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Breakfast on the Island. John Locke fries a couple of eggs for imprisoned Ben and plumbs for VALIS to help it digest. Ben tells John that he's read it before, John replies to the effect that maybe he'll find something he missed if he reads it a 2nd TIME. He was quite specific about a 2nd time, when he could have said 'again' just as easily. Further along the episode Ben has relented and gets into the book. as we know another name for the VALIS in the PKD book = ZEBRA, a black&white horsey. This sloops into the the Chariot card and B-W animals found thereon. [ See post 'Z is for Zebra' at The Blob, and Todd Campbell's article on Zebra's which I can't find at Peering Through]

Here we find DAN the Scientific Man deliberating over anomalies the island has thrown up. The blue Helicopter with its Zebra tail-rotor emanates from Dan's 3rd eye and in the frame below -DEPARTURE - we get a glimpse of the effect of a spinning B+W Zebrafied Helicopter rotor blade. It transpires that those on the Chopper have not [ by the end of Episode 4] reached their destination.

Sawyer, who obviously overheard a conversation between Bill Hicks and a Waffle Waitress sit reading something that looks like Anais Nin, while Hugo/Hurley delights himself with Olivia Newton-John's XANADU. ONJ's father was one of the codebreakers at Bletchley Park, famed for its breaking of the Enigma Code, while her grandfather was MAX BORN, a nuclear physicist of some repute.ONJs image - the classic girl next door, virgin and innocent, complementing this episode's [4] investigation of the schemes of Kate Austin. In the Blob's ' Why 2K? - Part 1 - Strange things are afoot at the Circle K' reminds us that XANADU was built by KUBLAI KHAN, via the poetry of SAMMY.T. COLERIDGE.
Other luminaries emanating from Station X included Alan Turing and Ian Fleming. They had their own phonetic alphabet call signs, a few were the same, but Yankee Zulu transformed into YELLOW ZEBRA which ropes in the yellow checker CAB , strengthening the ties twixt the CheckerCHARIOTs and the B+W animals found before the Tarot card CHARIOT, the 8th design.

The Islandees find that the number to the ship no longer connects and Juliet advises him to try some other number, Why Not 9 1 1 - Jack looks at her like she's completely lost it. I add it as it seems a discontextual moment.

Most of this episode deals with KAA, Kate Ann Austin, her various means of getting what she wants, at times openly manipulative, but she seems to have gone beyond apologising for it, she is moving, through the world, through the Universe, she doesn't seem cruel or heartless or a bitch but she needs to get on.
Here while in court for her pre-crash crimes her ill mother comes to tell her that she doesn't want to testify against her, but she'd like to see her grandson. As Kate is on remand for the duration of the trial she sometimes wears a RED prison uniform, in court she wears GREY [ though I actually think the top may be a subtle purple].
On the TREE of LIFE Grey represents Hokmah , 2nd Sephira, oft-translated as WISDOM while RED = Gevurah - SEVERITY. Kate is 100% totally opposed to the idea of spending anytime in jail, she will be with her son.

So be it - The Mother releases the Daughter, Yod HEH Vau HEH and Kate walks away from the Trial, to a yellow though distinctly uncheckered cab. As she walks to it Jack SHEPHERD , a character witness, comes over. She invites him over to the house, to see the boy. Jack declines but suggests coffee sometime. Kate tells him that there'll be no coffee until he recognises the child. He still won't accept though gracefully opens the cab door for her. The Secret Sun posted RITUAL DRAMA:JOHN THE BAPTIST IN SPACE which deals with decapitation while the title links ,for me, with Jack and a Shepherd/Baptist dual current.

Here Kate's head peers over the truncated pyramid that leads into a chariot to take her through into the light [ the car-park exit]. Is she decapitated or has she ascended now to the role of Queen her mother relinquished.

