Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Screen's the Machine

WaoWahWaoowaowaowao Waouu Wau, the welectronic intro'outro to Doctor WHO, the longest-running TV Stargate show - for those who don't know , the prog initiated weekly Time Travel for UK Cits while the US mourned the death of JFK , on NOVEMBER 23 , 1963 , and awaited the death of Lee Harvey Oswald. The date = the generally accepted transition of SCORPIO to SAGITTARIUS.
The theme tune [ devised by DELIA DERBYSHIRE, who manually spliced the tune together from tape-recordings at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop] has an element of the sinister, unknown, new technology, journeys, and with the visuals wouldn't be out of place in some 'imagined' MindKontrol Museum.
This episode called MIDNIGHT involves an entity , invisible, entering into a body and then repeating what everyone says, thus developing its mind, allowing it to jump into the body it considers most intelligent. It takes 'your' voice.
This pic comes near the end, disaster averted, everybody recovering from 'thought infection'. The main glyph = The ORANGE CROSS.

All the 'players' became their very paranoid and security conscious, looking at solutions as just ways to get them - thus panic informed, clarity got u ganged-up on.
One family on board were the CANE family wormholing in Jerico CAIN from Southland Tales, who also has his mind 'changed' and appears in a Stargate rezzing-film. Though the CANE family travel on a 'normal' Space Cruise the trip leads to MIDNIGHT , a resort where time has virtually stopped due to some 'rays', whatever. 3 Canes - Mum,Dad and Son, a mundane Trinity.

The outro begins with this month's colour device PURPLE , then deferring to ORANGE at the close. As an aside the DUTCH [ Orange] got soundly beaten by the Russians, and perhaps many synchers may feel a tad jaded with all the Orange-phoenix stuff going on. Worry not, this was a no-lose situation, the manager of RUSSIA = GUS HIDDINCK, a Nederlander. Doubtless the Orange NRG will get transferred to Gus and the RUS will continue their run.
The match to watch looks like GERMANY .v. TURKEY , which 'may' prove explosive on the streets considering the large Turkish population in Germany. These 2 fought in WW1 together. Also the matches start later now so people will drink more thus upping the incidence of alc-related behaviour, lessening the mind's ability to not get wound up, increasing the ability to move in mob-berserker rage. The police will be there so everything should pass off just fine.

Here the human pillars , black and white, one containing the 'entity' jump out to their 'death'. The left-hand lady/path has the 'entity' in her mind , the stewardess decides sacrifice as the only course of action.

One of the most famous catchphrases comes not from comedy but the news services - 'suspectedtobeamemberofAlQaeda', or something like that. I watched 911 and the BBC Conspiracy and noted this incisive snippet of info. Al QAEDA = 'The DATABASE'. Suspected of being a member of the database would not be so focussed. This message went out to 'Moslem' alters. Usually they gave the alter's name first and then slipped in the codeword [ 'suspected.....Qaeda'].
Had they kept the word 'secular' perhaps a deal more agents would have been activated.
To create a Terror-cell one merely primes a few and then transmit the name of the invented organisation. I assume it covers many people on low-level hypnotism using countries or as football teams

This gives the whole TALIBAN training programme an elaborate twist - not only were they taught to fight but could be awoken later, as perhaps they have been. Also the numbers 'trained' and still trained to defend certain principles runs into a few thousands, not counting the children of these groups who will be 'naturally' altered as part of the fight for FREEDOM or FREEM as GWB often blurts [ Thanks Steve Bell]

