Thursday, December 23, 2010

" For having purposed change......."

"This was never the way I planned, not my intention
I got so brave, gun in hand, lost my direction
It's not what I'm used to, just wanna try you on
I'm curious for your assassination

I killed a churl and I liked it, the taste of the cherry headshot
I killed a churl just to try it, even my boyfriend liked it
It felt so wrong, it felt so right, I mean I'm in love tonight
I killed a churl and I liked it, liked it

No, I don't even know your name , it doesn't matter
You're my experimental game , just human nature
Its not what good governments do, not how they behave
My head gets so confused, hard not to obey"

Based on the lyrics to a song promoting lesbianism to children below the age of sexual maturity..


' Ich bin eine reichsprincess'

Young males realize that becoming effeminately attractive gets rewards, helped along by the enslaved Justin Bieber who was sold into the Enterslavement Industry by his grasping mother augmented by apparent invisible fatherlessness.

The effeminate male industry acquires the most superficial of female qualities - being pretty. They are now the head-turning floozies who thrive on idolization.

Any feminine depth or intelligence are done away with by this vile, seedy industry.

These boys would baulk were they ever to have to consider menstruation and menopause which contribute to female development, as well as naturally occurring hormonal changes. MSMSociety seems unimpressed with the internal influencing the external, preferring the outer shell, thus the fashion for plastic surgery , the silver-tongued words of politicians , sub-primes dressed up as Triple A products.

Here's a boy whose mother dressed him up as DAPHNE from Scooby-Doo. The boy had expressed a wish to wear the costume but he wasn't so sure when it came to entering the party . Mommy told him not to worry about those who would laugh at him.

She wrote a post entitled MY SON IS GAY - the boy is 5, not an age I imagine that children would ponder their sexuality, sorry for old-fashionedness but perhaps just after puberty seems a little more likely. Anyhow they love to force it on the little ones these days.

Anyhow a loving Mom exhibits her 5-yr old boy on the internet, elicits a newspaper story while his pic [ like this] is splattered all over the 'net. Some individuals on this planet may find the photo interesting for less than innocent reasons.
Some controversy blew up over the article:

The lady states that :
1. My son is 5 and goes to a church preschool.
2. He has loved Scooby Doo since developing the ability and attention span to sit still long enough to watch it.
3. Halloween is a holiday and its main focus is wearing a costume.
4. My son’s school had the kids dress up, do a little parade, and then change out of costumes for the rest of the party.
5. Boo’s best friend is a little girl
6. Boo has an older sister
7. Boo spends most of his time with me.
8. I am a woman.
9. I am Boo’s mother, not you.

Judging by point 2 the lady is perhaps not Boo's mother, that title seems to have been transferred to a Ms.T.V. Screen.

' Developing the ability' to watch TV - that's an ability now. Eat your cereal with it and doubtless that'll be fucking multi-tasking.

Apart from boy there are no mentions of any males in her post.

A quick description of the Daphne character -

"She serves as the damsel in distress and would occasionally get kidnapped, tied up, gagged, and left imprisoned."

When one dresses up in a costume one is role-playing.

Makes u wonder what he sees in her.

"I hate that ‘pink’ is still called a girl color and that my baby has to be so brave if he wants to be Daphne for Halloween".
Another demented sentence , nevertheless, concerning pink she need not worry:


"In the most recent Morality War, what Hillie and Oprah and their NWO thugs desire — as with Prohibition and the War on Drugs – is to criminalize and demonize and propagandize masculinity, destroy fatherhood and male agency, fill the resultant vacuum with fempower, and reap the political and monetary rewards therefrom.  Prohibition and the Drug War empowered gangsterism of the worst kind amongst both genders, enriched the crafty and malicious, and immensely increased human suffering.  The national and international Security State loved it.  Civil liberties, like the U.S. Constitution, went mum bye bye.
Prison-construction, as we reported recently, is seen as the “salvation” for America’s economic woes, and the target isn’t middle-aged females.

The Global Gynogulag wants to cage and castrate every male on the planet, ’cause the little darlings got old and somebody, goddammit, is gonna pay.  And pay.
The KwaZulu-Natal government will soon start circumcising prisoners to reduce HIV infections among inmates, says health MEC Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo.
Wonder what nation “suggested” (and funded) that Progressive idea?  Oh and 
The private prison industry — specifically, the Corrections Corporation of America — helped Arizona state Sen. Russell Pearce draft his now-infamous illegal immigration law."

and further observations -
"Last time round The Hildebeest was busy busy busy “wiping out the scourge of sexual slavery” in Africa, sending 17 million dolluhs to the Congo for wiping.  NWO stooge the World Health Organization backs mandatory circimcision for African males, under cover of “combatting AIDS”. 
Recalling the x-treme ham-chumminess between Oprah and Obie/Michelle, in “Fragile X Syndrome: Gone From Sorrow“  disgustedly we cited this article:
Different beauty products companies have used different ingredients to make their product the best one. Now it is the turn of the human foreskin to join the list of ingredients being used in such products. Suddenly, the foreskin fibroblasts have turned into big business. . . . [F]oreskin fibroplast is now being used in SkinMedica, a new facial cream  promoted by Oprah Winfrey."

