Sunday, June 14, 2009

DE[b]T - PIT

'Yeah, sure I got 'em both , I mean dincha see the signs, didnit give u a tip Ted?'

'Yeah, but I read it Chi-Tam'
'It's all a question of degrees'

'Pitted my wits so now its DOW-in the Robbitt Hole!/


Devin said...

I love these short and funny posts you do aferris!! I don't know about CZ but unless they can repeal the laws of economics we are in big trouble here-best to you as always!!

aferrismoon said...

Czech is a bit different in economics, very few take out mortgages and loans, still a lot of cash around.
Most banks here have bank charges which meant that banks didn't invest in the mortgage market swizzle.
Also in the 90s a lot of Harvard Business School types and smooth-talking foreigners spirited away enough to make the Czechs very wary about any promises etc


Devin said...

thanks for reply aferris! i always think the best information about a country is from people who live there-I have been very remiss in not following up on that story of whether the Czechs were going to let that missile shield be put in-best as always!!