found in the bible '...cities that are laid waste shall be desolate 40 years' [ Ezekial 29:9] expresses the 'greening' sentiment -
" Similar imagery appeared in the aftermath of Hiroshima , the bombed-out area was not expected to be habitable for many years. This turned out not to be true. Furthermore , the ground and the seeds in it were stimulated in such a way by the Bomb that an uncannily lush growth of every sort of plant occurred there within a few weeks"
The family imagery increases when we note that the bomb dropped on Hiroshima had the name LITTLE BOY, while the plane that dropped it carried the name ENOLA GAY, the name of the pilot's mother.
Below we see 'OPIE' OPPENHEIMER , brother-in-law of the bomb by all accounts. This pic has him and GEN.LESLIE GROVES showing reporters the site on SEPT.11th 1945. LG = 33 and may stand for LOOKING GLASS.

Here we see the start of the JORNADA DEL MUERTO - KERN PLACE, near CRAZY KAT Mtn. It was built by Mason Peter KERN who insisted on employing only TOLTECS to build the damn thing. Peter KERN , while at a Mason's Retirement home, was taking his usual walk along nearby railway tracks when a silent train approached , running him down, a decapitating him.
He meant the gate to represent 'The Gate with a Thousand Doors' or the Gate Of Death.
The Trinity site is in the area called Jornada del Muerto.

While browsing the wild world of GATES I came across this beauty/thing of horror. The star on the insert has appeared on blogs lately.

GATES now form themselves into one of the bringers of computers thus internet to a larger population[ but by no means anything like 40% , wild guess, but not everyone has a computer or a screen]. The Gate of 1000 Doors , now dismantled, has exploded into the super-highway of psychic interface.
'Batter my heart , three person'd God; for , you
As yet but knocke, breathe, shine, and seek to mend,
That I may rise , and stand, o'erthrow mee, and bend
Your force, to breake, blowe, burn and make me new.'

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Screen's the Machine

WaoWahWaoowaowaowao Waouu Wau, the welectronic intro'outro to Doctor WHO, the longest-running TV Stargate show - for those who don't know , the prog initiated weekly Time Travel for UK Cits while the US mourned the death of JFK , on NOVEMBER 23 , 1963 , and awaited the death of Lee Harvey Oswald. The date = the generally accepted transition of SCORPIO to SAGITTARIUS.
The theme tune [ devised by DELIA DERBYSHIRE, who manually spliced the tune together from tape-recordings at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop] has an element of the sinister, unknown, new technology, journeys, and with the visuals wouldn't be out of place in some 'imagined' MindKontrol Museum.
This episode called MIDNIGHT involves an entity , invisible, entering into a body and then repeating what everyone says, thus developing its mind, allowing it to jump into the body it considers most intelligent. It takes 'your' voice.
This pic comes near the end, disaster averted, everybody recovering from 'thought infection'. The main glyph = The ORANGE CROSS.

All the 'players' became their very paranoid and security conscious, looking at solutions as just ways to get them - thus panic informed, clarity got u ganged-up on.
One family on board were the CANE family wormholing in Jerico CAIN from Southland Tales, who also has his mind 'changed' and appears in a Stargate rezzing-film. Though the CANE family travel on a 'normal' Space Cruise the trip leads to MIDNIGHT , a resort where time has virtually stopped due to some 'rays', whatever. 3 Canes - Mum,Dad and Son, a mundane Trinity.

The outro begins with this month's colour device PURPLE , then deferring to ORANGE at the close. As an aside the DUTCH [ Orange] got soundly beaten by the Russians, and perhaps many synchers may feel a tad jaded with all the Orange-phoenix stuff going on. Worry not, this was a no-lose situation, the manager of RUSSIA = GUS HIDDINCK, a Nederlander. Doubtless the Orange NRG will get transferred to Gus and the RUS will continue their run.
The match to watch looks like GERMANY .v. TURKEY , which 'may' prove explosive on the streets considering the large Turkish population in Germany. These 2 fought in WW1 together. Also the matches start later now so people will drink more thus upping the incidence of alc-related behaviour, lessening the mind's ability to not get wound up, increasing the ability to move in mob-berserker rage. The police will be there so everything should pass off just fine.