Re: The Congo scene - very influential there since the Congo crisis in 1961 is Maurice Tempelsman long-time partner and wealth augmenter of Jackie Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. Diamonds , apparently, are girl's best friend.

Hard-faced bitches in soft focus!

Launching on 1/1/11

She also founded HARPO Productions which is her name OPRAH writ backwards. We may assume that OWN may also follow this rule making the somewhat trendy NWO. Harpo brings up the name Harpocrates , the child Horus. He is represented as a child with a finger on his lips which originally was a realization of the hieroglyph for 'child' though was misinterpreted by the Greeks and Romans for 'silence', with which he is now associated. Anyhow , a big player in the Golden Dawn/OTO/Crowley Occultarama.


It's an OWN channel. Channel OWN, dear viewers! There's even a sneaky 'own' vertical.

So that men and women are equal there will have to be a name change for men . The 1st two letters from WO-man will be added to the end of MAN thus:



'I don't think I can handle
She goes channel to channel
Cold lookin' for that hero
She watch channel zero'

"h. One foreskin can cost as much as $100,000 and to buy foreskin fibroblasts offered by The Coriell Institute for $85 - click here"
What a swell way to boost a flagging, or drooping economy - Foreskin Futures.
Jews can do the 8-day foreskin, super fresh while the Moslems can pitch in at 13 years while the rest can weigh in with a wide-range variety pack that'll keep your cheeks drum-skin tight with free smile [ batteries not included].

Wrinkles are external signals indicating the state of the internal organs. Cosmetics covers this so people don't have to deal with what they're actually doing to their own bodies.

BOTAX - relates to the Bail-Out TAX that gives the banks the appearance…………

There may , in the future, be good reason to want to appear as female.



Note special Scorpion pincer hand signal. Perhaps she practiced it on Bill.

" I can squeeze 'em just by thinking about them,"
From the movie ' HILL BILL'


"Clinton said the goal of empowering women and girls is a "central tenet" of American foreign policy. "Women's equality is not just a moral issue, it's not just a humanitarian issue, it is not just a fairness issue," she said, "It is a security issue, it is a prosperity issue, and it is a peace issue.

Clinton said the status of women will be a key part of a new document the State Department is planning to release this week. Modeled on the Defense Department's review every four years of U.S. defenses, the "quadrennial diplomacy and development review" will assess American foreign policy."

Loosely translated: Comply or die.

The final snide remark:
"We need to reach out to faith leaders and community leaders to change the perception and treatment of girls, and to persuade men and boys to value their sisters and their daughters, their talents and their intrinsic worth."

So there it is men do not value their daughters - pray. Hils , what value should they put on them?

See where Hils is going with this [ put a value on the women, factor them into your budget, send them out to work in a sweat shop running up Donna Karen for the acolytes.
VALUE = Taxable income.
TALENTS = Celebrity, actress, pop-tart, babysitter for career types.
INTRINSIC WORTH = taxable income + value of internal organs, usefulness in agenda-pushing [ i.e. photogenicc , sympathy factor]

Also scroll back to 'Daphne'.

FRom the Telegraph ' Gender pay gap down to women's lifestyle choices'

"In a 12,000 word report being published next month, Dr Hakim described new government policies to promote equality are “pointless” and based on “feminist myths”.

n the report called Feminist Myths and Magic Medicine, she says: “Equal opportunities policies have succeeded in giving equal access for women to the labour market.

“People are confusing equal opportunities with equal outcomes, and there is little popular support for the kind of social engineering being demanded by feminists and legislators.”


'WikiLeaks: Angela Merkel only leader man enough to 'rule' Europe
Angela Merkel is the "undisputed" leader of the EU because no other European leader is man enough for the role, according to the leaked American cables that paint an unflattering picture of Europe.'

007 - two eyes and a saluting arm - sigilised by John Dee in his correspondence with Elizabeth-Isis-Astraea-Cynthia-Diana the 1st.
Some say that it was two eyes and a seven. It appears to be both.

Hillary has had a very cushy life , as have most of the feminist movement. As they acquire all the mod-cons of Western Society [ 80 pairs of shoes] they fail to notice that it comes at the exploitation of the 'developing' world, who, with many living in abject poverty, are targeted as victims of man-menace.

It is quite obvious that women in developed countries have a better standard of living than the men and women of developing countries yet the emphasis remains on women's needs only [ not for women's sake but for division allowing for setting up organizations which then channel into funding The idea of aiding all-humanity is not considered as there exists a theme of all men in the world have more power than all women, and somehow telepathically communicate this to each other to keep women imprisoned.

Perpetual war by any means necessary.

" MUst……exploit………..wim…….iiin!"

This has the dual effect of -
1. Demonising all men as default ruiners of all things good - creating a male-guilt complex.
2. More subtly regularly reminding women that they are powerless which needs to be rectified legally. More money for lawyers, special-interest groups which are generally front organizations for the SOciety of Dividing HUmanity [ S.O.D.- H.U.]

