Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MAIZE OF DEATH, or How we won the War and forgot what we were doing before it started

Two-Ton-Kimie, the Warrior, tatooed with a kind of stylised frigate bird prepares to TORCH the island, wandering aggresively around the KAHANA, Widmore's ship carrying the variously skilled crew whose job to capture Ben has succeeded in much the same way as the war in EyeRak, terroribly!
Things come to a head as personalities dissolve in the lost-time saga
Resistance on both sides will lead to a form of D-structuring
Using the Sepher Yetsira the 4th card -D- emerges as the Tower, the resistance to Alef, the shell of the egg. Destroy, Death, Dumb and Doh! all begin with the resistant D, which firtled forth from DDK - danial dae Kim, in my last Lost hope, I mean post.
Here its the 16th card which by Sepher = the Devil [ which I erroneously quoted as the 15th in a comment - cheers Zupak]

The irate Kimie persauades Saeed to zip off in a ZOdiac, on a bearing generally AWAY from Kimie. he leaves Des on board pining for PENNY , his long-distance girlfriend.

Ben-Locke-H/H PITSTOP at the mass grave attributed to Ben. A week or so ago Michael at GOSPORN wrote a post on THUNDERBIRDS and mentioned Lady Penelope, who resonates with PENNY from Lost, who is the millionaire Charles WIDMORE's daughter. I thought of PENELOPE PITSTOP from WACKY RACES. It came together with these 2 instances in Lost, a stop at a PIT and Penny - quite vague but one of those tenuous 'synchs' working on a personal level.

We go into Locke's childhood. The comic and the knife lay among other mundane items that Young John is asked to choose IF he recognises them as once 'his' - in the style of finding the DALAI LAMA, who is expected to recognise curios from his' previous' life.
MYSTER[R]Y TALES conforms to the use of comics in synchs, which 'locally' has great import. In the illustration we see a cityscape with another city above floating upon a cloud , akin to LAPUTA from Jonathan Swift's GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. Printed to the left the words HI-DD-EN TALES - with D as the TOWER we find the Twin Towers depicted in the illustration while we 'find' them in the word HIDDEN.
The City 'up in the smoke' has 2 Towers, the city on land has only 1 - the Freedom tower? The cloud city seems Oz-like for its fantastic situation

Why should John be chosen thus? Well he came to Earth 3 months premature and moved into an Incubator, alive but 'dead' , he travels through a dreamworld, son of a girl out of Wedlock, father unknown, to arise and get thrust into adoption.

As a teen he's falls out of a locker/coffin at school, put in by his SET-like schoolmates, to the raucous girly-laughter and 2 GREEN K's. K2 = a mountain = a pyramid, while John is secured in a locker , buried alive, entombed. He emerges to the Green K representing the Green of spring, renewal, in the 'pyramid'K the Egyptians dedicated to the renewed life of their Pharoahs.
The school , COWIN HEIGHTS, naturally have a team called the Knights. This means we get a hard C but a silent K.
The Ks couple with the word GO - Ground zerO

A school actually resides in real time in the community of TUSTIN in Cali4nia.
More terror for the hapless would-be scientist who is consoled by his science teacher GELLERT.

He tries to persuade John to go on a course at MITTELOS, a camp for scientific types where they can learn more. John declines saying that's why he keeps getting locked in LOCKERS. MittelOS splices in an OS, spelt OS to accentuate the Osiris eVents occuring, and = LOST TIME which seems to key in with the series playing with that elusive element. As John gets pushed towards Science and Maths , had he followed Gellert's advice, he may have gone to MIT. TELOS = ultimate aim, objective, or end which resonates with the Lost characters' main pursuit - the objective

In Egyptian mythology Gods often took to heaven via a ladder, at times they were pushed up when they had become old or weakened in some bixarre form or other. The glyph for Osiris has him seated atop a 3 -stepped plinth which inclined James Joyce to call him the 'GOD @ the TOP of the STA[i]RCASE' [ my brackets]. here he sits with a Haitian-looking character, chariot-bound at the head of a pyramidical stair structure - decision time. The Stairgate , bLocked

Still we know he ot to the island and dissolved his chariot. He dreams into HORACE - The MATHEMATICIAN, whi died 12 years ago. He holds aloft an axe, in Egyptian NETER, which as a glyph gets repeated thrice before a name to denote a GOD. Perhaps he comes face-to-face with himself as a scientist, seeing the path he might have taken had he heeded Gellerts proposition.

Horace holds the map to the CABIN where JACOB lives, and Horace advises John to 'find ' him. John had asked Hurley/Hugo along as only he knew the way but know a third H dispalces our tubby guide
Approaching the cabin , alone, John becomes the HERMIT, carrying the Lantern with light within. He braces himself before entering the dark abode...

...and is met with 'I'M CHRISTIAN'. This is Jack and Claires 'dead' father Christian Shep[h]ard, which must be a bit of a stunner for anyone looking for JACOB [ YOQB-182] who metamorphosed into Israel [ YShRAL - 541]. 541 x 2 = 1082

John swivels to see Claire sitting there, smiling , looking very sure of herself. Kristain and Klaire K klearly to our ears.
Klaire also seems untroubled after losing her baby.

Thus characters have roundly changed , Ben has deferred to John, and even accepts chocolate from Hurley. Personalities transform through this MAZE OF DEATH, though like the PKDICK novel may not even be on the island , or Manhatten, or Delmak-O, or Earth, but strapped into a polyencephelagraph, practising living together for the umpteenth time.
Sound familar


Alex Robinson said...

Your chariot at the top of the stairs didn't half recall the image of Mel Gibson hurtling down a staircase while strapped to a wheelchair in Conspiracy Theory and... he also manages to resonate vey nicely with Christ by getting stabbed in the side with one of the spokes. Excellent only saw it the other week & never thought of that.

Phiwizard said...

Maze of Death is a good description. After all eveyone wants to get to the center of the maze and yet no one knows how to get there. With every turn or new direction there is death, in that your forget which direction you came from. As you move foward there is the fear to death or Daath in getting LOST. The secret knowledge of jakobs cabin in the dark underworld where a latern is need for your path. Daath is a key pit stop near the top on the Fool's journey.


Michael Skaggs said...

Nice one! I hope I don't get "Lost" among all this symbolism! Your a great guide I will state that!!

That Hidden Tales is just creepy! WOW!!

aferrismoon said...

Cheers for incisive and enlightening words
Cheers for the Death-Daath !
Will try to catch up on your posts, but I 've had a busy week. I don't have home-connexion - very old-fashioned I know.

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

I only just found this majestic morsel of yours. Truly ace! As I've been an authority on Classical (Hellenic) Mythology since seven years of age, catapulting to that status largely thanks to stop-motion artist extraordinaire Ray Harryhausen's cinematic masterpiece, "Jason & the Argonauts", which I saw when it debuted in 1962 and I was 5ive, permit me to point out that MITTELOS would be translated from the Deutsch as "mit Telos" which would be "with Telos", Talos being the humongous brass watchman of the gods depicted so awe-inspiringly in the aforementioned film ( :-)}