Somehow Kate has become a mother though how remains the mystery. The 19 on the the baby's shirt = ChVH , which translated from the Hebrew [or Zebrew] is Eve, [ who arrives in the Bible at Gen.III, v 20, and not earlier],AM KL ChY - Mother of all Living.
Carlo Suares writes in 'Cipher of Genesis':
' From the outset, she represents in womanhood everything which, much later on, Yhshwh [known as Jesus] represents in manhood. This is evident from her letter-numbers Hhayt-Vav-Hay [ Ch-V-H], which are a projection of YHVH. If it is understood that Hheva [ Eve] embodies in her very nature the supreme archetype of womanhood, it will be seen that there is no need to deify any woman , virgin or otherwise. Hheva being a materialized counterpart of YHVH, this archetype is shown to be at the very core of life-in-existence while Eesha [ The apple-bearer] still in the womb of Eden [ still on the island], is the inexhaustible flame, always alive. Hheva is that flame in existence: the complete archetype. In fact all personages in Genesis IV are archetypes.'
The last word of this episode is ERIN whom we know to be Claire's child , by an unknown father, as she was already pregnant on reaching the island. In this epi she offers Kate to hold the baby but Kate doesn't. We know of no father , we can play with the idea that Klaire and K8 represent the archetypes Eesha and Hheva. Hheva's child came from her ' knowing the Lord', and she named it Qaheen [ Cain]

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9T7 and 7T9

This appeared on a BNOW vid-feed, possibly the latest, watch all of them again with a Spritzer and Monatomic Gold while wearing a diver's mask and a snorkel, to be sure I truth the tell.
The 25th Prime, NINE-T-7 married fair and square to the Twins. 97 = a reversible prime in that the numbers reversed - 79 = another prime. 79 = YAChYN and 79 = BOZ, or anglicised- Jachin and Boaz , the names for the pillars that the Twin Towers resonate.
The Book of the Law came into being over a 3-day period, April 8,9 & 10, 1904.

97 years , 6 moons and sol-circuit later the Book of the Door got prised ajar

Using the Hebrew spelling - AMVN = 97 we find a couple of translations accorded it - Concealed, Hidden ; Architect , Builder.
Why do comic book writers spell GOTHAM without the A ?

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Warm jets

On Friday camereyed this street event - it features Water

The curving arch that a high-pressure jet can form when orientated out from the ground

A month before I had spent the afternoon on a photo-shoot with Missy Fire, Djenie.

A big T - Tov provides the necessary resistance to shut off the jet - Hurrah

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Over the Hill?

This Sidney LUMET film came out in '65, a stern lesson in defiance , punishment, man pitted against man , who gets to programme who. Connery shows his unrestrained self, a powerful presence balanced by the offbeat take on the way by OSSIE DAVIS. They get taken to breaking point and finally Connery does, and that's it, it's all over. Everyone knows he's in the right but he can't stop himself and all they bore is snuffed by Connery's irrepressible and violent temper.

Ossie Davis acted as the 'cheeky' West Indian wh gets picked on because of his colour, though each one gets some small trait focussed on in that carefree way guards have when they display intermittent cruelty. Ossie Davis in the same year gave the eulogy at the funeral of freshly focussed on MALCOLM X.

Despite the underlying futility the story seems to embody it proves a powerful film. Its Synchs too have a power of their own, the graphic with the guys running over the hill coupled with Ossie or Ozzie, a name where DOUBLE-S definitely = Z and his capricious nature, playful according to the circumstances. The Goat metaphor of climbing , ascending the mountainous heights, climbers, though these guys have little opportunity to take in the summit, its view over barren, inescapable desert. Lumet filmed it in Libya, part of Ancient Egypt.
This HILL appears as if its Capstone-alone, the missing piece .
Here the State ridicules Man's Ascension repeating it time after time while the ridiculous sand sucks in their feet.
Connery had just come off THUNDERBALL to do this movie moving from suave to slave.
The HILL intrigues, its pyramidical qualities, but at this time , off the back of Barack Obama's autograph we have the Hill's possible signature. Get up that Hill Bill! The Capitol Hill-Mound Honey? Is that a veiled complement Bill?

