Friday, February 15, 2008


Lovec [ Lo-vets] means Hunter in Czech, which traverses my mind to think of Love as an arrow through the Heart, and Arthemis , La Luna , was forever hunting willful white Stags - CERVUS ALBUS.
As Hunters genrally eat their messiahs I wondered if the blood and body, bread and wine didn't come out of Hunter culture due to the properties of fresh-blood ingestion, or eating the liver-spirit.
Well, I'm rambling, or perhaps Hiking


Newspaceman said...

I met a "tramp" sort of character, one 1st of January, on one of the few buses running that day.

A conversation was struck up and enquiries were made with the gentleman as to the contents of his numerous carrier bags.

It transpired they were foodstuffs, all sourced from the Chinese supermarket - the chap then entertained us with stories of body parts and how they should be eaten in small quantities to provide courage, strength etc. of whatever was desired.



Acadian Soul said...

Wow! I am intrigued by a mind like yours. Walnuts, as they look like a brain,just happen to be very good for the brain. So does that mean you can eat a picture of a brain for brain food. Hmmmm.. Well I guess so if done on astral plane. Whatever your great.