Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Big [G]APple

This follows on from Violator's post ' Amanita, Psilocybin and THC..' at his blog THE STYGIAN PORT. Blue Apples, grapes, who knows perhaps some Plum[b] Jam

So id New York OZ, perhaps it wasn't until various synchro-minded artist-scientists types hit upon the 911 OZ Ritual. Nevertheless New York must have seemed a fantastic place to a young lass from Kansas. A country person may have been impressed on a first visit to this or any city, definitely stunned

Emerald forms hexagonal structures, perhaps reminiscent of tall towers

The Yellow-Brick Flightpath.
' I can smash the city with my Axe!' exclaimed The Heartless Tinman
' Oh, silly, we got passenger aircraft for that'
'Why didn't we fly to the city then', queried the brainless Scarecrow
' Because we'd be all killed, TV-head'
'I'm scared' said the Cowardly Lion
' Well when u get your courage back, Dick, U can attack the Wicked Witch of the Middle East'

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