" Hal, we want a stargate in every home by the time I count to 3 , 1...2...3!"
The SCREEN acts as the twinning agent, what's behind, or on the otherside [ sides don't actully eXist, so that's the 1st injection of phrasal 'control' or management]. Doubtless like the grass it'll 'be' greener, lending the idea of mental rebirth as 'someone else'. We/ I 'iDENTify' with the actor/screen agent and sink our/my teeth rite in. Often in films , news progs, the coming lines prove so obvious one can guess them before they're spoken. As well as this the whole of TV gets scripted , actors speak fluidly, almost without thinking. They 'know' their lines'parts and have synched with their alter-egos [ which isn't always their 'own' ego]. The concept of speaking fluidly, with everything 'lined up' acts as a device for people to 'copy' what actors say and the way they say it. More and more series have actors speaking to each other in very aggressive ways, spitting out orders, or just plain bitching. Due to editing and the films beginning, middle and end, the Screen-watchers adopt these principles as 'how' society communicates. Also included are buzz-words, politically-correct semi-imposed forms of expression - gangslang
Further to HIDDEN AGENDAS posts on Futurama , which shows a TEST card which TV stations broadcast when not transmitting. I went to look at the BBC Test-cards [ I was an avid viewer] , of which a few exist. This one had a subtle swastika and the black&white grid patterns link to the idea that once the TV BOX starts trance-mitting , the 'stargate' opens.

Twinning occurs with Futurama's latest film offering and the Dr.Who episode that came out around the same time.
A red-head in white , one splashed with purple, the other standing in front of a purple background.

Zoidberg , as Jewish a shellfish as Kosher rules will allow, helps the Papist-resonating Fry. He hold the 'Shepherd's [a] Crook' which explains the whole sordid religios fantasy mush promulgated by the BIG 3. The way its done does have me thinking of SLYONTOLOGY, soft voices, loving words, togetherness, unity, total control; Homogoneity, the path of the true believer.
on to more orange, and orange workman's pyramid slyly ensconced in space, where 'humans will continue to work , u know, for the future generations' Like a fucking Phoenix, except that it'll be rise again at 5 'o' clock every morning, til u retire and then u get made into a tire.
3 flags celebrate the policy of 'false flags' so loved by the Lumies

CALCULON appears - he knows about 3 of his alters, vengefully searching for his wifes lover, unbeknownst to KAL-KULON it is 4th alter, of which he knows naught
It is not enough to turn human against human , one must turn the human against itself ; it's easier
He's Head of the League of Robots and we hear his dulcet tones initiating Bender, whose attention has been captured by the flickering candlelight

All the humes [ and not the Bots] decide that problems on Earth have grown to decadent, soulless proportions and at once become entranced with the heavenly ladders that have been fed into them from birth, or just before. This 'solution' has often been used as a promise of a better life - run away to Paradise.......which = crazy as we never can.
SNAKES [ Tentacles] and LADDERS = a long-time children's game - the Snakes = The evil serpent APEP from the Egyptian Hell while the Ladders = the path to the Gods

Ladders took the Gods of Egypt to heaven, Osiris' glyph has him seated at the top of a staircase, Jacob's Ladder = the MKUltra synch, and escalators in Malls takes us through the various levels of Con-sumer Heaven [ if of course you have CREDIT, generally not available to ROBOTS]
Punching through for the greater good we see Bender sacrifice his kid, body & soul, to the The Robot Devil. Even he is surprised at Bender's callous act, but quietly pleased no doubt. This links to the children used in Monarch programmes, disturbingly. In fact it links to all sacrificed by someone else for the common and/or greater good, at all levels.

The ORANGE TWINS get flown over the Whitehouse . The laser blast forms - iO

STANDARD ISSUE BODYBAGS - well Bodies = Bags of a sort. bags that can do many other things as well as projecting or receiving bullets - Bullets of lead rez Saturn , which controls Time

Back to the Doctor. The DAY-TRIPPERS cruise off on a Crusader Tours Ship.

Once safely in their seats the ENTERTAINMENT takes effect. Psychedelic visuals overlaying a B+W cartoon and terrible disco which all blares very loudly. Here we glimpse the cartoon 'Sex-Diva' BETTY BOOP who entrains alters with her seminal catchphrase - BOOP-OOP-A-DOOP. I think Marilyn Monroe used this in one of her more 'girlish' roles

