Friday, June 13, 2008

Twin Running - Mates

No Mass Masonic Narco-Lumie political trauma psycho despotica would be complete without a severe case of twinning and/or mirror-miasmozaika, the kind of mind-shattering disassociating doowop soopa infoloopa that causes mayacryogenic zombitorpor.
Above a pic of the bodyguard assigned to Jack Kennedy on 11/22. He's trying to jump on the back of the young Democrat's bandwagon. Even Jackie's trying to help him in. He's a bit late for the bullet.
Note the sign could read HILL FOR PRESIDENT

This sweetie has apparently conceded to Barack Obama , this year's young Democrat, that she will accept his offer of Vice-Resident, hitching her skirt onto his bandwagon
The Twin effect comes together with the bodyguard's name - CLINTON HILL.[photo below]
HILLARY CLINTON has mentioned RFK, so one imagines that she might know of her 'name-twin', she could have invooked him , and sworn outright solidarity with the Prez-2-B

BO has been JFK-mantled for his youth, he may become 1st black president as JFK was the 1st Catholic. Abe Links with his Freedom from Slavery rep. HRC did well in Kentucky.
The funerary items of Tutankhamun wile their way to Dallas soon, twinning with the Kennedy's funding to save ruins at Abu Simbel. Jackie BKO received items in recognition of her contributions to the pharoahs.
James Shelby Downard writes about his uncle Thomas Norman having the name-twin Norman Thomas , who ran as Socialist candidate against Rooseveldt among others. He implied it having importance in his observations of Masonry though his writings prove quite convoluted , nevertheless only a few days later I find this twin name connexion , emerging from the tesselation


Michael said...

I love how the best commentary on the American election come from the Czech Republic. :-)

aferrismoon said...

i wonder if a connexion exists , since the river BUD flows here through BUDEJOVICE where they used to make BUDWEISER but now BUDOVAR [ legal stuff].
Then there's BOHEMIA, capital Prague, most unbombed capital city in europe
I think Czechs = the largest %age of players in NHL.
SEMTEX is made here
They even have an assassinated Chicago Mayor - Anton Cermak, who was shot while in a car with FDR.
Anyhow. I'll try to keep some kinda commentary on the run-up to the Tutankhamun - Presidential elections