The H resonates with the Twins joined while the double L shows them post-coitus [ so to sleep] and the Twins = PiLLarMids or perhaps even PHiLLarmids while its exceptionally mounded shape reminds us that perhaps certain aspects of the Island of Manhattum had devised similar lifestyles for its occup-ants - running up that hill, running up that bill
Connery played Moses Zebulon 'Shalako' Carlin in SHALAKO


Lovec [ Lo-vets] means Hunter in Czech, which traverses my mind to think of Love as an arrow through the Heart, and Arthemis , La Luna , was forever hunting willful white Stags - CERVUS ALBUS.
As Hunters genrally eat their messiahs I wondered if the blood and body, bread and wine didn't come out of Hunter culture due to the properties of fresh-blood ingestion, or eating the liver-spirit.
Well, I'm rambling, or perhaps Hiking

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Synking islands of Noyz , Lo-st One

Thanks Bee to Vapo for this late arrival - Check the Oz designs doing the rounds - OzArk, Ozzy Osbourne, Zodiac film poster.For these and more read VAPO's comment in the previous post.

As I found this after, I have to post it first despite that everything else had been written pre. This relates to the previous article as this symbol has some basis in Jimmy Page's [ Led Zepplane] Sun Sign of Capricorn. His linkistory with Albert Crowstubble, the Ultimate OZ-Magus , the goatiness, and the Tower Outage Festival unveil a glimpse of the viability of Os, Oz, flipping and the transtime origiantion of ZoSo

This foto, of a surreal sieg-heiling Liberty in Vietnamese Nail shop merely describes the high-wyrdness that oozes from our psychic skin on a daily basis in plain sight . No but seriously folks the Lib-Stat takes some licking , perhaps she just hain't been treated lady-like enough and proferrs this airport-sized hand so that people start acting respectfully to such a lady, in these times, an' all. I imagine Liz Taylor [as the Southern Belle] mixed with Madeleine Kahn.

Further along the dark, cobwebbed, clammy-walled tunnel leading to what or where or how via purposefully scrawled numbers and letters - but , in theses tunnels so longs i forget forwards , backwards, outside and in, anf from the darkness, the scratching continues and carefully barked wordthings permeate the labyrinth.
K2 2K - yes Tookay this is Kay, So to Os to Oz to Zo! U vil not answeren kwestions Nicht. Some may say this can go on for ever but I'm inclined to its finiteness despite its enormoononity.
At the Blob the OS story emerged - well I could be blase about it , I've made spelling mistakes, reversed the odd letter. JK makes interesting picto-evidence, though which rezzes deep in, after catching a ray from The Secret Sun
In Czech there are 2 words which have 'grown around' the root word. The first is OZ, a Hebrew word for a Go2. In Czech the word for Goat = KOZEL and the OZ has been surrounded. The next word OS means 'bone' in French, In Czech the word for 'bone' = KOST. These are the only 2 that do this. Considering the BONE THRONE into the air by the ape in 2001 S-pace O-ddyssey and its synchroentanglement with the 911OZ/PAN Ritual I feel quietly amazed at the depths this eVent bears.
I myself have been have transformative leanings - as in the 90degree transformation of Z into N - transforming RTs ZOE into KRs NEO and they become ONEZ. OZ itself transforms into ON, the Egyptian name [ I think] for Heliopolis, which reminds me that the Gypshan priests used to often pun [ PUNIC] on a god-name.
The NY/OZ thing creates a ZYON[NOYZ] which Crowley called the City of the pyramids. TzYVN [ 156] = the correct way to spell Tzion, its Ts not Z. Nevertheless in synchro-culture movie madness lends me to give this ZYON to the comic-film culture. All the letters can be attributed to the Hebrew and total - 137 which gracefully correspond with QBLH.
In Hebrew final letters called 'sofit' have 2 numerical values , for N these are 50 and 700. N as 50 , then ZYON = 137.
ZYON with N final - 7 + 10 + 70 + 700 = 787. The Freedom Tower emerging from the 77 Ritual.
To find the 3 grades of 7 emerging suffuses this whole game with sparkles. The 7 - Indetermination, the 70 - Realization of Indetermination in existence, 700 - Cosmic Indetermination ,'freedom'. Possibilities

Newspaceman has a link to RAT SCABIES, so I followed it and found this little tome.
Lost Map from