The guilt complex/oppressed powerlessness dynamic works much the same way as the various inter-tribal guilt - victim complexes deftly sprinkled over post-war Dimocracies.

Hillary's agenda is to use women as the reason to cull the population a la Mary Daly:
"Later in the interview, she [Daly] said, "If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males."

"For having purposed change and falsehood, you
Can have no way but falsehood to be true ?"
John Donne

Brand Katie is about wacky confusion and pay-attention-to-meism as default mindset for the 9-15 year olds growing up in a soulless, dissonant, psycho-culture that teaches its youth that the way to success is to prostitute themselves, a vehicle emptied of content[ment] and then rewired to acquire, grasp and demand constant attention , adoration and w[h]orship.
Her act expresses vacuous and spite spun as fun.

She stands here on stage at the VH1 SALUTE THE TROOPS soon to be SHOOT THE TROOPS. Don't worry there's millions more 'volunteers' waiting to sign up.

Hilary's central tenet of US foreign policy is to empower girls and women, I assume in those countries where they are not empowered, like Afghanistan and Iraq, among others. The troops being sent are perversely sent off at a concert where scantily-clad empowered women are objectified by the mostly male audience.

In Afghanistan the practice of selling young boys into pedophilia has increased. The Taliban [ aka 'terrorists'] had all but wiped this practice out. Now the Forces Of Good [ The FOG] need allies and the pedos being the enemy of the enemy are friends of the US, as are the Opium growers.

"The strategy appeared to work when an article was published in July by the Washington Post about the incident, which made little of the affair, saying it was an incident of "questionable management oversight" in which foreign DynCorp workers "hired a teenage boy to perform a tribal dance at a company farewell party".

So men get sent off after a show where females in sexy clothes and postures are cheered by men and women. Women soldiers in Iraq are reportedly very afraid of being raped. There are stories that women scared of going to the latrines at night don't drink water late in the day which has lead to 3 deaths by dehydration.

Scenario: Someone is put into a situation where they are more likely to be killed than in many other situations - WAR. Not only that a war with invisible enemies, roadside bombs, no end in sight. In the midst of this situation men and women are thrust together [ at a time in their sexual development noted for a high sexual encounter rate] so that politicians and single-issue schemers can create 'equality'.

Basic training does not make for discerning, socially aware individuals, in fact it doesn't make for individuals at all. It makes for bio-robots. The males are drilled to react off testosterone and adrenalin.

Males in war tend to see women as a symbol of home and safety, but that is of course sexist and degrading. Solution, send the women out to kill and maim. Women's role in the war-scenario has usually been as prostitutes who satisfy the needs of soldiers. War is insane, deeply traumatizing to which the soldier attempts to become ever more impervious to. Becoming impervious to horror pretty much makes one impervious to the feeling of others , which is really what u need in soldiers.

" Hey Sarge, just love your interrogation techniques"
" Aww, shucks, you've taught me so much in the short time we've been together"
They kiss and exit, stage left. The screams continue.

Women would not be there unless they were prepared to kill who they're ordered to. The Iraq and Afghan wars are noted for their high innocent civilian casualties.


Male 4298 97.5%
Female 110 2.5%

Watch out those stay-at-home Empowerers don't get you gals too equalised

With the children dead , empowerment is but a fleeting moment away.
Empower childless women !! Without the oppressive brutality of motherhood Fairuz may now get a degree in Marketing. Imprisoning her husband for terrorism will speed the process.

"Wanna protect and serve, mamarine?"

No.1 with a bullet.

She's dressed in a combat bikini flirting with three men on a stage in front of 100s of troops who , male and female, are cheering. Not a bleat from the Woman-1sters thus I assume they condone it. A wee send-off before they're fed to Molok.

'I empower Afro-americans to taste freedom through war just like Martin Luther King said. 'One day little black children and little white children will grow up and fight together for freedoms and such, an' he should know coz he was like shot by a terrorism. ; )'

The 'Gay community' now demand to be included in illegal wars as not to would of course be a hate crime [ unlike remotely blowing families to pieces].

Jimi Hendrix supposedly claimed he was gay to get out of the 101st Airborne, so perhaps this rights-for-gay-men-to-murder will shore up the possibility of gays and non-gays, who may one day wake up to the fact that the armed forces are not where they want to be, from leaving the SERVICES.

Anyhow , the underlying reasons for the gay movement now crawl out . Gay people were a handy diversion/division of omni-humanity to create nouveau-hatred , the victim society and the shrill who-screams-the-loudest-gets-the-most crowd.
Now they are guided towards death and torture [ theirs or others], though consentually , tricked into believing that they have fought for their rights and won. Most of those who fought for the repeal of 'Don't ask, don't tell' will not be joining the forces.

The most efficacious magic is when the spell-bound consents to it. Just be open, let it in, go with the flow.

Should a draft ever come about then all men and women between certain ages may be called upon to go to war. The children packed off to live with their grandparents and.or govt. research centres for child welfare.

