Monday, July 2, 2007

Saturn and Saturn return

I have heard that we have entered the Age of Aquarius or it'll soon be here. This means the Age after will be the Age of Capricorn, that ever-aspiring goat. Both these signs are ruled by Saturn so we'll have a double-age of Saturn, though I agree Aquarius can be considered Saturn-Uran. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and in 2001: A Space Odyssea,the makers intended the mission to be to Saturn but due to the technology of the time were unable to make Saturn's rings so they plumbed for Jupiter.

DLY [44] the hebrew for bucket, pail and Aquarius resonates with Dalai Lama, which means 'ocean' [ danny Ocean]. it forms the first 3 letters of DLYLH - Delilah. 44 = DM which = blood . In ADM aspiring humans the Alef transmits through the blood , or drowns in it, The Aquarian electric-current wave symbol also invoked 'transmission'

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