Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Foot In the Door


"I Promise to tell...."

ZIPPY [ Livni?] was a character on UK children's prog RAINBOW paired with an effeminate bear BUNGLE , occasionally a pink hippo named GEORGE and various humans, most notably GEOFFREY.

Zippy , a member of the 'Rainbow' programme, which comes up in Fritz Springmeier Mind-Control research that uses the Wizard of Oz, Rainbows and personalities secret from or 'zipped up' from each other to control humans, aptly describes the present 'dreaming mind' scenario.
Bungle implies 'mistakes' which these leaks are from the security point of view. To bungle an operation.
At times Zippy would have his mouth firmly zipped shut.
Both Zippy and Bungle are puppets, well, in Bungle's case someone in a bear suit.

To say that Zippy was somewhat self-centred would be an understatement. A classic I remember:
BUNGLE - 'Lets play being on the bus.'
ZIPPY - 'I want to be the bus-driver!!'
BUNGLE[ always accommodating] - 'Ok, I'll be the bus-conductor.'
ZIPPY [ sudden realistaion he might be missing out] - 'Oh!Oh! I want to be the bus-conductor too.'

The conversation continued with Bungle trying to explain about sharing etc. Note Zippy's lack of ears.

In my cynicism I imagined that sketch has come to represent the Israel - Palestine conflict.

'I want a state called Israel'
' Alright, I'll have a state called Palestine'
' Oh!Oh! I want Palestine aswell'

Rainbow also hurls us towards OZ, the mythical place that materialised when a commentator at the time noted that , after JFKs death, that Camelot had turned into OZ.

OZ - Hebrew , 'great strength, she-goat' and = 77, while also upturning in Lee Harvey Oswald's name.

On Dec 7th another mine accident in China occured. It had an odd paragraph:
"Another 20 miners managed to escape from the mine, he said, adding it was unclear why the mine had initially reported that only 33 miners were working underground at the time of the blast."

Coal-mine with decorative Zionist paraphernalia.

I wonder if this info about the numbers reported underground should make an appearence as it seeems surplus. 26 men actually died, mine accidents nearly a daily occurence in China.

CHina - CHile
Notably 33 Chilean miners were rescued earlier this year, though this has done little to create a discussion on the safety and need of mining. Neverthless, 'terrorist' companies continue to mine , make a profit and skimp on the health and safety aspects. Don't worry about that, quick look, a lone terrorist has just exploded a bomb in Stockholm. What should we do, aaah , more security measures. As for miners, quite a lot more die than from terrorist attacks. Mining is dangerous, now stop thinking and sod off, I feel might be the Industry statement.

Via Hebrew 33 = GL, which has the meaning of 'shaft'. Intertwined with the ritual infesting the dreaming mind [ via news events] we may imagine that an underground initiation of a Masonic nature is being projected. This implies the emergence, though of who, what and when, of the initiate at some juncture. The ritual though is not an all-at-once event but a steady, almost invisible, layering, as of ring round a tree.

Reading NEWSPACEMAN's latest post 'ANGEL GUARDIANS' a co-incidence or two.

"Recent posts have considered the possibility of some type of crazy relationship between events in Scotland, music, and Assange's wikileaks, notwithstanding the Olympic / Zion / Wizard of Oz / connection"

and later -

"Stoned co-eds of every place and name glow a rich green when they tell you that if you overlay The Wizard of Oz with Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon the color sequence of TWOZ begins precisely at the moment the track Money rolls out its first cha-ching. In cinema jargon this is called a money shot. A money shot is any shot that is extra-especially aimed to impress the audience. Please recall that Floyd's Money is metered out in the very rare 7/4 time signature."

"So, it thusly follows that seated upon a square she becomes 7/4. This explains Floyd`s use of the unusual 7/4 Time signature for the track Money. $$ = ISIS = Money."

OzArk Trail Hiking Boots

The article is short and strange enough to reproduce in full.

"Police: Small human foot washes ashore in Wash.
AP – Tue Dec 14, 9:42 pm ET

TACOMA, Wash. – Authorities are seeking more information about a small human foot that washed ashore in Washington state.

Tacoma police spokesman Mark Fulghum (FULL-jum) said Tuesday the right foot was still inside a boy's size 6 "OzArk Trail" hiking boot, and likely belonged to a juvenile or small adult. He says the boots were sold in Walmart stores from 2004 to 2005.

The foot found early last week is believed to have floated in from either the Puyallup River or Puget Sound. It's the second to wash ashore in Washington state in four months.

In late August, a right foot believed to be that of a woman or child washed up on a beach in Whidbey Island, about 70 miles north of Tacoma.

Fulghum says police don't yet know if the cases are linked, or if they have any connection to cases in British Columbia, where seven feet have washed ashore in the past four years."

