Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Top People and Cigars

Fiddle Castro. Well I assumed so, but it is in fact Cheeky Guevara; ta for correction , Mr.Bloom.

Ciggie Freud

UN Envoy for the Development of Conflicts Deemed Necessary by Whoever Pays Her

Vice-Chairman of BBC - 2004-2006

Chairman of BBC - 1964-2011

John Nicholson

Loo Grade

Shawn Carter and Usher Raymond

All are from the Entertainment Industry

While not technically an entertainer Winston Churchill did inflict the Sign of Apophis and Typhon upon the world, gleefully picked up by the satanists of the 60s and now it has been rebranded as the Peace sign , as in Taking the Peace.

Crowley wrote "It is a notable witness to the triumph of Magick that all militant nations have adopted , wothily or not, magical symbols and gestures."

Some reading material:

[ includes extra cigar photos ]


Newspaceman said...

Where's Winston ?

Jimmy's was his "wand".


aferrismoon said...

Have winstonised the post.

Definitly it seems the cigar could be an instrument of distraction a la conjuring.


Anon said...

"Ciggie Freud" LOL

Many thanks for the link.

- Aangirfan

aferrismoon said...

Ta Aang,

He found out he was merely 'ciggie' so he overcompensated with a cigar.

Anyhow 'Top People' promote the tobacco industry


john said...

Penis and power, blowing smoke in your eyes. Jimmy Savile always gave me the creeps, could never understand why he was on TV as he had no charm or discernible talent. I think there's much more to the Savile story than we may ever know, he had so many high level connections and even described himself as an eminence gris.

The BBC is a dreadful institution. I can't understand why anyone would pay a TV license after what we have found out about it. Cheers.

aferrismoon said...

Hi John,

I also wonder about John Peel's comparatively young death.

As far as the licence fee goes it seems to me it's very difficult to get out of paying it.

But yes, a sordid institution , it seems they believe themselves 'above the law'.


Leo Bloom said...

First one is Che not Fidel. Know your Communists!

Leo Bloom said...
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aferrismoon said...

I shall attempt to memorise the names and faces of all those who purported to be Communists.

Ta Mr. Bloom