Saturday, January 5, 2008

Embedded 1

Here we find some of the 'information' sealed into homer's memory , while he 'dies' . Read the article previous to get the gist.
One of these bits of info seems to be a Lizard which forms from the mould on the wall. Synchromystically this relates to the possible Lizard-people, perhaps it's a stage we all pass through, blissfully leaving us.

The OXY, and the OX on Jake's take on Crowleys grid pattern, Michael's use of the Leopard Mac Os X, my use of it in OX [ a post] . The Infinity symbol, the 8 on its side. The door has an entrance to an Egyptian Tomb feel to it as Homer [ who wrote the freaking Odyssey ] goes through puberty, initiation into adulthood. The infinity symbol reminds homer that he is a great scientist, an explorer of the mind, he has naught to fear and much to do.

CND symbol, now called the peace symbol, many cite it as the inverted Runic symbol for life found on Moes Tavern, they don't cite Moe's Tavern of course, unless its real cutting edge stuff. A Yellow Submarine, looking like a Geniie's Lamp,perhaps a reiteration of Homer's infinite choices, sits to his right on the shelf. The number 19 , slightly resonant with 'that' date, but definitely a Prime Number [ as is 'that' date] and the numerical value of ChVH - Eve, mother of all. Do we ever see Homer's mother? The S on the left of his chest indicates a semi - Superman, because I have no other ideas at pres.
The Capitals grace the green pennant and baseball paraphenalia litters the room.

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