As the JAM once sung " That's ENTER - TAINMENT"
From the documentary discussing the BBC's Conspiracy Files was a 'passenger list' from one of the 9/11 'planes. A few names wiggled ny synchro-sense.
The Twin FALKENBERGS [ Falcon Mountain], one named ZOE . Above, the name Droz [ Doctor OZ]. On the right 2 FLAGGS to imply the Twin Towers False Flag status of the attack. Below GABRIEL and GRAY together - Angels and Aliens [ do they carry hand-luggage?]
Then 4 Ks - the first KELLER, first name C-HANDLER. The next 2 resonate with all the KK stuff. KHAN = Kublai Khan, who did builded a stately pleasure dome called XANADU, and 'King Kill' Kennedy who built a stately pleasure dome called CAMELOT. All sorts of miasmic wierdness - The Wrath of Khan meets the Assassination of Kennedy
The last K = a fairly normal K2 - Karen Kincaid which also leeches forth the idea of KING KAYED, the King that has been acted upon by K

Prohibition , OStensibly to put a stop to alcohol and the ungodly behaviour it wreaked upon US society last century. This LIE was put about so that OIL Comapanies could send in their teams of UNTOUCHABLES to destroy distillerys making fuel for cars.
The US has fallen onto hard-times viz-a-viz the oil and its offshoots, all very sudden. Perhaps this position would never have occurred if we had had the chance to make our own clean fuel, but its difficult to hold the world to ransom if fuel-wells exist in every home.
Years of programming with Gangster Bootleggers versus Honest Kops played out in parallel with the OILMEN films like CAMPBELL'S KINGDOM , aka 'rugged WILDCATTERS' and Daniel Day Lewis' recent THERE WILL BE BLOOD

This quote came from the prog about the BBC [ The BEEB or AUNTY, for those who don't know].
Considering the 'deception' acted out in LOST the initials resonated J.J.ABRAMS [ wonder how long he'll serve]


Alex Robinson said...

Interesting indeed that Turkey is doing so well & now playing against (or with?) its WWI partner - I've been thinking that those energies are still around or perhaps being 'revived'.
The 'io' laser blast synchs in with Turkey as well via the 'Bosphorus Sea'.

aferrismoon said...

Russia -Spain revives the Communists backed by the Soviets against Franco's Fascists.
Apparently Turkey have a lot of injuries and players who have collected too many 'badboy' points so that they have 8 of their 1st XI out.
Sorry don't get the 'io'-Bosphorous connexion

Michael Skaggs said...

Brilliant as always Aferris! I want to run out and start making bathtub fuel for my car now! I enjoy your different approach and outlook, which in turn creates more insight for me!

Thanks bro!

Newspaceman said...

Fantastic aferrismoon - one of the finest. Great info on the al-Q, I had no idea about that whatsoever.

On the Orange front, I note that Mugabe's opponent took refuge in the Dutch embassy.

When I saw the bus stop posters for I am legend, one in particular (with the dog in the foreground I think) seemed to say lend image - that what jumped out till I read it properly.

anyway, cheers

Alex Robinson said...

The sermon for today is taken from a Turkish Travel site:

"In mythology, Io is seduced by Zeus and changed into a milk-white heifer to protect her from the jealousy of Hera. When Hera asked Zeus for the heifer, Zeus complied and Hera employed the hundred-eyed Argus to guard Io. After Argus was slain by Hermes at the behest of Zeus, Hera tormented Io with a gadfly, driving her from land to land crossing the strait between Asia and Europe and giving its name, Bosphorus"

Sorry for being obscure

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Michael
I guess as humans we do have the ability to create for selves and in that way naturally for others, allowing each other space to grow. Contrary to many of the 'groups' in the world that seem to do away with too much creativity for a singular mind-set [ see religions , companies, and groups that once started out trying to help the world, fan-clubs, etc]
Very interesting is how what one writes transforms through others and back again.
News - the Al-Qaeda thing was a real stunner, esp. at this time when the Monarch MK stuff proves 'popular'
Then I started to think ,'Who killed Cook, Robin?'
Cheers WW. The Turks should be crossing the Bosphorous about now, they lost to the Germs in a nailbiter

Alex Robinson said...

Still rather interesting as Turkey capitulated before Germany esp with your Russia-Spain comment.