Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hovering above the synchrolandscape, like a brazen hawk-eyed wing-beater I treasures the glints of eyes far below : scorpions or ice, beetles or headlamps, diamonds or the twinkling vidz of U-Tube and other fearless televistula accomplishments.

In jakes - tunney tribute, we see a mock ritual for Deb - which is short for Deborah - the bee, below DEB was written RIP, a demise of a Bee. In Part the 2 , the narrator says '........finally driving off in a checkercab' , whereupon R.Tunney lays down next to an Octogonal table sporting an Octogonal ashtray affair.
Pushing into CheckerChariotTaxiCabs who might the Knight be, sometimes it feels like Arnie as Terminator, but only slightly. The Knight = the I that pushes or merges , or finds itself clothed in DNA represented by the 4 beasts before the Book of Thoth Chariot. These = the 16 subelements, that will divide again into 64 I Ching hexagrams, all of thm representing those outer vestiges of Man who , invisible and unknowable drives the Chariot in the form of a human.
The Chariot - A ferry taxiing people from place to place, The ferry - a water chariot, built by a CARpenter, carried upon the sea.
JC , a charioteer , clothed in his body-armour, his WAY.
The Taxi, a man on the move, shuttling back and 4th> Travis BICKLE [Taxi-Driver], Korben DALLAS [5th Elephant], Judd HIRSCH, Andy KAUFMAN, Christopher LLOYD , Danny DeVITO [TAXI Sit-com]- 'shoundsh like a shuttle launch' -'Evidently , Bond'
In a recent episode of NUMBERS, a robbery at a Comic Fair turns to murder and forgery, The Seller of a rare copy of ULTRA-WORLD [ played by the son of Dr.Beverly Somebody from StarTrek-The next Gen] has it stolen. It was drawn by Ron Moore in the 6o's , who still lives and is played by Chris Lloyd. He meets Judd Hirsch ,[ the father of the brothers who are the heroes of Numbers]. Thus in this month or 2 of Taxis we see a meeting of 2 of the cast from the TAXI sit-com of the 80's.
Danny DeV hits it off with Arnie in Twins [ though of course not identical twins] while Chris Lloyd calculated trans=time in Back to the Future
Which brings me to Futurama - the film starts with an OWL swooping in to perch atop the Planet Express ship [ Taxi-courier] and then to be seen no more. Then Fry gets into a cab which has got ' .... Checker' written on the side, scrawled in post-production. Couldn't read all of it, sorry base, but..chhhhzz.. we're so deep now.chhxzzz... comm...
Star Wars provides an action ending with a Hassidic fighter-pilot who sports Stars of David on his fighter's wings, while Bender and Fry use a Binary code to open a Stargate [ green electro-ball]. The code is found in microsize on a tattoo of a BLUE BENDER on Fry's right arse-cheek.The Torah numeration means that we can translate the Torah into Binary images [ see August post - Binary Torah]. Bender's 1st jump is to Ancient Egypt and later he receives the order of the Double Cross from Nixon. Hermes gets decapitated.
Gore does the hero bit, saves the world by death-defying flying.
I watched Criminal Minds and they too brought in Comic books, or was that CSI Agartha.
If it fractallates . I'll tendril it
The blog has not magically fixed itself for pictures.
Darjeeling = Lightning Bolt.
The Chariot , represents the Hebrew letter Ch[8], which in full form is spelt ChYTh and has a value of 418. This = ABRAHADABRA , Crowley's Word of the Aeon, so the Chariot must provide a resonance for this great charge from Climber Crowley. What proves interesting is that the BEASTS written about in Genesis , Chapters 1 and 2 are called ChYTh. Generally ChYTH = fence , enclosure, but it definitely has been translated as 'beast' , yet we are led to believe that 666 = the number of the Beast. I doubt Crowley would overlook this, and he can't have missed it as it creates a form of strange irony. He takes the number 666 and calls himself the beast, yet it is 418, ChYTh, ruler of the Chariot and encoder of ABRAHADABRA that = the Beast. And the chariot = the 8th Card , despite the 0=1, 1=2 confusion, secreted in by Crowley to fool all.
And 8 shines through as number of import, throughout this ritual, it will be the chariots number at the base of the FreedOm Tower
The Crab or Krab spelt backwards = the Bark which Ra sailed across sky and through underworld. This hard-shelled soft-centred thingy might represent our cosmic path , ensconced in physicality we are sensitive to the tiny changes in currents and temperaures, mental and physical. like wee crabbies in a rockpool dammit.
Todds blog does a bit of the old Led Zep tug. They once said , or one of them, I doubt they all ad-libbed at the same time, they'd go down like Lead Zeppelin , and the name stuck, invoking Saturn as u do when u get plum bummed. LZ , their awesome initials, comes to 37 via the Hebrew tongue-number code{
30 for L = Adjustment and Libra
7 for Z = the Twins and Gemini ,
what an airy collective
3 x 37 = 111
L7 resurfaces if we take the Z as such
Airships and Air Chariots and Air Taxis and Bees Yellow Black...I can't make... indist...chrfzxx... its..
...we've lost them
Well the radio's down, but at least we're not lost


Jake Kotze said...

Hi Moon.

What, pray tell, is the prob with pictures? Maybe I/we can help...

Newspaceman said...

Hiya aferrismoon, is it just a coincidence that 418 divided by 2 (two towers, two sides of man) is 209, and that 2 + 9 = 11.


aferrismoon said...

its a problem they know about , like Bx Nm9nms and another one, I wrote them a mail, but problem looks widespread.They say in a general message, that they know about it. My lack of the most rudimentary computer skills and time mean I haven't pursued it further, even though there appear to be solutions for some tings
I opened a new blog , tried to upload pics but that wouldn,t work, so I wonder if its something to do with my MacBook to Blogger connexion.
Apologies for vagueness. Cheers for offer

aferrismoon said...

cheeers News. Crowley does precede his 'revelation' with something like - In my right hand I hold the double wand of power and in my left I have crushed a Universe and naught remains - so the double side of Man resonates as Man is Microcosm with the power to divide which crushes the 0-state of Universe - macrocosm.
418 = 11x83, another bout of 11s

Michael said...

I had trouble uploading stuff with Safari (which isn't very compatible with Blogger), so I downloaded the FireFox browser, which works perfectly. So you might try that.

Jake Kotze said...

I use the old Internet Explorer but I have gone over to FireFox in blogger emergencies, sounds like a good idea...

aferrismoon said...

Well, I shall do the same. Thanks for that , gentlemen. May u have a perfectly wonderful day