Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cross purposes

At Through the looking Glass Tod highlights the Johnson&Johnson legal spat with the American Red Cross over use in commerce of the Red Cross logo. I had recently taken some pictures at The Soviet Knights of Malta chapels in Prague.
Lately I've been reading Secrets of the Federal Reserve [ E. Mullins] and he cites some of the former directors of the ARC -
In 1917 Henry P. Davison , senior partner in JPMorgan Co., was appointed head of ARC to get control of the $370m cash collected in donations.
Ronald Ransom [ Atlanta banker & under Rooseveldt in '38-'39 Gov. of the Fed] was Dir. in charge of personnel for Foreign Service for ARC in 1918
John Skelton Williams , Comptroller of the Currency, was app. National Treasurer of the ARC
FDR's law partner, Basil O'Connor was a director of the ARC
At present it's Mark Everson who in a question from Trent Stamp ,[ article:' I am well suited for the job' at] concerning the tax status of the Salvation Army and its large donation-based untaxed income answered:
'I don't comment on things that are relevant to my former position as the Comissioner of the IRS'
On the J&J case he was able to comment:
' For a multi-million dollar drug company to claim that the ARC violated a criminal statute that was created to protect the humanitarian mission of the ARC, simply so that J&J can make more money, is obscene"
I include a photo of Mr. Everson and his employer and his employer........


FilmNoir23 said...

I hope that my original post didn't come off like I was defending the ARC...As silly as it is that J&J would sue the Red Cross, I feel both are just Templar fronts...and the fact that they would drag one another around over the flag just shows me the crack in the armor (so to speak).

aferrismoon said...

No certainly not. I think that's what any 'normal' person might think. The whole story seems built on the 'whaat' value. The synch of it is that I was reading the Secrets of the Federal Reserve and one of the original inventors of this organisation went on to the ARC after. I had to look up Mark Everson and when I found he was IRS Commissioner, wow, I suddenly felt like wholly supporting J&J's claim. The fact that Everson looks like a Bush clone , the nearly smile etc just compounded the event.
No doubt tax or the public donations will pay for the court case, lawyers stringing it out for years to come