Thursday, July 3, 2014

Its OK

The post tells us that every 3 days for the past 13 years Israelis have killed a Palestinian child.
"The Talmudic mentality suffuses the Wall Street Journal where there is one standard for The Holy People and another for Palestinians. Columnist Bret Stephens (July 1, p. A11) decrees that the Palestinian people are part of "a culture that celebrates murder" and "is not fit for statehood."

Dear Mr Stephens of the New York Times, please could you print the photo above of an Israeli 'policeman' laughing over the body of a child , doubtless shot in cold blood.

The Israelis, those who practice racism with pride, and their supporters, blind-eyed, always seem to describe the Palestinians, and those who dare criticise their inhumane activities, in terms that are quite obviously descriptive of their mentality, and they know it.

Unable to admit to their manic projections they violently attack and kill men, women and children, while cowards in governments and the hate-filled media basically say 'Its ok'.


Atlantean Times said...

hey its me. hope u are well...<3

I cant stop thinking about this kinda thing recently. went back to my site after watching occult science 101s videos on youtube.

Hes laughing as its only a gollum..why get upset about a lump of inanimate clay..

if my heart were a cannon i would fire it upon them..

OC101 was banned from jewtube after exposing what a gollum is..

going to continue reading your posts now..just wanted to say hi, i still feel connected to you somehow.

I still work on my own personal understanding of all these insane lunatic saturn worshiping cunts...when i come here and read your 1st post i cant help but feel some sort of relief that there are in fact others who overstand the situation we all face..

the whore keeps coming to me in dreams afferis..she behaves like the ultimate slut then tries to explain to me that time is an illusion..she told me we can all slow time down or speed it up as we see fit..maybe she just meant that i could but i doubt that..

Life seems to me to be so fucked up these days..their total onslaught on our minds accelerates with every passing day..

/.i just cant explain how much i hate these black cube worshiping going to reopen my page for a while i think i have some things to say again..

c u around..i fear that the day that pike wrote to massini about is not too far away.

369 the goose drank wine the monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line.

The line it broke the monkey got choked and they all lived together in a little rowing boat..take 5..

aferrismoon said...

Hi Gav,

well they certainly don't think of them as human , and they just love to kill and wail that they're being picked on.

Considering their mentality I guess many israelis are afraid to speak out for fear of a stomping.

It appears the State of Israel is the Golem


Anon said...

Many thanks for the link!

- Aangirfan

john said...

Their lust for blood and the pleasure they take in killing is revolting.

aferrismoon said...

Indeed , it seems a 'pleasure' for the ones that partake.

Gilad Atzmon said something about the Zionists inability to self-reflect over their actions, and have zero empathy for anyone else whatesoever.

I see Greville Janner got off again, too ill.

Obviously been ill for quite a number of years


john said...

Maybe Philip Dick was on to something with his empathy test.

As I expect you well know, Greville Janner wasn't too ill to abuse and rape children for all those years and even though he had been reported to police and such many times in the past he was protected, it says a lot about the great and the good. Much of this stuff swirls around the royal family though the connection cannot be made of course, as much of it also swirls around Tony Blair and other former leaders. You have to be controlled and blackmailable to get on.

The god of the old testament looks like a greedy and dangerous psychopath, who would worship such a thing?

On a more positive note I discovered the work of Sir Arnold Bax today.

john said...

Sorry drifting away from the original topic there. The downing of the Malaysian plane yesterday is great timing for Israel and bumps their ground offensive right down the news. It seems that the flightpath was changed over Poland to steer it into trouble. It also appears that there has been a ban on civilian flights over Ukraine since last Tuesday. Really odd that it was a Malaysian plane too. Cheers

aferrismoon said...

Hi John

Sorry for late reply

there do seem to be a deal of things sidelined.