Saturday, July 7, 2007


..has ever 'seen' outside of himself. His brain is a multi-frequency [4 sensory ranges] scanning[TV] integrator. continually operating in co-ordination with a multitude of memory [kinescope taped] TV scanners. The whole array of NEW and MEMORY TVs is frequency monitored by an angular and frequency modulated PATTERN COMMONALITY SCORING & SCORE PREDICTING conceptual co-ordination capability. The TV co-ordianting conceptual capability includes a score-guessing and score-guess testing faculty, as well as a strategic-tests-contriving-pattern considerator. all of whichconceptual patterning proclivities are self-started and regenerated by synergetical INTELLECTION.
Thinking is a putting-aside, rather than a putting-in discipline, e.g., putting aside the tall grasses to isolate the trail into informative viewability - Thinking is FM - Frequency Modulation.
NO MORE 2ND HAND GOD - R.Buckminster-Fuller, 1963 Southern Illinois Univ. Press.
When 911 occurred the 1st thing that came to mind was the graphic novel The Watchmen and the 2nd thought was a memory of the above.
Now it's a good idea to watch SEPTEMBER CLUES.
TV commentators seemed accepting of the incident as accident until the 2nd Tower expressed flames and smoke. Small planes, Jumbos and missiles were all reported , acc. to the recordings on September Clues. I doubt people immediately thought - cabals within our/their govt. have organised this, and are prepared to hurt 1000s. Question-marks , emerged in minds, and inthose spaces were placed explanation marks ?!?!?
Were there really any Towers there at all?
How many commentators were taking prescription drugs to help with sleeplessness, if any. Listening to some of the commentators I imagined them to be almost monotone in their delivery. How many 'seeing', by using their mem-systems to conceive what they 'saw' 0.28 secs. later, [not including any beep-initiated 17sec. delay], also took drugs to combat sleeplessness. The second as the smallest general time-increment implies that we apprehend everything 'secondly', and apparently we can't recognize that which we have never cognized. Click-click-whirr.
The animated planes - so where are the 'real' planes and passengers? To avoid accepting their 'deaths' I wonder if they got flown to an island in the middle of Polynesia or thereabouts, in proximity to Atemlantes.
Adding the 4 planes from 911 to the Oceanic flight = 356+815= 1171, a pleasant looking number. Today its 7/7/7 and 111 x 7 = 777, though I fail to see any deeper connection.


Anonymous said...


I have read your blog and many of your comments at other blogs.

You are deep...I struggle with the material.

Am I right that the Bucky quote could describe a Holo(hollow)-Matrix

I think that all reality takes place INSIDE what we call The Moon.

Is it possible that World Events are a Hyper-Conflated Holo Deck version of Democracy?

As a regular reader of your blog ad others I know that you also read, I note a certain vacancy: just what is it that we are trying to discover?

Can it be named?

Even provisionally?

Thanks for your blog

The Wrong Way Wiz

aferrismoon said...

the Bucky quote seems to imply that we can be programmed by self and others to varying degrees, and that what we/I think happens gets remoulded by me.
The hollow-Earth spaceship idea has validity. I believe Gurdjeff said something along the lines of ' we're only food for the moon 'til we de-re-free prog ourselves.
I guess you only 'struggle' with the material as its maybe not the way you deal with the material, maybe you don't get into life via that material.It's not meant to be obscure, the letter-numbers are my way in or out of set realities, BUT I recognise they're less than easygoing. Thats why the videos getting made provide such great meeting-places. There's bits and pieces from everywhere with the technical , difficult bits taken out.
I agree that what I write might seem deepthough I don't understand all that I'm writing. Thankfully now is a time when we can allow looser work that allows other synchro-people to 'fill-in'. Thus the VACANCIES. Akin a little to the white space that allows us to read the text, the space that makes a window, door or Stargate. I 'know' that no1 knows all so there's a bit unknown , the Tao. I enjoy using my lack of knowledge , sometimes filling in with non-sense which often leads to resonance with others thought-waves. My impression of Jakes videos - Donald Duck , the Maysons, and the WTC ??? On the face of it - silly. So why does it resonate far more deeply than the factual evening news etc. its as exciting as a feature-length film, and funny. I 'think' that everybloggy brings their own stuff with which they interract. Its all similar but it all comes from within people who are now less worried about what people think, wonderfully different people.
The way I write is influenced by Bucky and E-prime, which doesn't rely on the verb 'to be' so much. Lack of the verb 'to be' has an effect on people.
I have read The Cipher of Genesis by Carlo Suares and his writings on letter-numbers and how the translated Torah and Bible versions may have affected humans through the ages.Even within the community of letter-number lovers he seems quite peripheral.
A holo-deck version of Democracy - so who's not deep. Do all our thoughts , all of them, constitute Democracy. We have always had Democracy and for some strange reason we have decided to invoke the world as we 'see' it today. We think it so we get it.
I can't argue against it, it seems to give us the greatest autonomy should we wish it. These questions get difficult when I see other people getting a deadly, torturous, nasty fucking time - is it their Karma, did they 'vote' for it. Or is it invoking a pain-moment so I can't look at Truths.
Reading your page I don't understand most, but its the sparkles that sparkle my way that glint with my gleams.
What are we discovering, or are we uncovering, word-archeology, a tiny brush sweeping away the debtritus , exchanging understanding for innerstanding. The vacancy has no name, but it sounds like The way-can-see, pro-vision-ally.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the shout out at the Wrong Way Wiz.

I read about e-prime at Robert Anton Wilson's site and try to use it too.

You are right, I struggle only in the sense that the material is tough to get my mind around all at once.

Nevertheless, just like the Goobernator...I'll be back.

Thanks Again