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This posterette from Tod's Through the Looking Glass synchs together the Triple-Goat Effect. Via Hebrew we have Goat = OZ 77 with its own fractallating fingers flickering off into Ozlandia, a vast though progressively more detailed realm of post 911 unthawing of mind. PAN 131, though Greek, the half human- half goat precursor to the Western European Devil, is well-known. It relates to Bluetooth somewhat as bluetooth devices = personal area networks. The 3rd goat comes with the Hebrew version of Capricorn - GDY 17, -geddy, or perhaps G'Dy like the Australian Greeting found in the poster above. A classic Australian TV Breakfast show may begin with G'DaY OZ, PAN left cameraman, who knows, but it might. The poster in its synchromajesty has replaced what would have been a troublesome A, for my present purposes, with a Kangaroo sign. While I realise that goats can climb , and perhaps jump a bit I don't tie them in with 'roos, yet, as climbing can't really be described as controlled bounding, though in Low-grav, we'll see.
GDYs 17ness links in with Secret Suns recent flurry around that number and I have seen it popping out here and there.
The Goats ascend, synching with the Dec 21, 2012 date of possible human mind coordination improvement when the Western astro system turns from Sagittarius arching an arrow or Hebrew QShTh 800 [ Rainbow = Bridge] to Capricorn GDY attaining some kind of temporary evo-peak.

I remember my Nain [ Welsh grandmother] using the phrase ' My Giddy Goat' and I wondered if there may be a connexion between GDY and 'giddy'. Giddy means dizzy, unstable, disorientating but exciting, from English 'gidig' - possessed by a God. Its similarity to GDY and then the whole OzPantheon infers that GOD = a GOAT , perhaps where they got the white beard from and why the image is often dressed as 'a devil' as well as the habit of sorting sheep from go@.
Grazing the net I found this book cover.

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While having little to do with the synchosphere via films or acts of war, political careers, the art of the album cover finds its place. An album here or there often sloops into a scene as an actor's prop. This album cover and their name will no doubt be picked up by Robin Tunney/Rose Tyler in her forthcoming film '911 Pyllarmyd Time-Tomb-Travel Movie' , when she says' Dad , I dreamt about .......' and he will snatch the album bach offer and tell her never to show it to her mother.Dad will be played by Kris Kristofferson.
OZ , as a Goat has been genetymologically spliced with ARK, which at the top of a mountain [ ARARATh 803 in the BibL] rezos Noah[NCh 58 ]. It also implies Capstonerism as a basic undercurrent of the meso-Arkozoic template for intersocial tribal networking.
THe word OZ-A-RK gives us , via Hebrew letter/numbers 77-1-220. The RK - 220 indicates the 220 verse of Crowley's or perhaps Aiwass' BOOK of the LAW, circa 1904, in Egypt in a pyramid signified by the lone A. Married at the time to ROSE KELLY, whose initials = 220 and whose birth came on July 23 [ start of the 'dog days'] 1874, I sense a mountaining impend of synchrolanche despite the already suffocating - OZ + ARK and then where do both Goats and Biblical boats generally end their journey - atop a MOUNTAIN.The photo shows mountaineers from an era before modern equipment - possibly its a photo from the mission Crowley went on. DAREDEVILS give a nod to the Comic Spook Heroes.I totalled OZARK and it comes to 298 which = AMN AVR - Amen the Light [ Emen Or]

The OMD [ pulsating initialwise with Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark] hail from SPRINGFIELD, Missouri where we may find one of the places they played, the GILLIOZ Theatre. In Oct 11th, 1926 the Theatre, paid for by M.E.Gillioz of Monett, Missouri , opened. In the mid-50s theatre-goers attending the film The Winning Team included Ronald Reagan and fiancee Nancy Davis.

