Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blink and you'll kiss it

Seeping 4th from Sabrina's journey beginnings of a slight rise in water levels, the sun and moonlight glints off ripples stirred by Alice's hand trailing in the Isis while Charles ' Dodger' Dodgson entwines the 3 children into a story that winds its way through the ages. The Isis meets the Severn.
In Sabrin'a Journey we see the Red Queen talking to Alice - this links to the recent event when HRH QEII told off the photographer who asked her to take off her crown [ in fact a mere tiara] . The Red Queen has a fairly short temper and I imagine that she is telling Alice off in this illustration.
I note the crown with its 3 Vs left by the upwardly pointing 4 As.
This laying down of the lore theme has a more violent illustration at WrongWayWizard, the bone wielding-bone smashing ape thrashing out the 1st law
Bone in French = OS and I give this to Osiris for this article. Lewis Carrol told stories to Alice Liddell [ AL-31] on a river in Oxford - maybe it was the Isis. Sabrina is another name for the River Severn [ UK].
Osiris [ Bone - eye] was shut up in a coffin and pushed out to sea to end up trapped in an Erica [ heather] bush.
Egyptian priests apparently ' punned' the names of Gods , possibly because they didn't know the original names, possibly to include other god-forms in the ever-diversifying dynastical Egyptian pantheon . James Joyce used intense punning on all his words in Finnegans Wake. One great character of this river-book is the River Liffey [ Eire] which he refers to as Anna Livia Plurabella [ a nod to Alice Pleasance Liddell and Lewis Carroll].
WWSkeats relates the word to 'pound' and I return by vicus commodius to Wr.Way.Wiz's bone-monkey perhaps trying to pound out the first words, rather like an original I Ching reading from cracked bones and tortoise shells.
Oxford - where the Ox Crosses is where Carroll lived , worked and wrote. Ox in Latin or Greek = BOS and Ford = Porus [ european/semitic F-P interchange] so Oxford = the Bosporus.
As cattle are synonymous with CAPUTalism [ heads of cattle] the head honcho might have related to it and called himself the BOSS. The Greeks sometimes referred to Osiris as Busiris = so BOS-IRIS = BullsEye [ and a connexion to Boss- Sirius?]
Rivers - seas , the sacred Alef, Osiris and Isis. bulls eye when the bull's hit, bones and bony gods - is that a thigh bone , Mr.Mon[ad]key, did u keep the skull and 1 other thigh bone to create your 1st law - Maritime law - the Law of the Sea- Peeracy- Mari-age
The Monkey raises the bone and Isis raises Osiris' bone with magical words, his original bone lost to the Oxyrhyncus fish. This bone is the 14th part of his body rent by Set. Isis finds 13 . Thoth gives her the words to erect Osiris anew - 'Phall if you but will, rise you must'

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