Here the human pillars , black and white, one containing the 'entity' jump out to their 'death'. The left-hand lady/path has the 'entity' in her mind , the stewardess decides sacrifice as the only course of action.

One of the most famous catchphrases comes not from comedy but the news services - 'suspectedtobeamemberofAlQaeda', or something like that. I watched 911 and the BBC Conspiracy and noted this incisive snippet of info. Al QAEDA = 'The DATABASE'. Suspected of being a member of the database would not be so focussed. This message went out to 'Moslem' alters. Usually they gave the alter's name first and then slipped in the codeword [ 'suspected.....Qaeda'].
Had they kept the word 'secular' perhaps a deal more agents would have been activated.
To create a Terror-cell one merely primes a few and then transmit the name of the invented organisation. I assume it covers many people on low-level hypnotism using countries or as football teams

This gives the whole TALIBAN training programme an elaborate twist - not only were they taught to fight but could be awoken later, as perhaps they have been. Also the numbers 'trained' and still trained to defend certain principles runs into a few thousands, not counting the children of these groups who will be 'naturally' altered as part of the fight for FREEDOM or FREEM as GWB often blurts [ Thanks Steve Bell]

" Hal, we want a stargate in every home by the time I count to 3 , 1...2...3!"
The SCREEN acts as the twinning agent, what's behind, or on the otherside [ sides don't actully eXist, so that's the 1st injection of phrasal 'control' or management]. Doubtless like the grass it'll 'be' greener, lending the idea of mental rebirth as 'someone else'. We/ I 'iDENTify' with the actor/screen agent and sink our/my teeth rite in. Often in films , news progs, the coming lines prove so obvious one can guess them before they're spoken. As well as this the whole of TV gets scripted , actors speak fluidly, almost without thinking. They 'know' their lines'parts and have synched with their alter-egos [ which isn't always their 'own' ego]. The concept of speaking fluidly, with everything 'lined up' acts as a device for people to 'copy' what actors say and the way they say it. More and more series have actors speaking to each other in very aggressive ways, spitting out orders, or just plain bitching. Due to editing and the films beginning, middle and end, the Screen-watchers adopt these principles as 'how' society communicates. Also included are buzz-words, politically-correct semi-imposed forms of expression - gangslang
Further to HIDDEN AGENDAS posts on Futurama , which shows a TEST card which TV stations broadcast when not transmitting. I went to look at the BBC Test-cards [ I was an avid viewer] , of which a few exist. This one had a subtle swastika and the black&white grid patterns link to the idea that once the TV BOX starts trance-mitting , the 'stargate' opens.

Twinning occurs with Futurama's latest film offering and the Dr.Who episode that came out around the same time.
A red-head in white , one splashed with purple, the other standing in front of a purple background.

Zoidberg , as Jewish a shellfish as Kosher rules will allow, helps the Papist-resonating Fry. He hold the 'Shepherd's [a] Crook' which explains the whole sordid religios fantasy mush promulgated by the BIG 3. The way its done does have me thinking of SLYONTOLOGY, soft voices, loving words, togetherness, unity, total control; Homogoneity, the path of the true believer.
on to more orange, and orange workman's pyramid slyly ensconced in space, where 'humans will continue to work , u know, for the future generations' Like a fucking Phoenix, except that it'll be rise again at 5 'o' clock every morning, til u retire and then u get made into a tire.
3 flags celebrate the policy of 'false flags' so loved by the Lumies

CALCULON appears - he knows about 3 of his alters, vengefully searching for his wifes lover, unbeknownst to KAL-KULON it is 4th alter, of which he knows naught
It is not enough to turn human against human , one must turn the human against itself ; it's easier
He's Head of the League of Robots and we hear his dulcet tones initiating Bender, whose attention has been captured by the flickering candlelight