Now you know why some things are illegal. Well-placed insiders may then create a hullaballoo about how your rights have been stolen and then exhort others to get them back.

In the upper-classes [ protected] homosexuality was not unusual. Its illegality had the benefit of blackmailing or ruining those who stepped out of line. Any lower-class [ unprotected] caught indulging were of course roundly beaten, as they would be for asking for more wages. Same with drugs , they're not illegal for those with power and influence but are so for the general population, whilst making them easily available. Easy pickings!

Imagining this oppression of homosexuals one wonders about downtrodden types such as the Kray Twins, Lord Boothboy and Tom Driberg [ not pictured].

It has never been what you are but who you know or, more accurately, what you know about who you know.

Now I see what Beyonce Knowles/Sasha Fierce is psychic-driving at:

"If y'aint goin' fer the transhumaism schism, I'm gonna blow yer fracking limbs off, one by one!!"

Another offering at the Legitimising Mass Killing benefit gig were a band called HEART.
"...when Ann Wilson joined in late 1970, the band was named Hocus Pocus.[citation needed] Mike Fisher, Roger's brother, was set to be drafted. Nancy Wilson has stated that when he did not report for duty, his home was raided, but he slipped out a rear window, escaped to Canada and became a Vietnam War draft dodger.[1]
One day in 1971, Mike crossed the border to visit family and, by chance, met Ann at a Hocus Pocus show.[5] According to Nancy, that meeting was "when she and Michael fell in love"[1] and Ann decided to follow Mike back to Canada"

'Depleted whaaaat ?'

These are some of Nancy Wilson's remarks from a 2007 interview with Believer:

"NW: Draft evasion. It was during the Vietnam War. Michael Fisher, who was the Svengali behind the band and Ann’s boyfriend, was evading. There was all kinds of drama surrounding that situation—like, when Ann came back over the border to get home for Christmas, she got the full-on third-degree interrogation and cavity search. She showed up really shaken that night, feeling like she’d been raped. The feds were all over it."

Wonder what she thinks of the legalized groping that pervades US airports at present

Sorry about this , young man"
" Don't worry , we practice it at school in case some kids are terrorists, 'cept that we strip off for better security. It's all filmed so that there's record in case anything bad happens. Our teacher says its to protect our freedoms"

I wonder for those wearing skirts if they'll use the long-handled mirrors for peering under cars. Or perhaps have them stride across vast glass floors while eagle eyes strain for suspicious bulges.

The 'Cultural Revolution'
"NW: I’m the youngest of three sisters and I grew up during the cultural revolution of the late ’60s. So I learned a lot when I was young—especially at the beginning of the Heart era, I’d say—about how to be a peacemaker and get along with others. Almost to a fault: sometimes I’d be giving all this support to people, but forgetting a little about what I needed."

Aww, shucks, she's so supportive, a peacemaker who supports the troops.

For those who have read Dave McGowan's work on Laurel Canyon will doubtless not be surprised that Ann and Nancy Wilsom were brought up in a military family, living at CAMP PENDLETON, CA.

Prior to the girls arrival the group had a couple of other names - the first being THE ARMY.

And as if to confirm Mr. McGowan and others theory on the military, music and mind-control -

"The lightning bolt came out of the heavens and struck Ann and me the first time we saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. My family was living on the marine base in Camp Pendleton, California, and we’d all gathered around the little black-and-white TV at our grandmother’s in La Jolla. Most people didn’t have color sets at home back then. There’d been so much anticipation and hype about the Beatles that it was a huge event, like the lunar landing: that was the moment Ann and I heard the call to become rock musicians. I was seven or eight at the time."

Target acquired and infected.

"Back in 1960, President Kennedy talked about the torch being passed to “a new generation.” Well, five decades later, the torch is being passed . . . to a new gender. There’s no doubt in my mind that we women will lift that torch. We will carry it. And we will light a new way forward."
Maria Shriver.

"If our loves faint, and westerwardly decline,
To me thou, falsely, thine
And I to thee mine actions shall disguise.
The morning shadows wear away,
But these grow longer all the day ;
But O ! love's day is short, if love decay.

Love is a growing, or full constant light,
And his short minute, after noon, is night."

John Donne, 'A lecture upon the shadow'

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Foot In the Door


"I Promise to tell...."

ZIPPY [ Livni?] was a character on UK children's prog RAINBOW paired with an effeminate bear BUNGLE , occasionally a pink hippo named GEORGE and various humans, most notably GEOFFREY.

Zippy , a member of the 'Rainbow' programme, which comes up in Fritz Springmeier Mind-Control research that uses the Wizard of Oz, Rainbows and personalities secret from or 'zipped up' from each other to control humans, aptly describes the present 'dreaming mind' scenario.
Bungle implies 'mistakes' which these leaks are from the security point of view. To bungle an operation.
At times Zippy would have his mouth firmly zipped shut.
Both Zippy and Bungle are puppets, well, in Bungle's case someone in a bear suit.