This statement from Woodrow Wilson , apparently in allegiance to the Klu Klux Klan and put about by the filmist D.Griffith holds a variety of synchs. Most notably, that father of film, Griffith has the same initials as Dorothy Gale [DG = 7 via the Hebrew ] erstwhile Oz adventurer, her Kansas to OMDs Ark-Kansas or [Ar kan sore ass if u prefer, I'm not sure of the pronunciation] - 1 state uses wind,the other water. The Daredevils come from Missouri but the OzArk Mtns stretch over Arkansaw, Kansas and MissHouri.
The Phenomenon of the Doubly-Lettered Presidents. At Gillioz we found realisor of STAR WARS and his astrologically-inclined spouse RR. Taking the US in WW1, and the Federal Reserve is WW [ Wicked Witch, or in fact the essentially powerless Wizard/Prezident at the beck and call of DG/DG image making] resonating here with DG from Oz and the KKK. Today in 1773 William Henry Harrison, the 9th Prez, slipped out of his Mum's stargate and breathed his first. He breathed his last a mere 31 days into his presidency, dying of pneumonia. He was though , at 68, the oldest President until RR usurped that position.
HH was succeeded by John Tyler who succeeded in annexing Texas. I noticed a town in Texas called TYLER which is famed for its Roses, thus stirring in Rose Tyler, the time-travelling assistant to DR.WHO who is RT-resonant with Stargate Queen Robin Tunney.
While on the subject of RT and the Year of the RaT Newspaceman has written a wild sea adventure caught in the whirls of time and film - do read - RATERAL THINKING [VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED]

This unpleasant image , a cartoon of a Carpetbagger-lynching, has this DonKKKey leaving some folks a-hanging on a gallow's tree. There seems to be some distant story of the Democrats and the KKK in cahoots together though I know Jesus did ride that ass into Jerusalem, possibly attracting cries Khristos, Khristos, Khristos. [ The 1st letter of the Greek word Khristos is actually an X or Chi, thus Xmas]. Synchronetically , the Donkey with the KKK made me think of Donkey Kong, a mutant King Kong and a Narc-aid game. DK was a gorilla and SuperMario had to rescue a Damsel-in-Distress from him.
In the KK theme , many may not know that Kevin Keegan has been made manager of Newcastle United Football Club for the 2nd time, a kind of KK2. Newcastle are nicknamed the MAGPIES due to their Black&White strip. As I write this someone just introduced me to a guy called Kegan, I mean 5.38 seconds later !!???

Sometime after WW2 a man by the name of STETSON KENNEDY infiltrated the Klan and passed on secret information, codewords etc to the writers of the SUPERMAN Radio Shows. THis , which I tentatively entitle 'Applied Synchromysticism' , led to , according to sources, KKK members coming home to find their kids running around in cloaks, hoods and capes in mock battle, while effortlessly reeling off the Klans most secret passwords. THis brought about no small damage to the Klan for many a year, yet, though I'm not intimate with the history, involved no war, killing, store of arms, or overt fear, merely allowing the Klans own seriousness to kick the stool away from the now hanging Klansmen. It leads one to imagine that in these early days of comics some must have picked up on the mediums ability to garner diverse information and put it out to the public, perhaps over longer periods of time.
Bray-king News - This seems to rez with Hill-Clintons 1992 Ozark Real Estate affair, and that they came from Arkansas.
RATS in an Orange Cage , poste at PEERING THROUGH describes among other subjects a man killing 6 in St.Louis which is in Missouri. There is also an Arch involved rezzing Ark - from Michael [in the comments section]

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Fools Cap and Folly-oh

Taking apart the BLUETOOTH logo into its 2 main parts we get H and B. H the 8th letter , responsible for 'joining the Towers or Pillars' . To me it also seems that the irreverant H can curve its extremities around to form an 8 which as we know = the Hth number. H corresponds to the Hebrew character Ch - thankfully pronounced a semi-gutteral H - and that leads us to the CHARIOT card and number 418.
Above are 2 forms of Rune and we shall attend to the Danish, sometimes called the Younger Futharc. Have a look at the Rune =ing H and afore y'very eyes Laydeeeez und Shentlemen, a STARGATE, or a star-shaped glyph should u feel unimpressed.
So that H turning into a Runic Star is itself a double-glyph implying a movement. The H = the Twins, a Hebrew H in the form of Flying Chariots blast the Towers which then dissolve to allow an as yet physically invisible Stargate. The Stargate has apparently opened our consciousness which is why we don't need signposts and why the Stargate isn't situated in any one place.As Kean at A KEAN EYE presaged, the BlueTooth has heavy Thoth-Rez-O-nation and thus implies that the BlueTHOTH, blueTOOTH symbol and the destruction of the Twins all imply Supra-physical communication via myriad forms.
Then to cap it all the B, the Twin mountains-pyramids, and thanks to the latest at Jakes, the female breasts. While I don't say that the Technology of Venus , male and female, are specific Stargates, pleasurable sex can often take me to places far beyond Jimmy Mundane. With the Blue tooth logo I can see 2 breasts and a Stargate and in the joyous world of sex that's a powerful gate..
The B Rune as pillarmountainmids with an H- Star between thus resonates with the demolishing of the Twins, sexual union, mountains and secret gateways - then in both Hebrew and English Alphabets B=2 and H=8 thus a TEN. No not 9 , not 11 but 10.[ See BNWO - 10=X=Ten=Aten=9/11=7/7=Stargate=Cosmic Consciousness ]

