Friday, July 20, 2007

Homer offers Barney a Torus

Over at Newspaceman he presents the Cerne Abbas 'Rude-man' , a large rendition of a guy with a club and a phallus on s hillside in Dorset. Newly drawn is a picture of Homer waving at Barney Cerne Abbas. He seems to be saying :
"Barney , time is doughnut-shaped. In honour of this eVent allow me to place the Torus over your erect member , symbolic as it is of the union of 1 and 0 , out and in. Time in existence [ 0 ] ever penetrated by Alef [ 1 ] creating life."
"What about the club Homer?"
" Go to Wrong Way Wizard, watch the monkkey"

In the Simpsons episode where the introduction is extended to give us Homer's evolution , Homer as a fish trough through the Mr.Burns Octopus's tentacles. I clicked on that with the idea of the Watchman psychic event, a giant octopus appears in New York and the 911 disaster , and the vrious 8 armed, sided , faced things going around the blogs I read.
Further on the Simpson have a fire , here's some dialogue :
- Do u know how many fire are started by birthday candles? If u do , tell me, it would settle a bet down at the station house. I say 5 Gus says a million.
- This disasterette was a rael wake-up call! We need to find a way to protect our irreplaceables.
- U could buy a fire-proof safe!
-Or we could resolve to be more careful with our open flames!
- Sir , we've been here 6 times this month.
-Yeah, but 1 of those times I dialled 911 by mistake but I was too embarrassed to admit it, so I set the house on fire. Feels good to tell the Truth. Oh, I'm lying again , it feels bad.

-It's not like we could restage all the photos
-Restage all the photos
-Restage all the photos ; oh no , you've doomed us all!

Further on we see Lisa reading Man & Superman - GB Shaw
And Bart reading Aquaman & Superman - DC Comics

Marge with fotos - It's just about what we need to pay for the fire-damage - CUT to newspaper editor based on Jonah Jameson [ Peter Parkers editor who always always always gets the RITE shots. Yes Peter Parker , with your pixellated nose-cones and inability to get even a close-up on those freakin' jets. Don't you have a Spidey suit, whatta we pay u for webspinner]

... to try to remember the place in the book I was reading

,,,, barring some kind of wierd pendulum effect [ the towers should fall directly into their footprint]

- Sometimes I just wish I had a twin. Not that much though we'd just fight.

- Well at least it got made.

In the episode with Bart failing to catch the baseball for the Springfield Isotots [ Eye -so-thoth], we get a scoreboard described:
Ball 1 Strike 1 Out 2

359 = ShTN , aka Shaitan, Satan. The ball and strike represent the 2 pillarmidic Twin Towers which gives 2 out. Later in Frink's notebook he calculates the sum 3-2=1

- It's not like we can play the game over again.
- Open ya' freakin' ears

Another scorecard [ 'scuse my chronlogicality]
Ball 3 Strike 2 Out 2

529 = 23x23 and 322 has a webpage of its own

112+322=434 which is DLTh - Dalet, Delta, Door, the 4th letter of the Hebrew alefbeyt
359+529=888 In Gk numerology this = Jesus. 888x2=1776
so here's a door pillared either side by 23s [ in Hebrew ChYH 23 translates as 'living']. Satan acts as the middle pillar , itself guarded by the Skull & Xbones 322 . Thus a form of death through the 322 -S&Xbones, to meet , understand and transcend Satan by letting go to the double-current of life coursing through us, becoming Jesususes.
The S S I initialling the teams and innings correspond to the snakes entwined around the Caduceus;
At present France has 23 Archbishops and the Parisienne one is called Andre Vingt-Trois [23]

- They warned me not to talk to you
-78th time is the charm


Newspaceman said...

Hiya, 359. 3+5 is 8 and 9 minus 8 is 1. 5 minus 3 is 2. So, 3-2=1, back to front.


Anonymous said...


You are fiz-rick-in insane ma nizzy.

I need another life to absorb your op-uses.

Gotta Go, Oprah's On.


Jake Kotze said...

Very nice. The Whatchmen thing (and its new movie coupled with Todds "Question" stuff and Promethea (god knows what other Moore magick)) is something set to to go nova methinks.. Plus the new Simpsons movie. Makes me want to take a brake (perhaps in a cave overlooking a Pyramid in Bosnia) 2 b honest...

aferrismoon said...

I haven't read Promethea, hafta find a copy. Well i don't live too far from Bosnia. Montenegro is quite cheap and has great countryside. Here in Prague the latest things don't impact so much, can't imagine the mental assault living in an English-speaking country.
Take care Have fun
Cheers for the inspiration