Saturday, November 3, 2007


The proposed Czech National Library as well as having the nickname OCTOPUS has a more recent appellation - BLOB which leads me to let u know that I , yes I, have found BNOWs brand new handmaiden- the BLOB..
Above a view from 'inside' the / a blob, through its singular massive eye , no less.
I add a pic of Max Mercury to link to the Flash items and Azure qualitiease of recent articulations.
Then I remembered classic washing-powder Flash and the sci-fi - fantasy names Procter&Gamble give to their cleansing products.
The 3 above create a Poe-Marvel or DC-Lovecraftian tale almost instantly. Fill a bucket with hot water and add the contents of the Fairy-Flash-Vortex combo and hey! pressed-O, atale for children and adults ina cleaner than clean imagination kitchen where stories , tales and sagas emerge hologoraphically as blue mist . Inhale the blue mist for the inner version, sort of like an inside B-side job. It's the old thing new again!
All the Blesk


JB said...

Aferrismoon, you should check out my latest article, I've made a very interesting Pan-Saturn connection.

Unknown said...

I love the poetry of your posts, such incisive word-play and observation, impressed as always.

Poe-Marvel vs. DC-Lovecraft is fascinating to me. I'm savoring the idea. Yum.

aferrismoon said...

The poetry is influenced by the deep and concentrated research by yourself and others .
Out of the blue and into the black