Saturday, November 10, 2007

All at 6s and 7s then 8s and all in 11s

Synchronicities ply their way as they will, daily events play their part, yet some jump out , requiring little investigation. The event of November 7 2007 plays with 8, though putting them together with another 8 might elecit some dis-gust , a bad taste in the mouth.
A young man in Finland took the lives of 8 people, after notifying the world at large via Youtube. Here we get the info and [ like 911] appear powerless to do anything about it. What would I have done had I seen it - rang the Finnish Embassy or perhaps just ignored it as a kind of radical art-form . As yet I haven't seen it
On a vastly different note, the evening before Liverpool beat Besiktas 8-0 in the Champions League. This is the new record win of the League, taking over from Arsenal's 7-0 victory over Slavia Praha a fortnight ago.
The eight souls touched human consciousness via the 8 goals , aware of it or not the soul will not be shot down as an irrelevancy due to an individuals belief that it has the right to take someone's life against their will. These souls emerged into my mind through the very popular and much-watched European Champions League telling viewers that they will not be dismissed. Nevertheless the souls message came 24 hours before their leaving their bodies and makes me wonder, madly perhaps, whether we may be contacted before the event, on a mass scale and then put it together with the gunners video . I doubt it, the distractions of life, running around , doing this or that. Yet I kept meeting people who talked about 8 nil, 8, and then the transformation into 8 dead humans , seamless 8, interrupted living.
Had I contacted the authorities with my info and the gunner arrested then the crime doesn't happen and the gunner will walk free. To keep the guy in one would have to have a great probabilty of the guy going through with it at some time but then that's PKDick pre-crime , Minority Report. Chips or surveillance of body chemistry look like possible physical-world solutions, or our own pharma-supply of mood-alterers and Lucy NoGens
The player with the forefinger of both hands raised - pillarmidding -has the name Markus Babbel and he scored 2 goals.
The Finnish gunner has used a checkerboard pattern for his image here, though I agree its not black and white etc. An extension of Travis Bickles disgust enlarged to encompass all humanity
Yossi Benayoun scored a Hat-trick. His initials = I and B for the 2 pillars Iachin and Boaz
The Besiktas Club logo - B+W with a white 5star rising from the crescent on a red ground . The White Pillarmids and the inferred 3 made by the black become an H when the glyph or the Kaaba Stone or Caryotid joins them.
The twin eternal flames on the Liverpool logo in remembrance of those fans who died at Hillsboro'. The eternal flame does burn for real outside Anfield, Liverpool's ground. The bird is called the Liver [Lie-ver] bird, its origin is disputed though some wonder if it represents a Phoenix, many though think a water-bird like the Cormorant]
The Football accentuates the pentagram-orange . While green represents the active-King scale Venusian colour, Orange or Amber represents the female- Queen scale.
7 = the Sefirot influenced by Venus on the Tree of Life
For many Liverpool fans the song and the words of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' have great resonance at times of great joy and deep despair.
I leave u with a snippet from Violator's comment [Nov 6] at Inside the Cosmic Cube- Heroes-the Nit-Pickers OCD Gude: 6
' there's some reason why 7:11 is important, but I'm not going to try and remember it now, it's too late'


Unknown said...

Plenty of interesting number phenomena betwix with those pillars. 7 and 11 are found in the ratio of the great pyramids height with capstone (7 units) to its base (11 units). Also the synodic period of Saturn is the source of our 7 day week. From it we get a year of 364 days plus a day. The Saturnian "year-and-a-day." In the past a king would rule for this year and day and then be sacrificed to the year. The year and king would die and be resurrected. The king is dead, long live the king! 364 days yields 13 months of 4 weeks of 7 days. Jupiter's synodic period is also divisable by 7.

Then theres 22/7 (11*2/7) used to approximate pi. Also some stuff in sacred geometry, squaring the circle and in metrology and ratios of octaves.

Now if you'll excuse me, The Wizard of Oz is on and I have to put my symbolism hat on.

aferrismoon said...

Hadn't linked Saturn and the Year and a Day periodicity - the resurrecting king relates to JB and Steve Willners Time Looping
Thinking of 7 11
Allow the 7 to 'fall' and it will create a misshapen pyramid

FilmNoir23 said...

Quite the Catch-22 right? All we're left with is the serpent eating it's own tail as usual.

Atlantean Times said...

I wonder why he chose you tube....although it does seem a logical choice in the "normal" sense of the word. It appears to me to be more arisotorwellian of a decision....You tube being the choice of both the enlightened and deeply unenlightened....It seems to me that he has set back the cause of anyone else who chooses you tube as their media medium.....Those individuals who are internet unfriendly and there are many, will now have even more Justification for their seperatist view. Constant bashing on the mainstream of all sources of news that are non official continues rampantly on Sky/bbc. When discussing supposed peados who ere caught the other day in england the internet was referred to as "THE INTERNET". 9 men out of a population of 70million in Britain/Ireland apparently constitutes a PLAGUE of BIBLICAL proportions....of course when talking about their own website the internet need not be's all in the delivery....I feel...perception alteration opperation......

aferrismoon said...

the mainstream Media doesn't like being tributiarised. They don't understand that we speak to the media and the Mainstream filters this feed, instead giving us 'cop shows' etc with lone Internetters being 'mad'. We want to speak directly , and say what we will. That's NEWS, the mediocracy prefer it 2nd hand and righteously concerned. They've been left behind by the technology in that they're minds haven't moved into it. They still print newspapers on to the net, how 20th century, that's where they want to keep it. Information in spoonfuls, instead of the banquet of info we can absorb and cajole to meet our own myth.
I have left them, I occasionally watch their shows as examples of the living past, caught up in fear and politics,.
And they dare to wear some cloak of authority as to what the News is, that they in fact invented, perhaps it belongs to them as they self-importantly call themselves reporter, journalist, commentator. the Emperor has no clothes