Tuesday, July 10, 2007

St.Bees and Potters Bar

The silent swarm of synchro-bess gleaned from the plagues of books, Syrup tins, glazed designs sparkle from amphorae and C17th porcelain. A Honey Pot of mead soaked dreams.
A few errant bees that seem to have passed me by at pres. Princess Beatrix, daughter of the Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson, rarely sighted, possibly basking aaway from the limelight.
Of course Bea is the diminutive for Beatrix, some patients may remember [Queen]Bea from Prisoner Cell Block H, an Australian soap opera set in a prison. Groundbreaking.Perhaps if the royals get careless we might find that QBee [Cube]may realise the throne.
At the Karlovy Vary Film Fest[ Cz.Rep] Miss Zellweger accepted an award and completed some functionary duties. The world awaits her role as Beatrix Potter, a name that invokes children's books about underage magicians [ what is the law on the invocation of supernatural beings for under-14s] , innumerable animals including the now-newsy Fox.
A bee tricks Potter.
I included Potter's Bar as , I think' its part of a motor-racing track , perhaps SilverStone, which I decided to add to Harry Potter for when he gets old enough to compete in F1.
Harry Potter and the Silverstone of Sorcery [ What magic keeps this sport soooo popular] F1 cars sound like bees, though with fuel injection.
The Egyptian god P'Tah is famously illustrated as working at a Potter's wheel. He seems to take the unformed clay and gives it life by opening it, and his name translates as ' opener'. This word has carried over into Hebrew PhThCh 488. His instruments include both Ankh and plumbline, thus a master mason.He presided or took part in the cerenony of the opening of the mouth, very important for dead Egyptians claiming After[ra]Life Assurance
Taking a few linguistic liberties -
Harry Potter >>> HARY PhThCh [ pronounced Ha-Eri P'taah] The[H] Lion[ARY] Opener which swirls by vicus commodius back again to Samson, the ripper-opener of Lion's jaws [ see prev blogs + Through the Looking Glass blog]
A potter Bee is a solitary bee that builds nests of mud or pebbles cemented together and attached to the side of a plant, while Gerge Potter started the Bee-Hive Trade Union Journal in 1861

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