Pilfered from INSIDE the COSMIC CUBE, this H-framed Joker face reminds is of the Twin Towers, the sordid smile , like a crescent moon or scimitar -H weds the Pillars of J and B - Joker and Batman. Also a B starts and an H finishes the first and last words - But....laugH
As I did KING LEAR [ or is that King REAL?] at school my impressions of Fools stem from this stormy tragedy. Fools = wind from Latin- Fol Follis - a windbag, but the Joke, well that's usually on you/me and I find the Joker less able to tell a Joke without occupying a position of power. The Fool does it all from the ground.
The Joker would usurp ' the King of Clubs'- Batman while the Fool in Lear knows fool-well that Lear is the King of Fools , as are all in that celebrities court.
FOOL - Dost thou know the difference, my boy, between a bitter fool and a sweet one?
LEAR - No Lad , teach me
FOOL - The lord that counselled thee
To give away thy land
Come place him here by me
Do thou for him stand:
The sweet and bitter fool
Will presently appear;
The one in Motley here
The other one out there
LEAR Dost thou call me a fool boy?
FOOL All thy other titles thou hast given away; [save] that thou wast born with.
While I imagine the Joker saying these words I don't see Batman accepting them without a big boys fight. He after all has the twittering murderer cocky ROBIN. The once Fools whose coxcomb redcap has fallen to a blooded breast. The humour of Robin [ a pubescent Tom Cruise, lookswise] has wed the Moral Champion. the semi-bird, the Vigilante. Need they look around for the sources and reasons for crime, their wit is not up to it, they have power and popularity, and a pushed along by the sychophant lobbyist, the half-man, sexless , masked bureaucrat.

The Fools words AWAKEN, like the Cock crow of a gold-red dawn. The Mucky Robin will put u to sleep as he tells all how to be good, like a a pair of buddies he knows who can't be named, otherwise you'd realise that the amphetamine duo were blabbering on about themselves.

And so to the tragedy. Lear and Fool upon the heath, a kingdom lost, won and lost again as wind-snatched words buffet the players. The Kingdom is brought to account- The LEDGER = the account book and also the Stone-slab laid over the grave, all are brought to book. This also gets my synchro-sense going, Accountants, a fair bit of their lexicon can also be found in the words surrounding death and despatch.
FOOL - Nuncle Lear, nuncle Lear, tarry, take the Fool with thee.--
A Fox when one has caught her,
And such a daughter,
Should sure to the slaughter,
If my cap would buy a halter;
So the Fool follows after.
A Halter is another name for a hanging-noose as well as the classic Halter back of a thousands celebeauties.

I've mislaid the name of the speaker for this one -
He hath commission from thy wife and me
To hang Cordelia in prison, and
To lay the blame upon her own despair,
That she fordid herself

The King is Dead Long Live the Fool
But today our Kings have no problem using the Fools words, can they leave aught alone. Not content with their status, wielded power, they would steal the coxcomb to palce upon the heads of their enemies. They want the words but the image goes to another. It hurts the people to be spoken to as Fools, by Fools [ I include the press and their real/royal news] and then to be ruled by the King with his rod of severity. Mercy is loose these long years. The Press, the fools organ can do nothing but virulent attacks, vicious , hateful articles about people with nothing to protect themselves, more so when they've been made by the Press.
KENT [talking about Lear] But who is with him?
GENTLEMAN None but the Fool who labours to outjest his heart-struck worries