All the humes [ and not the Bots] decide that problems on Earth have grown to decadent, soulless proportions and at once become entranced with the heavenly ladders that have been fed into them from birth, or just before. This 'solution' has often been used as a promise of a better life - run away to Paradise.......which = crazy as we never can.
SNAKES [ Tentacles] and LADDERS = a long-time children's game - the Snakes = The evil serpent APEP from the Egyptian Hell while the Ladders = the path to the Gods

Ladders took the Gods of Egypt to heaven, Osiris' glyph has him seated at the top of a staircase, Jacob's Ladder = the MKUltra synch, and escalators in Malls takes us through the various levels of Con-sumer Heaven [ if of course you have CREDIT, generally not available to ROBOTS]
Punching through for the greater good we see Bender sacrifice his kid, body & soul, to the The Robot Devil. Even he is surprised at Bender's callous act, but quietly pleased no doubt. This links to the children used in Monarch programmes, disturbingly. In fact it links to all sacrificed by someone else for the common and/or greater good, at all levels.

The ORANGE TWINS get flown over the Whitehouse . The laser blast forms - iO

STANDARD ISSUE BODYBAGS - well Bodies = Bags of a sort. bags that can do many other things as well as projecting or receiving bullets - Bullets of lead rez Saturn , which controls Time

Back to the Doctor. The DAY-TRIPPERS cruise off on a Crusader Tours Ship.

Once safely in their seats the ENTERTAINMENT takes effect. Psychedelic visuals overlaying a B+W cartoon and terrible disco which all blares very loudly. Here we glimpse the cartoon 'Sex-Diva' BETTY BOOP who entrains alters with her seminal catchphrase - BOOP-OOP-A-DOOP. I think Marilyn Monroe used this in one of her more 'girlish' roles

As the JAM once sung " That's ENTER - TAINMENT"
From the documentary discussing the BBC's Conspiracy Files was a 'passenger list' from one of the 9/11 'planes. A few names wiggled ny synchro-sense.
The Twin FALKENBERGS [ Falcon Mountain], one named ZOE . Above, the name Droz [ Doctor OZ]. On the right 2 FLAGGS to imply the Twin Towers False Flag status of the attack. Below GABRIEL and GRAY together - Angels and Aliens [ do they carry hand-luggage?]
Then 4 Ks - the first KELLER, first name C-HANDLER. The next 2 resonate with all the KK stuff. KHAN = Kublai Khan, who did builded a stately pleasure dome called XANADU, and 'King Kill' Kennedy who built a stately pleasure dome called CAMELOT. All sorts of miasmic wierdness - The Wrath of Khan meets the Assassination of Kennedy
The last K = a fairly normal K2 - Karen Kincaid which also leeches forth the idea of KING KAYED, the King that has been acted upon by K

Prohibition , OStensibly to put a stop to alcohol and the ungodly behaviour it wreaked upon US society last century. This LIE was put about so that OIL Comapanies could send in their teams of UNTOUCHABLES to destroy distillerys making fuel for cars.
The US has fallen onto hard-times viz-a-viz the oil and its offshoots, all very sudden. Perhaps this position would never have occurred if we had had the chance to make our own clean fuel, but its difficult to hold the world to ransom if fuel-wells exist in every home.
Years of programming with Gangster Bootleggers versus Honest Kops played out in parallel with the OILMEN films like CAMPBELL'S KINGDOM , aka 'rugged WILDCATTERS' and Daniel Day Lewis' recent THERE WILL BE BLOOD

This quote came from the prog about the BBC [ The BEEB or AUNTY, for those who don't know].
Considering the 'deception' acted out in LOST the initials resonated J.J.ABRAMS [ wonder how long he'll serve]

Friday, June 20, 2008

3 in 2 1 don't G.O.