To say that Zippy was somewhat self-centred would be an understatement. A classic I remember:
BUNGLE - 'Lets play being on the bus.'
ZIPPY - 'I want to be the bus-driver!!'
BUNGLE[ always accommodating] - 'Ok, I'll be the bus-conductor.'
ZIPPY [ sudden realistaion he might be missing out] - 'Oh!Oh! I want to be the bus-conductor too.'

The conversation continued with Bungle trying to explain about sharing etc. Note Zippy's lack of ears.

In my cynicism I imagined that sketch has come to represent the Israel - Palestine conflict.

'I want a state called Israel'
' Alright, I'll have a state called Palestine'
' Oh!Oh! I want Palestine aswell'

Rainbow also hurls us towards OZ, the mythical place that materialised when a commentator at the time noted that , after JFKs death, that Camelot had turned into OZ.

OZ - Hebrew , 'great strength, she-goat' and = 77, while also upturning in Lee Harvey Oswald's name.

On Dec 7th another mine accident in China occured. It had an odd paragraph:
"Another 20 miners managed to escape from the mine, he said, adding it was unclear why the mine had initially reported that only 33 miners were working underground at the time of the blast."

Coal-mine with decorative Zionist paraphernalia.

I wonder if this info about the numbers reported underground should make an appearence as it seeems surplus. 26 men actually died, mine accidents nearly a daily occurence in China.

CHina - CHile
Notably 33 Chilean miners were rescued earlier this year, though this has done little to create a discussion on the safety and need of mining. Neverthless, 'terrorist' companies continue to mine , make a profit and skimp on the health and safety aspects. Don't worry about that, quick look, a lone terrorist has just exploded a bomb in Stockholm. What should we do, aaah , more security measures. As for miners, quite a lot more die than from terrorist attacks. Mining is dangerous, now stop thinking and sod off, I feel might be the Industry statement.

Via Hebrew 33 = GL, which has the meaning of 'shaft'. Intertwined with the ritual infesting the dreaming mind [ via news events] we may imagine that an underground initiation of a Masonic nature is being projected. This implies the emergence, though of who, what and when, of the initiate at some juncture. The ritual though is not an all-at-once event but a steady, almost invisible, layering, as of ring round a tree.

Reading NEWSPACEMAN's latest post 'ANGEL GUARDIANS' a co-incidence or two.

"Recent posts have considered the possibility of some type of crazy relationship between events in Scotland, music, and Assange's wikileaks, notwithstanding the Olympic / Zion / Wizard of Oz / connection"

and later -

"Stoned co-eds of every place and name glow a rich green when they tell you that if you overlay The Wizard of Oz with Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon the color sequence of TWOZ begins precisely at the moment the track Money rolls out its first cha-ching. In cinema jargon this is called a money shot. A money shot is any shot that is extra-especially aimed to impress the audience. Please recall that Floyd's Money is metered out in the very rare 7/4 time signature."

"So, it thusly follows that seated upon a square she becomes 7/4. This explains Floyd`s use of the unusual 7/4 Time signature for the track Money. $$ = ISIS = Money."

OzArk Trail Hiking Boots

The article is short and strange enough to reproduce in full.

"Police: Small human foot washes ashore in Wash.
AP – Tue Dec 14, 9:42 pm ET

TACOMA, Wash. – Authorities are seeking more information about a small human foot that washed ashore in Washington state.

Tacoma police spokesman Mark Fulghum (FULL-jum) said Tuesday the right foot was still inside a boy's size 6 "OzArk Trail" hiking boot, and likely belonged to a juvenile or small adult. He says the boots were sold in Walmart stores from 2004 to 2005.

The foot found early last week is believed to have floated in from either the Puyallup River or Puget Sound. It's the second to wash ashore in Washington state in four months.

In late August, a right foot believed to be that of a woman or child washed up on a beach in Whidbey Island, about 70 miles north of Tacoma.

Fulghum says police don't yet know if the cases are linked, or if they have any connection to cases in British Columbia, where seven feet have washed ashore in the past four years."

The title abbreviates Washington to Wash., reminding one of the phrase ' It'll come out in the wash' - which if u wish to keep a secret doesn't bode well. Thus it links to WikiLeaks , secrets and water.

An image of the Oz Ark washing into Washington, like driftwood, in plain sight though dismissed as mere flotsam. As the meta-physical OZ-ARK of the COVENANT looms on the horizon, we take it for the oncoming night.

The final sentences delivers the gruesome statement that 'seven feet have washed ashore in the past four years' linking to Newspaceman's use of a post written by Wrong Way Wizard [ of ZO?]

'Dont lose those RUBY Slippers or you'll never get back to Kansas'

The Emerald Queen Casino owned by the PUYALLUP Tribe , situated in Tacoma and Fife.

Monday, December 6, 2010


The fires whipping through the young pine forests of Israel

"The fire has so far ravaged at least 5,000 hectares (12,000 acres) of land and five million trees in the pine-covered hills known locally as "little Switzerland."

WikiLeaks has moved to big Switzerland - leaks being of a watery nature.

