Saturday, July 21, 2007

1138 and the Whirr of the Aeon

On Realm of Connections a vid of THX 1138 overlaid with music by Depeche Mode. A fine composition in itself it echoes the shaving popstar heads of late, the preclusion for Soma-type lifestyles, consenting to dimming the light of human intertelligence [ dimming down]. The calming electronica of Depeche Mode lends itself well to this episode.
11 x 38 = 418 the enumeration of the Word of the Aeon ABRAHADABRA [ acc. to A.Crowley]. Were this to appear on its own it might not stir me to this blog BUTT
11 x 83 = BRAShYTh - the WORD , the 1st word of Torah
The Torah = The Book of the Law and Crowley called his received information on April8.9 and 10 1904 as The Book of the Law.

The film was made [in part] by George Lucas who seems a fair fit for a previous GL investigation. GL = Hebrew for a 'wave' and also corresponds to the 'death' age for JeSUS and the 33degree Masons. It appears in the acronym AGLA leaving a suggestive A.A. 2 As and a wave - the V and A + maritime imagert related in Sabrina's journey's latest article


realm said...

I like the way your mind works :)

aferrismoon said...

I just glad it does *)