Which I guess = why they flew 1 into 1 twice and let the other fall of its sown accord

Within a general idea of 'Synchromysticism' the liberal sprinkling of dipples and triples. SYN - United or acting together.
Here we see Synful humans engaging in a vast unifying programme , on their way to shack up with YIVO, the 3 into 1 type deity , resonating Abrahamic Monotheism, and, as pointed out by HIDDEN AGENDAS - Futurama Beastie { part 2], that glides through the recurring symbol bombs activated in the Beast with a Billion backs by Futurama, a title with 2 too many Bees in it, talks a lot about love.
When Filip Fry as Papal [paypal] alter introduces his master he tells the audience to call it, not HIM and/or HER but SHKLIM or SHKLER which parodies the code used by the KKK who prefaced many words with KL. like KLARK KLENT [ originally ARK ENTity]
The pic below [ forgot who I nabbed the pic from] involves the Twin Towers . It shows the facade and a row of 3-fingered Trinity salutes, or stylised runes , the one I looked at says it corresponds to 'Alghiz' meaning ELK and = the sound Z

The 911 ritual criss-crosses with Kennedy 'Sun-King' assassination 38 years earlier [ 38 = 2 x 19]. Below an areial view of Dealey Plaza and the Triple Underpass, where underneath once flooded part of a river called Trinity.Thus the 'ground' of the killink gets incorporated into a future site of nefarious undertakings
This ties in [ if u like] The Creation of the Sun at the Trinity site , July 16th 1945 - The Sun King Ritual Nov 22, 1963 - The Sept 11th 2001 Oz Ritual. [ Notice the years end with 5 then 3 then 1].
July = 7th month [today] , NOVEM means 9 but takes 11th place, SEPT = 7 but takes 9th - 7-9-7 , 7-11-7, 7-11-9.
56 years cover the events and Crowley in his Book of the Law bangs on about 'her [NU] number being 6 and 50, divide, add and multiply and measure your feet in inches'

A few years after the assass the built a giant steel effigy of JohnK that actually floats and far more impervious to assassin's bullets. The USS JFK got christened by the ramaining family members. Caroline Kennedy [KK] gives her old man a smack on the bow and everyone laughs, for it is a joyous occasion. Ships are traditionally 'female' so here's 'Big John' as androgyne. The christening happened on May 27, 1967 and it went into service on Sept 7, 1968 [ a sneaky 7/7 as Sept means 7.] Fully decommissioned on Aug 1st 2007 , the spirit of 'Big John' whooshed out and via various agencies entered into Barack Obama.[ Only recently John/Barack [JB - Twin Pillars] got the full welcome treatment from AL GORE. See ELLUMINATI's post - 'Al Gore and OBAMA are brothers from another mother'.
10 days after this 'christening' RFK got shot by Sirhan Sirhan - solo assassin
The ships call sign = NJFK - November Juliet Foxtrot Kilo
As the elections goes from 3-way to 2-way 'race' what will the winners hear, shouting from the gleeful citizens -
'BRAVO , OSCAR!! ' [ as in he deserves one]
Jackie has her hair shaped like an Ezyptian lady.
' How would u like your hair Mrs. Kennedy?'
' Do it like Isis , I've gotta resurrect my husband via spell and incantations, I need to look the part!'

The Kennedy's liquified funds in the US and chunneled them to Egypt to save ABU SIMBEL. The Egyptians bunged a few goodies their way, such as the 'stepping man' below.

In the Beast with a Billion Backs we go to the wedding of Amy Wong and Kif Kroker [KK]. Kif gets accidently killed and resurrected in this movie and his KK appelation does for King Kill relating to Kennedy who also croaked. Amy , here hairstyled like Jackie above, has the wealth to step into Jackies shoes.
Acc. to James Shelby Downard, author of KING KILL 33, the assassination related to a 'greening' ritual, whence the dead king provides the seeds of regeneration.
The greeness and name Kroaker link Kif to Kermit the Frog, as frogs croak and often sport a greenskin, and they jump 'up' which animistically relates to resurrection. KIF also refers to the 'loose, dried resin glands [ TRIchromes] of cannabis which may accumulate on containers...'. It comes from a Persian word meaning 'bag' , which describes Kif kroker quite completely
Osiris , re-member , glows green

"Full immersion - classic device"
" Wait 'til u see what I've got lined up for Zap"