While humans have regularly reshaped landscapes one wonders on the efficacy of attempting to mimic a European landscape quite so far south [ I am not an expert in the specifics of relocating tree species]. Nevertheless the forestation programme would seem to negate the use of the trees in any tree-farming industry and thus would seem to be more of an image of Israel rather than provide any practical benefit, unlike the previously well-rooted olive trees, removed to denude the land of anything remotely Palestinian [ if of course trees do have nation-status].
Those Pine Trees introduced to Israel can withstand dry-soil, but its evident that this tree planting is a symbolic act, and also to cover up the previous occupiers existence. The Aleppo Pine seems to be a native of the region while those introduced are, apparently, the Stone Pine and the Calabrian Pine.

A sneaky pyramid holds the menorah aloft. The light in the middle is the Shamash light [ ShMSh - attendant or sexton.., though I think Shamash is also a word for 'sun'] which is used for light as using the Hannukah lights for light is forbidden - ?
The day before menorahs had their first candles lit for the 8-day Festival of Hannukah [ ChNVKH - 89] which celebrates the Maccabean victory against Jewish Hellenization/Assimilation.

JNF downplays criticism in midst of Israel tree scandal
by JULIE WIENER, Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Friday, July 21, 2000

"Last month's Ma'ariv article, entitled "The Great Tree Fraud," suggested that workers at the JNF's planting center in Jerusalem routinely uproot trees planted by tourists and give the same saplings to the next group of tourists to plant again.

The article also said that few of the trees survive.

Tree planting is "a good public relations program" and a "good emotional opportunity for people to link to the land of Israel," said Russell Robinson, executive vice president of the JNF's U.S. operations.

…Robinson acknowledged that fewer than half of the trees planted in Jerusalem survive, primarily because of the arid and rocky soil"

I believe the phrase 'go figure' applies here.
Tree-planting = good PR, and an 'emotional-link to Israel' aka a scam playing on Jewish/Israeli identity.

"Now, approximately 60 percent of funds raised go to Israel, said Robinson, with the remainder staying in the United States for Zionist education and development.

The JNF in the United States has increased its revenues from $21 million three years ago to $33 million this year, brought in several million-dollar donors and now has a total of 450,000 donors, up from 375,000 three years ago, according to Robinson.

In 1994, prior to the internal probe, the organization raised $26.9 million"

So if one gets rid of 4000 acres of trees, well, I guess they'll just have to be replanted.

Better late than never:
"Israel’s firefighters are desperately short on supplies. They need your help. JNF is the U.S. fundraising arm of Friends of Israel Firefighters. Your dollars will help purchase helmets, hoses, fire extinguishing chemicals and thermal cameras, among other emergency equipment. Donate now."

Obviously many have contributed to the JNF [Jewish National Fund] over the years , though their cause has been undercut by an arrogance that has concentrated on creating a military power so that Israel may defend herself. Israel is the beneficiary of the largest overseas aid from the US as well as the various post-holocaust retribution funds , notably Germany.
There are many Jewish agencies that collect money from the Diaspora.

Note also that they are the US fundraising arm of Friends of Israel Firefighters -

'The Israeli firefighters, the unsung heroes of Israel, are ranked among the best fire fighting and rescue services in the world, and are considered the number one specialists in responding to acts of terror. Today, with the increased vulnerability of the civilian population, Israel Firefighters and Rescue Services have become Israel's most vital security asset.
The Friends of Israel Firefighters (FIF) was established to meet the challenge of outfitting Israel's firefighters with the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities they need to continue performing their job of protecting and saving the lives of Israel's citizens.'
'The people of Israel are blessed with the greatest fire fighters. These dedicated young men and women put their lives in danger daily saving the country's citizens. Jewish National Fund has taken a major role in supporting the Israel Fire Fighters.'
JNF website

Note in the first para the emphasis is on the firefighters fighting 'terror'. Never miss an oppotunity to remind people that Israel always has to fight 'terror'.
Contrast the two statements from the JNF concerning the firefighters.
i) ' Israels firefighters are desperately short on supplies'
ii) 'outfitting Israel's firefighters with the state-of-the-art equipment ...'

WINDOW INTO PALESTINE - 2010 The Burning Bush.

By Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

The news about the tragic “wildfires” in Northern Palestine is a reminder of several facts:
1) the areas was forested by non-indigenous conifers after uprooting indigenous trees and destroying the terraced landscape and ethnically cleansing over 50 villages from the area that is now supposedly “forested”. Ecologically very destructive behavior done for political purposes to wipe out the ancient landscape and make the area Jewish European. Few people remained from one village but rebuilt a new village nearby and are prevented from going back to their own village which is now an Israeli “artist colony” (see)

2) Over the past few decades Israel acquired hundreds of the most advanced fighter aircrafts with no aircraft to fight wild-fires.

3) Most countries ask and receive help from their neighbors and most countries have sympathy of the world community.  Apartheid Israel by contrast is despised by most people and the only support comes from governments in the west (under Zionist pressure) or those dictators in the Arab world who believe (erroneously) that they must depend on Western support to stay in power.  Such an artificial situation cannot last.

