Saturday, November 15, 2014

EYE TIMES - aka 'Another Day On The Runway'

This year a number of 'plane crashes have garnered worldwide attention, least for those with the electronic goodies to jack-in.

Malaysian Airlines lost 1 and had another blown out of the sky.

MH370 = lost, like in the TV series, nada, nic.

MH17 = shot down over Ukraine by whomever it suits the MSM to blame.

VIRGIN GALACTIC VSS ENTERPRISE = test flight for commercial high-atmosphere tourism.

"Space is hard," Branson commented. It is now but way back in 1969 Space was easy-peasy. First-timers Neil, Buzz and Mr. Number 3, nailed the moonshot first time, no practice runs , just that old American grit, determination and a lil' bit of magic, the good kind.
Charles Lindbergh flew the Atlantic, relying on 'dead reckoning'. Prior to his flight other prospective transatlantic fliers fared less well -

LCDR Noel Davis and LT Stanton H Wooster - killed on take-off at Langley, Virginia testing their Keystone Pathfinder AMERICAN LEGION.
Keystone provides Masonic imagery while Legion implies a demonic meme, entities hovering in mid-air.

Francois Coli and Charles Nungesser disappeared on a west-bound flight.

Due to accidents and arguments two other well-funded operations failed to take-off in time to beat Lindbergh.

The flight went off from Roosevelt Field on Long Island, home to the Cold Springs Harbour Laboratory which at the time was home to the Carnegie Institution Department of Genetics [ formerly the Station for Experimental Evolution ] and on adjoining parcel of land the Eugenics Record Office.

Long Island was also home to Roy Radin, 33, a showbiz promoter who may have been murdered by people with knowledge of 'Manson II' and the Process Church of the Final Judgement, according to Maury Terry's book 'The Ultimate Evil'.

Many say that not believing the moon landing is conspiracytheoritus, nevertheless the burden of proof is on those who claim it did occur, not the other way around.

Not long after the July 20th 1969 moon-landing, on August 9th and 10th members of the Charles Manson headed FAMILY killed 7 people in the Tate-LaBianca killing. Manson hid away in the Mojave Desert at Barker's ranch before getting captured there in October of the same year.

Charles Manson reminds people of Charles August Lindbergh, father of Charles Augustus Lindbergh, as his birth name was Karl Mansson. Charles Augustus in the Spirit of St.Louis, became the first man to fly non-stop across the Atlantic in a 'plane, even though Nungesser and Coli, in their 'White Bird' had disappeared in their attempt to cross from France 2 weeks earlier.

Nungesser and Coli were flying west.

Charles Augustus' was also involved in the Crime of the Century when his child, Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr. was kidnapped and killed in a still controversial case.

Sharing initials with Lindy was Charles A. Levine , the owner of 'Columbia', a rival for the trans-atlantic flight competition. He flew with Clarence D. Chamberlin across the Atlantic, at one point landing in Eisleben while trying to reach Berlin.

Well Wiki says Eisleben , but Bill Bryson gives Cottbus, in his book 'One Summer America 1927'.

Both towns are close to Kamenz where Bruno Hauptmann was born before moving to the US. There he was found guilty of kidnapping and murdering the infant Lindbergh and was summarily executed.

Calvin Coolidge , known as 'Silent Cal' adds another CAL to the old Tom Mix. He was president when Lindy flew the plane.

Lindbergh's son's death is given as March 2nd , 1932. One of the descriptions given of the child were a ' deep dimple in center of chin '.

Charles Manson was born on November 12, 1934. His name was firstly 'Noname Maddox' , then Charles Milles Maddox and finally Charles Milles Manson, as his mother married a William Manson.

I'm not saying that Charles Manson is actually Charles Augustus Lindbergh,Jr. , only that he has 'a deep dimple in center of chin'.


Lindbergh means 'Linden tree mountain' and resonates with Lyndon Baines Johnson who, inaugurated mid-air, took over the presidency after the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, whose Dad started making it big about the time of the Lindbergh flight. JFK's death is seen as the beginning of America's journey into darkness, with Vietnam escalating and the murder-mayhem rumblings of the Laurel Canyon crew.

Lindbergh seemed to sympathise with Nazism in the 30's while Manson struck a swastika into his forehead and JFK's father Joseph Kennedy was against the US entering the war.

Winter is symbolised, sometimes, by the capturing and doubtless rape of Persephone-Kore by Hades/Dis.

The Virgin Galactica Virgin Mothership Eve [VMSEVE] sports a logo of a virgin holding a flowing cloak within which nestles a pupil. Kore , in Greek, means a 'maiden' , 'small girl' and also 'pupil', that of the eye, and also a student.

A malevolent eye and a carefree gal flirt upon the White Knight , which I believe the 'plane has been named.
The girls head is isolated from her body in a translucent space-type helmet or fishbowl. there's no condensation inside the helmet so I assume she's a living-dead doll.

The orbed gal and evil eye give a pair of eyes , the legs a smile and her hair the nose.


Ray observes, in his post 'The Virgin Is Down':

"Most of the Babalon Working, including Parson’s preparations, went down in the Mojave Desert, where earlier this month Goddess Global Elders financier and Virgin Galactic Gynophile Richard Branson unveiled (hee hee) SpaceShip Two, its astral suborbital “tourist trawler.”

. . . Branson’s Virgin Records first hit was “Tubular Bells,” theme song for The Exorcist, whose central character was an adolescent virgin girl “possessed” by evil. [Jan. 2010 -- source]

October 31 is Halloween, Samhain Eve, the descent and marriage of Kore. In the pagan/goddess rites and cycles — extant and often dominant for many millennia — the ‘crone goddess’ enters the Underworld at Samhain, to mate as Queen with the hadean ‘god’ — Mr. Whiskers, dressed in fresh red. Licking sand in the wilderness."

In the 'plane logo it appears Bubblehead the Virgin is unveiling or decloaking the malevolent eye.

Over at Newspaceman a short post considers the Children-In-Need symbol.

Unveiling the Eyepatch

" So the Eagle Has Landed, How's about that then!"

From John:

"On the subject of the Manson murders this turned up:"

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