Monday, June 16, 2008

Advertising and the Subtle Art of Rituals - 1. Astral Projection

For whatever demented impetus that nudges me into electroskrying the 'net for intrisynchs and suggestible patterning,I remain at present fuelled, or fooled, or both to boot.
Above , the below view , from a cam-chopper, of 9/11 Ground ZerO, a few days after the eVent.
Long before the Twins were even a mote in the architects eye a man, Charles PRATT, launched ASTRAL OIL, in 1867. It became a successful brand , so popular it earned the slogan:
"The Holy Lamps of Tibet are primed with Astral Oil!" which proves somewhat synched in to the present times.
Not quite 'present' but certainly synchromystic = the slogan written on the box of Pratt's Astral Oil below:
Coat of Arms with DIEU ET MON DROIT [ God and my right].
- Used 1st by Richard Coeur de Lion in 1198 [ 119-8] meaning that he owed his royalty to no other but God and his own heredity [ The Divine Right of Kings - Dirk for short]
I wonder how omnidirectionaly-far the psychic 'shock' waves from 9/11 radiated, as far as Charles Pratt's ad executives?
The Company did have a very devastating fire at it's factory/refinery but as far as I can make out its location was Willaimsberg, next door to Standard Oil, who had their own fire in 1919. Great area for insurance scams and for clearing swathes of land for 'secret' happenings.
108 follows with 33 letters , 108 = 2x2x3x3x3, the Square messing around with Cube. 33 , as well as degrees, enumerates LG [ L=30,G=3 using Hebrew]. This stands for the company LG [ see Pseudoccultmedia's latest] while it may initial LOOKING GLASS

Well, if u check the map below, the slogan proved uncannily accurate, a mere slimmer's wink from G.0
3 blocks from heaven

Obviously it's all linked in with Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophicalites who connected strongly with the Tibetan Lama Coven, who now have their Diaspora bases everywhere, and Charles Pratt got roped in ,later selling out to Standard Oil, finally building a special HQ in Fulton Street , over years, and gallons of tax-payers , to direct the whole maddening cabal of oily , murky, occluded shadowkorps intent on wresting that which they will only ever wrestle with until, in ever-decreasing spheres they will come to a point when they finally, like the Ourobouros and the Oozalum bird, disappear up their own arse-souls.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Program numbers on some slaves are put in by touching the third eye with the index finger and speaking the number.

Bouncing off the Monarch Mind Kontrol swizzle-stick that's has realmed into my move [ see MERCURIAL TALISMAN and PSEUDOCCULTMEDIA] I decided to check out the THOTH TAROT. Many focus on Crowley as having something to do with something we know little about. He did change the order of the Major Arcana, claiming info from the 'Secret Chiefs'. His books , he has written in a way that its necessary to buy most of them to cross-reference what he has divulged; excellent marketing.
One of the fauna spiralling in on this FOOL = a butterfly, initiating , for this MK-context post, a journey into control [ Jornado de Controla].
For my part I shall compare Crowley's attributions with Sepher Yetsira attributions and imagine that 'he' has deliberately messed with the deck to keep 'alters' safely occluded [ alters = the multiple-personalities split from the subject's essential core]
His first little foray = the 'numbering' of the pack , starting with 0 - aaaaaah , disassociation. This sets up the MonKey business of having an inferred Roman Numeral called Zero. if there was a major characteristic of Roman numerals it was the explicit lack of any number Zero, as its from Arabs who introduced it [ perhaps from the Hindu] , basing the word Zero on their word for it - SIFR, which has come to mean CIPHER, which was what US citizens would call their times tables [ ' Have You learnt Your PSIPHERS yet, boy']
Then the hebrew letter A = 1, so we have the maddening flip-flop of each card =ing 2 numbers [ which with the 1st 10 provokes the scratchy interference of a badly tuned radio switching frequencies]
To get MK , via Sepher Yetsira, The Hanged Man does for M [ Card and Hebrew letter 13] while the Sun provides K [ Card and Heb.letter 11]