4) Even amidst this tragedy, the racist and most right wing government of Israel refuses to admit any culpability for its failure to protect its citizens and wants to merely advance Zionism (hence the bizarre statement of Netanyahu that the tragedy will bring Turkey and Israel together!).


The Supertanker EVERGREEN , decked out in the colours of the Palestinian flag.

While this may all seem to relate to Israel much of the world seems more interested in its glamour , the importance of pop-stars and princes, who'll get the World Cup, what money-making , wealth-depleting business to get into - selling OBNOXICON products while failing to invest in humanity's intelligence.

"As the routine industrial functions
become ever more simple
and of less labor
as consolidated result
of all time harnessed
machine-tool technology
the pinch becomes more excruciating
at the machine-tool operator's
station itself -
a station and its baggage master
too easily forgotten
by man
as he dozes by
in his streamlined express
of ever more carelessly
limited stops."

MACHINE TOOLS - R, Buckminster-Fuller.

Doubtless the UK reels under the heavy snow and freezing conditions as it does most years failing to ever invest in snow-clearing equipment nationwide due to expense whilst turning a blind eye to all the working hours lost to impassable roads and cars with no winter tyres, though there is Sky Sports and The Ex Fukter.
Most of the funding , though, has probably been whisked of to Switzerland and Planet Zug.

This correlates with growing a pine forest while neglecting the fire-service that proves essential to all forestry, esp. those in this kind of climate.

Should one wish to play the hindsight game it may be noted that Israel often has forest fires.

" Taglit-Birthright Israel participants help rehabilitate JNF Forest after Major Fires

By Sharna - Posted on 13 July 2010
A burnt forest is not a pleasant sight to see, but that is exactly what greeted a Taglit-Birthright Israel: Shorashim/JNF group from the U.S. on Tuesday, July 6, when they went to work in a forest near Beit Shemesh in the Lower Judean Plain where a major forest fire broke out during the last week of June, destroying 300,000 trees in over 3,000 dunams (750 acres) of man-planted forests and natural woodlands. (Taking into account the other fires that broke out across the country nearly 1,000,000 trees have been lost to date.) The Taglit-Birthright Israel: Shorashim/JNF group was there to help begin forest rehabilitation and prune trees  lessening the chance they will catch fire in the future.  

 "Zionism is about doing – when you do something physical, you get a sense of belonging. The forest here is a pine forest, and pine trees are survivors. They grow fast, they don’t need a lot of water, they grow in rocky areas, but they also burn very easily. Over the last few weeks we've experienced some major forest fires in this region caused by negligence and arson. In my opinion, this is a form of terrorism. The work we will be doing here today will help prevent future fires from spreading to areas that are still green."

With regards to the uprooting indigenous trees it would seem that Zionism is about undoing and then doing over based purely on a sense of symbolism, the act of planting a tree that seems unnecessarily difficult and irrelevant to the landscape, because it is difficult and that therefore symbolises Zionism, which is about doing...anything so long as its doing or is that compulsive-obsessive.

"Masonic betrayal of the "common man" involves archetypes of fertility and death symbolism seemingly motivated to bring about syncretism in opposing principles in order to green Israel, rebuild the Temple of Solomon and establish a One World government."
KingKill33 - JSDownard

A bus transporting 41 prison cadets and commanders burnt to death. The fire travelled so quickly that none could escape.
They were going to aid the Palestinian prisoners trapped in Damon Prison but a tree blocked their path and the flames moving at speed left them no escape. The prisoners , many of whom perhaps are there on trumped-up charges, survived.

In Hebrew 41 = AM, 'Ma'. Crowley gives it this attribution - "The Yoni as a vampire force - sterile". A sterile form of 'Ma' , the anthill, acquisition and image, carnal and running on vengeance. Wholly inhuman! Machine proliferation of specialised humans to partake in insect-like activities - cloning in all but name.

The landscape shorn of the trees that were introduced to obliterate the past. A sterile, fruitless world in which the banks act as fire claiming any attempt at regrowth.

The entrapment of the NZ miners shifts to Israel. A gas explosion mutates into a sweeping fire.

At present 2 Druze boys, 14 & 16 have been arrested for possibly starting the blaze, though fire authorities say fires were started in other places. One Rabbi claims that Jews ignoring the Sabbath are to blame. Shaping up for something between goddamned teenage terrorism or hellspawned secular godlessness.

Blame Fire-Lad.

When I was young me and a friend burnt a 5-acre field, 500metres from the sea, playing with matches in the UK drought of 1976. Wow!, we cried as a gust carried the fire across the dry grass towards the housing estate being built in the next field.Anyhow we got to talk to Mr. Fireman. Children will play with fire, which though arson, is not an uncommon activity. It is not an act of terrorism.

The Druze often serve in the IDF so may be disliked by the Palestinians though are distinct from the Israeli Jews - so perhaps convenient firestarters.

The Artist's Colon

Sure ain't Daniel!!

Eye of Splendour - Ein Houd [OYN HVD]

Transforming the land via the artistic community - cue special art language.

