Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bee 4 Boat, Chi 4 Checker

A couple of time units ago , when the sun did its smash the face of the earth with its fiery glare, I found myself in the auspicious position of witnessing an actual StarG8 eVent.
This human innocent had little or no idea of his majestic drawing together of da seriously sunchromystic
So the photo may be a little small for discerning details. Allow me to shed a light:
Boat's yellow and with the checkered flag along the hull it has bee-like visual characteristix. The ensign on the stern = the skull and Xbones while the numbers on the bow read 107 434. Excitement mounts as we discover that 434 = DLTh , Dalet, the 4th Hebrew letter, cousin of Delta, it meaning Door. Newspaceman has a pic with US flag draped coffins a couple of weeks or so back. 107+434 = 541 which will be the metres highness of the ArbMachtFreidom Tower, and the enumeration of the word YShRAL. 434 divided by 2 = 217 which = DBVRH the Shebrew for BEE, so 2 Bs = a Dore.
The bee things and Stargate phenomena have been wondrously realigned in the Checkerboard Trilogy though I have seen only the 1st and not yet even the Tod-voiced Willner producktion
Does this boat clue us into any possible Bee-disappearance or disappearances in general. Do they lead the way or a way?
And then there's this logo on a crane [ maybe Hugh Crane for RAW readers] which , well................sprung


Jake Kotze said...

This is good Mr Moon. The syncs happen as much when we are away from our puters and movies, I have thought about trying to document these but haven't successfully done so, just yet. I fear (ignorance) that people wont care or relate to stuff they don't share, that's why I have stuck to movies and pop culture. You show me that it can be done. It's building the context for the viewer, that is the real trick. I believe we are all building contextual maps together and the tech will only make this easier and we will be able to share each others magick mystery force more and more. Good by good sir.

Newspaceman said...

Hi afferismoon,

There are 107 steps to the new Royal Box at Wembley. Thus the monarchy sit on the 108th floor.

Here, you have 107 again, a step up to 434, the door, the chequerboard being the path ??

The Skull and X bones on the front, 322, three digits, add to 7, 22/7 is pi ?

I came across another 108 thing with the Merlin Camelot Lottery, and, believe it or not, when I looked up wiki for a refresher on 108, the programme Lost seems to feature it strongly. I have posted to that effect on TTLG as it seems appropriate.

Last week I was digging bottles as I often do for a few hours. It is peaceful, an old brownfield site but 100 years old so regenerated slightly at the edges, plenty plants, wildlife and fresh air. Anyway, got a nice little stoneware one and thought of you and your work and the town.

Magic, REGD,
Jet Stain,
for staining all kinds of
leather jet black
The Magic Polish Company, Leicester.

I will try to get a photo in the blog once I get even the slenderest of links, maybe tomorrow.

As regards bees and suchlike, bees sacrifice their individuality for the collective and as such, dont have the best of lives really.

So,maybe they have given up on it; hence evolve on an individual basis and maybe humans have something to learn. Maybe they are an entire age ahead in evolution, in terms of the solar glactic clock ? We can but ponder and learn


aferrismoon said...

JK:I assume the whole-hole thing finds any way to get through. The movies do the world-around mythology , and I think its fair to say I wouldn't have clicked on : The Amazing Tales of Incredibly Localised Personal Synchs - Day 1 : The sweets i'm eating are also being eaten by the character in the book I'm reading.
Doubtless a wild and meaningful event.
Without the pop culture and movies, and the amount of it, local synchs may not have the ground to stand . Thus the pics from Prague hang on the vast works already put out
These blogs may be 'fun' , but as u write, its 'building the contextual maps' for self and others and back again which whizzes this phenom along. Building or developing these maps = fun, intello-fun. Most of the time I'm reading-watching articles shaking my head going : Ha Ha Ha ha , yeah, oh cool bit of info[ rewind], ha, what, no, fuck, I was just...... etc etc etc. Glad to be being here
NewsPace: Also 107x3= 321 , adigit less than the Skull and Xbones number
I can imagine the Queen as the High Priestess Tarot card , 2 pillars = the 2 4s and the triangular Yoni of the Queen = the 3
Carlo Suares made a point that the Alef will remain dormant unless acted on, and notes that termites are examples of this. They remain unchanged after millions? of years, disallowing Alef from initiating the Indeterminancy that evolution requires. We can do this too, and find ourselves lost in sub-routines and other insect activity
The Queen Bee

FilmNoir23 said...

When you return, you return FULL FORCE. I love it! We need you out here DIGGIN as you do.

You blow me away as usual.

FilmNoir23 said...

You checker cab/boat stargate photo is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

aferrismoon said...

Oh I forgot it looked like a Cab - cheeeeers
Thanx for comms. Checked Steve latest , will report later in the week