Sunday, July 8, 2007

Plumblines and an eyeful of Pylarmids

While researching Orion I found acc. to Wiki, that there are 4 mentions in the OT. The last I looked at was in AMOS 5. Mmm, I thought, then my glipped across the page , noticing the word PLUMBLINE. The Lord stands by a wall, telling Amos, that ' I will put the plumbline into Ysrael' or words to that effect.
 Zooom, hitched over there, 2 mentions of plumbline, AMOS 7, 7-8. Its midnight, just after July 7th moves into the 8th. Nyam,nyam.
The SHeebrew word for plumbline = ANK 71. 71= YVNH - Dove. Once transformed into English the word ANK 'looks like' the English way of writing ANKH - the Egyptian Cross.
A code exists in the 1st verse of Genesis in Hebrew , to wit :
In the 1st verse [of 28 letter-numbers] it uses 11 different letters to spell out the verse. In the Hebrew alephbeyt there are 22 letters [ not incl. finals] so 11 letters are not used. TaDa - I put the 11 used in numerical order and below them the 11 not used. Now I can get a word and transpose the 'hidden' letters -
A  B  H  V  Y  L  M  Tz  R  Sh  Th
G  D  Z Ch T  K  N   S    O  Ph  Q
Thus ANK 71 = GML 73. [ note they are consecutive Prime numbers and include an inferred 'missing 72].
Now those Crafty Masons often use the letter G  within their symbolic system, and God loves Geometry ,coz its a gr8 mathematician.
The face of the pyramid on the dollar bill has 72 bricks , so the eye = the 73rd and among other words 73 = GML and GML hides an ANK and vice versa.  Eye =  plumbline. Plumbum is Latin for Lead - metal of Saturn.
I moved on - GML+ANK = 144 and QDM appeared , it means 'east'. Fairly synchro-acceptable so I encoded QDM and got ThBN which means 'straw' and = 452, added hose 2 together and the result = 596 ,which = YRVShLYM.

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