Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bridge it bard - O

A flick around finds vertical H-blocks upstanding. Gosporn weighs in with the Double-H Ranch , and JaKe Otze's Blob picks up on this theme. I found this logo concerning Vysehrad [ Vyshay-hrad ] - which means High Castle. The logo represents the Cathedral and its twin spire-towers. Due to its cathedral layout I recognised the two spires stand thief-like either side of the altar - place of worship, a little like JC 'pon the cross. .
The Kaaba stone may form the altar at the Twin Tower site, and the whole metaphor dumped on Giza with the little pyramid a form of altar , focusing human prayer-energy used to power the whatever however. The triangular shape in this Vysehrad logo nudged me thataways.
The spires remind me of spiral and that tower comes from turning, all very inspiring - and then to the dual current Jacobs L-Adder, Tree of Life, Us and Them. The dual-NRG nature of Universe disbars the singular-mono-trip , humans as systems develop tetrahedrally, concave and convex. 'The entity that one speaks to when one says 'you' is also the entity that speaks when one says 'I''- John Lilly - The Centre of the Cyclone
The other images decided to catch a lift , the journey looked interesting.


Jake Kotze said...

I am told the Sphere sculpture turned around and around...

aferrismoon said...

Yes I heard that , one wonders : speed , oscillation, electromagnetic reverbo something, all slowly , veeeery slowly destabilizing the Towers for a little crash.
Also a vortex , again slow, incremental, nevertheless drawing things in