The alter descends into this realm of 'sacrifice', placed in a grid/cage with awful beasts as Snakes, to arise 'twinned' or SPLIT.
Note the predominance of green in the card resonating with Dr.GREEN
All programmes have been hidden deep within and the alter gains its wings. As The Sun card = K and K [ the letter, not the order] = 20. This puts it with B-2 and R - 200, and expresses the idea of CONTAINMENT. [ These 3 letters B and R and K have great import in this years Presidential Caterpillar Race for the WhiteHouse Chrysalis]
Suares writes this about symbology contained within the BKR trio : CONTAINMENT: Duality: Aleph enclosed: WANDS, CIRCLES, TWINS, PALMS and SOLES [ Hebrew Kaf] and SCARVES.
The Scarf in the Rider-Waite pack has been interpreted inthe Thoth Tarot with the Twins borne on Butterfly Wings. The Enclosure - the wheel of Zodiac provides. They race toward the collar around the neck of the MOUND. Twins race up, Twins fall down as they try to take and hold CAPITOL HILL.
The Tarot does not represent a device exploring the solar system, which has for its centre the SUN. The Tarot tends to exploring the psyche and thus the MOON [ not the card] takes central position. Don't put the Sun there , it's too bright and burns the visual capacity. Watch a Moth, which mixes a bright light for the reflected Moonlight

One of the major stinkpoo awfulnesses with the reordered Tarot [ a system that derives from the Hebrew letter , which probably derive from something inexpressible in our physical reality. Thus the images = derivations of the NRG within the letter. The pictures/movies have now taken on far greater resonanace than the letters, so, often, Tarot practitioners defer to the image, many leave the Hebrew letters out altogether] is corresponding 13 with DEATH.
Considering the wealth of Egyptianism running through the tarot let us turn to the legend of OSIRIS. SET rent his father OSIRIS [ possibly with a scythe, perhaps his bare hand] into 14 pieces. By Sepher Yetsira the letter N/Death card = Card No. 14, where we see the personality divided into 3.
O.T.O = Obscuring The Origins

With the HANGED MAN - Sacrifice-loss of PERSONALITY card [ at No.13] the programmer splits the mind into 2 [ mirror] - The No.11 Sun Card. Then the progger tri-splits the personality into 3 [ hierarchical]. The Left-hand card [ SUN] has no idea about the Right-hand [ DEATH], and vice versa.

Beacuse the Tarot has 22 [ or 21 + 0 if u so choose] then we have 11:11 which gives KK, linking the whole Monarch Mind-splitting shagaloom to the TWIN TOWERS collapse which 'alerted' or 'entrained' a vast swathe of alters in various degrees of hypnotism to re-act or en-act a massive reVenge prog called the GULP WAR , Gitmo Advanced Debriefing/Remodelling Centre and various mad-murder and celebrity blowouts gracing our vulgar screenwise media outlets. The Twins falling had a deep-probe effect on most of those who have had years of training in the News Media.
If one catches a match in this years EUROZ008 Football Championships one will see the symbol below at every pause in the game - I reckon a good 30 times.
It has Twin Peaks for the ALPs of Switzerland [ Federal Republic of GNOMES] and Austria/OZtria. The M shape [ check the Phoenician M] invoked the M while the 2 peaks = K x 2, giving the classic 90min - Early Evening MindKontrol programming.
It also has Dragonesque [ or monster of choice] qualities and the Earth has been placed in it SNAPPING TAIL/TALE

The Earth Football [ which gets kicked aroud a fair bit, political football] has green islands all somewhat separated from each other, but within the Dragon-Master's control. While the Red and white are the colours of both the Swiss and Oztrians the Green does not appear. Only one country has Green, White and a Red Dragon - WALES[ a word from Anglo-SaXon meaning 'foreigner or slave']. Wales = CYMRU in Welsh. Its also home to an awful lot of Pseudo-Druidica

Friday, June 13, 2008

Twin Running - Mates

No Mass Masonic Narco-Lumie political trauma psycho despotica would be complete without a severe case of twinning and/or mirror-miasmozaika, the kind of mind-shattering disassociating doowop soopa infoloopa that causes mayacryogenic zombitorpor.
Above a pic of the bodyguard assigned to Jack Kennedy on 11/22. He's trying to jump on the back of the young Democrat's bandwagon. Even Jackie's trying to help him in. He's a bit late for the bullet.
Note the sign could read HILL FOR PRESIDENT

