Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Top People and Cigars

Fiddle Castro. Well I assumed so, but it is in fact Cheeky Guevara; ta for correction , Mr.Bloom.

Ciggie Freud

UN Envoy for the Development of Conflicts Deemed Necessary by Whoever Pays Her

Vice-Chairman of BBC - 2004-2006

Chairman of BBC - 1964-2011

John Nicholson

Loo Grade

Shawn Carter and Usher Raymond

All are from the Entertainment Industry

While not technically an entertainer Winston Churchill did inflict the Sign of Apophis and Typhon upon the world, gleefully picked up by the satanists of the 60s and now it has been rebranded as the Peace sign , as in Taking the Peace.

Crowley wrote "It is a notable witness to the triumph of Magick that all militant nations have adopted , wothily or not, magical symbols and gestures."

Some reading material:

[ includes extra cigar photos ]