The title abbreviates Washington to Wash., reminding one of the phrase ' It'll come out in the wash' - which if u wish to keep a secret doesn't bode well. Thus it links to WikiLeaks , secrets and water.

An image of the Oz Ark washing into Washington, like driftwood, in plain sight though dismissed as mere flotsam. As the meta-physical OZ-ARK of the COVENANT looms on the horizon, we take it for the oncoming night.

The final sentences delivers the gruesome statement that 'seven feet have washed ashore in the past four years' linking to Newspaceman's use of a post written by Wrong Way Wizard [ of ZO?]

'Dont lose those RUBY Slippers or you'll never get back to Kansas'

The Emerald Queen Casino owned by the PUYALLUP Tribe , situated in Tacoma and Fife.


Hei Hu Quan said...

AFM, the second part of your post regarding the discovery of a small foot washing ashore in Washington state, struck a chord. It seems there was/is a rash of single shod feet washing up on the shores of British Columbia and Washington state. A total of 10 feet have been found including the one you reprinted the report from. All of them have been found previous to that, shod in sneakers or running shoes and predominantly found to have come from the right leg. Some bit of madness is happening with malice and twisted diabolical purpose to say the least.

aferrismoon said...


British Columbia and Washington are very close though police-force-wise are separated by the border.

Apparently Vancouver, Canada comes up in Dave McGowans ' Sleazefest in Seattle'.

And it gets better. According to far more shocking allegations (, there is no shortage of other unsavory freight being shipped through Vancouver, including illegal drugs and weapons, and, perhaps inevitably, child pornography. According to witness statements taken from social workers, tribal elders and self-described victims, Vancouver is home to a protected network of pedophiles engaged in such pursuits as rape, torture, murder, child pornography, production of snuff films, and ethnic cleansing. Other then all that though, it seems like a great place to hold the Olympic games, especially since, as Perrin noted, “Traffickers will view the 2010 Olympics as the biggest business opportunity for them in decades.”

Why feet and predominately the right foot, have to check around and find out how feet are important in rituals , if they are.

Perhaps its some terrible scare tactic.

Doubtless the Security services, police and MSM are more concerned with ramping up the Xmas terror threat

I assume they're 'white' feet.


Alex Robinson said...

A GEM of a post.

Was introduced me to the Rainbow a few weeks ago

Hadn't contemplated the Oz /Oswald connection - but that set some play in motion

Wald = Forest
OZ writer = Frank Baum
"Baum is a German and Jewish surname meaning "tree"
Had visions of an emerald forest - but they may be because it reminds me of a current theme (again)

Lee Harvey could be read as 'Le Havre'
"The name Le Havre simply means the harbour or the port"
... the place where a foot my was ashore

Wrote about this poor boy a wee while back;
Far more sinister implications with so many dislocated feet.

The ruby/emerald linking is excellent


Anonymous said...

Satanism seems to be very big in North America.

- Aangirfan.

aferrismoon said...

The Emerald Forest is a film about a US boy brought up by Indians, not a bad film.

The red-green opposites of Ruby and Emerald.

With Os-Wald being green via WALD , well ,, he was chopped down by Jack RUBY.

A Lee also = Ley , a meadow, while the Leeward side is the side sheltered from the wind.

Thanks for links


Aang - seems to be numero uno religion. The 'feet' seem, for me, to link with some of the things about pedos in Vancouver, in Dave McGowan's "Sleazefest in Seattle"


A. Peasant said...

first off, this is priceless:

"Coal-mine with decorative Zionist

oh Ferris... i so appreciate your dry humor.

i think the feet also must be connected to the trafficking and snuff industry in vancouver. it's that whole 'no evidence' thing. they disappear the bodies in many ways. i don't know the significance of the right foot (perhaps a mockery of 'putting one's right foot forward'?). it makes for disturbing news for the people to contemplate. mind-fucking.

aferrismoon said...

Yes I agree , I think it makes people's minds go skrzzizzle.

I noticed a Peruvian tribe called the MOCHI went in for amputating feet as a punishment but as for symbolism

The Sta of Lib has her right foot raised about to step and implies Liberty on the move, so perhaps liberty has been immobilised.

Anyhow it appears that this has been going on for some time.

It's possible that they could have been stolen from mortuaries and that its, I hope, only a morbid joke. Though that they're shoed seems to deny that.


Newspaceman said...

Hiya moon, You know that Zippy was affiliated with Marmite, something to do with 30 years in 2002.


aferrismoon said...

Cheers News, missed out on that.

Marmelite? As I remember one with soldiers chanting ' My Mate Mar Mite'.

Guess its like Wikileaks , u either love it or hate it