This sweetie has apparently conceded to Barack Obama , this year's young Democrat, that she will accept his offer of Vice-Resident, hitching her skirt onto his bandwagon
The Twin effect comes together with the bodyguard's name - CLINTON HILL.[photo below]
HILLARY CLINTON has mentioned RFK, so one imagines that she might know of her 'name-twin', she could have invooked him , and sworn outright solidarity with the Prez-2-B

BO has been JFK-mantled for his youth, he may become 1st black president as JFK was the 1st Catholic. Abe Links with his Freedom from Slavery rep. HRC did well in Kentucky.
The funerary items of Tutankhamun wile their way to Dallas soon, twinning with the Kennedy's funding to save ruins at Abu Simbel. Jackie BKO received items in recognition of her contributions to the pharoahs.
James Shelby Downard writes about his uncle Thomas Norman having the name-twin Norman Thomas , who ran as Socialist candidate against Rooseveldt among others. He implied it having importance in his observations of Masonry though his writings prove quite convoluted , nevertheless only a few days later I find this twin name connexion , emerging from the tesselation

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Kross and The Krescent

Ottomans .v. Swiss Guard, a private match between the 2 major Life-saving agencies. No-one died, as u may have guessed. Some were tearful, other went X-eyed

So the hosts Switzerland go out ' losing to the Turks 1-2. Turks have a better reputation in football generally. As such the Swiss goal was scored by their striker HAKAN YAKIN, who turned down Turkish nationality for Swiss. Such a small world

What would happen if suddenly war broke out, would the stadium rush to the field of battle, or is it all for show nowadays.
Star-Krossed Lovers & the Turks Krusade

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Orangey Boom 2

Further to my last post the whole Holland-Orange-Boom thang's warped into EuroDrive.
This goal by Wesley Snejders has been hailed as the greatest Dutch goal of all time, and they have scored some real beauts.
In Fact it proved such a wondergoal that the Italians made a statement that they wouldn't complain.
Still synchromystically speaking the shot was a VOLLEY, and like a cannon-shot goes BOOM. BOOM = TREE in Dutch and the Orange Army scored 3 , or Tree if you's live aroun' Doublin'. [ see the last post for a dutch beer called ORANJEBOOM]

I do apologise for threatening your peace with the M-M from MickDonalds and Monstercard on the ad-boards, but u know the 'lumies, they'll skank off anyone's talent. McDonald's goal of the month or some other vulgar vampiric poison.
Anyhow what the freaks MOOM, a new 'spell'. Doubtless they'll [ as in they , them those]introduce MOOM as a new triffid word that people just won't be able to stop saying - MOOM , they shrieked, or perhaps bellowed - MOOM, and then they laughed, and jumped off a cliff.
Hold on! The MacD's M is an inverted B , aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
MAStercard mcdONaldS - don't eat their 3rd degree burghers!

Now the Italians need only get beat by the ROMANians and the Championship will have got off to a fine start.
Italy and France = big cheats, and cheated they're way to the last World Cup Final by crying and blubbing, spending most of the game falling over or pleading for someone's immediate death with arm's outstretched. The Portuguese at least have talent, though equally worthy cheats.
I imagine the Russians to do quite well as they've bribed every country with guaranteed oil supplies, they're only problem is that they're foot-shooters [ see Scotland], which means they're doing really well than they do something magnificently stupid [ as in Scotland beat France twice in qualifiers but lost to Georgia and thus missed out on what was a definite place, and of course the classic from 1978 - Lose to PERU , draw with IRAN , beat HOLLAND [ after going a goal down].

The greatest goal - Archie Gemmill

Why do we have these competitions - to give businessmen and politicians a focus for conversation, otherwise we'd have nothing in common and would still be marauding each other a la 15th century.

Football - serious consciousness entraining eVent, except in the US, who actually think they're watching an historical docu. They predict about 2 billion viewers over the next 3 weeks, our/their minds shrunk into a 90 minute timeslot, wound up to fuck and then let off the leash - deliriously happy, suicidal or confusingly bored
Aaaah - The Beautiful game

Archie's Jihad