" No Chaim, the Olive-press expresses the struggle of the people to find inside themselves the olive or the heart of courage that will transform this land and with it the diaspora , as Martini, will be invigorated by the olive of diacritic Zionism, in that we, we, are distinguished by our separation"

"So you are saying that the Olive press is in fact counter-revolutionary while its used for its practical purpose though as a symbol it becomes , at once, the revolutionary weight that will crush all opposition?"

" Indeed Chaim, the olive press as tool symbolises the past, an old way of living, a charicature so to speak of menial humanity, while today as an objet d'art it may be transported to NY to show the Diaspora the roots of our struggle and attract sizeable donations"

The artist's community, a source of pride in Israel, used to be Ayn Awad, a Palestinian village. The Israelis displaced them and took over their homes. The Palestinians live a few miles away , without electricity, mains water etc as they aren't recognized by Israel. The trees planted in this area hide one village from the other, the fire now opens the vista and both will see how the other lives.

The Art , as usual , combines kitsch and lack of talent to form an interesting array of dull sculptures in natural settings.

Like this childish attempt at 'doing something'!

A symbolic Fire Engine gracing the hillsides around Ein Houd, which just about sums the whole thing up.

On reflection perhaps this is the cutting-edge firefighting technology promised by the JNF.

Cupidity 1 : 0 Wisdom

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Oswald was buried at the Shannon Rose Hill Cemetary in Fort Worth. Not au fait with US city districts , it seems to be situated in the Arlington area of FW. Coincidentally the man whom he allegedly shot supposedly lies in Arlington, Virginia.

Quite a few Kennedy stories have emerged over the last few weeks - mainly focus on a couple of films, one on Kennedy with Leo DiCaprio and another about jackie, which will feature her coping while remaing glamour-ess. Clint Hill, Jackie's bodyguard on that day, also spoke up the other week claiming that Jackie was a 'secret smoker' and that JFK did not indulge in an affair with Marilyn Monroe.

Note the words 'NATE'S AUTOGRAPH' which with the idea of exhuming ritually killed LHO neatly forms SATEN AUTOGRAPH ot perhaps AUTO SATENGRAPH.[ Satan is though usually spelt with a second 'a'.
Nate is for Nate Saunder's Auctioneers who are putting the coffin under the GL-hammer.
Now the original coffin within which Lee Harvey Oswald was buried is up for auction, or 'on the block' as so many news reports gleefully announce - the vague tinge of execution seems to excite the media.

Made from pine it resurfaced with LHO's exhumation in October,1981, to ascertain whether he was in fact LHO or a double. It appears he was the former. It as damaged by water, thus its delapidated state. Osiris was set afloat in a coffin by Set in one of their internecine rifts.

Note the two safes - one black and one white, enscribed with the name CANNON [ Canon?]. If we imagine them to be the Masonic Twin Pillars we may note the light above and between them acting as the eye above the pyramid scatter-lighting its gaze over the coffin, itself historically used in initiation ceremonies. The safe-handles also make accurate egytian glyphs for stars, they even twinkle. The camera-eye observes.

The safes have coffin-like properties.

One black one
One white one
And one with a little light on...

Here Kennedy's bronze casket heaved onto AF1 at Love Field, Dallas. The bronze casket, 2 years later, RFK had buried at sea, backed by his successor, Attorney General Katzenbach. Some controversy emerged over this as some considered it evidence. Nevertheless, much in the way of 911, multiple things via multiple agencies disappeared.
Conjuring tricks, feats of impossibility, deception in plain sight prove mainstays of this investigation.

JFK was finally laid to rest in mahogany coffin in Arlington Cemetary , VA.

Egyptian deities used a ladder to clamber into heaven which this little ritual clearly mimics. The swearing-in then took place , notable for the swearing-in triune trigging Little Boy Johnson. Also notable are the initials of 3:
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Lady Bird Johnson
Jackie Lee Bouvier [ The K having been knocked a few hours earlier]

The Yahoo article has a selection of photos of Oswald's coffin yet , inexplicably, one is encouraged to search for ' wooden coffin in which JFK'. Of the 10 fotos published this text appeared on 2 or 3 . Perhaps a typo or a cropped sentence.

"In Ancient Egypt the entreaty to the dead of the type said to be performed by Isis and Nepthys was usually performed with a hawk-fertility-goddess statue present along with other funerary symbolism.

Jacqueline Kennedy was considered "fashionable, erudite, erotic and stunningly gorgeous." Mrs. Kennedy visited an exhibition of Egyptian funerary rite symbols at the National Gallery of Art where she was photographed with a depiction of the "hawk-headed divinity that was said to be named Hor-khenty-khem." Recently there was a traveling nightmare of funerary symbolism touring the country (the Tutankhamen exhibit of the National Endowment of the Humanities)."

King KIll 33 - JSDownard

Wonders never cease. [ Incidentally the false name used by Oswald to order the gun is Alek Hidell proves difficult to find an etymology for. In Hebrew there is a word ChDL which means 'to cease', but that's another story]