Thursday, June 7, 2007


In my present speculative considerations I imagine that a few different styles of humans evolved in the polynesian arkhipelago. Many islands lacked predators capable of killing humans, unlike most of he great landmasses. Looking at Easter Island I feel that islands 'ran out' of essential livingry forcing humans to move across the water to find new commodities. Apparantly in Polynesian society these navigator-priests live away from the main villages, and this tradition has continued to the present day. Though not living in a separate area Scientists often have info that others don't thus developing different mental landscapes.
Over millenia many sailed with the winds , out to Malaysia, China,Japan Siberia and back in along the west coast of the Americas. Others tacked against the wind reaching Africa using their shipping knowledge to create pyramids and such. To those landlubbers , Polynesians who left in earlier times, conveniently for my concept, lost or didn't need ocean-going skills as the continents provided ample sustenance. Rather like today once we get a stable lifestyle we often try hard to continue it despite the complacency and instinctual survival of the whateverist and become . I think, uncomfortable with our universal physical-metaphysical evoluting.
A story goes that the natives of Islands 'could not see' the ships carrying the Europeans as they had no concept with which to compare it thus , I think, non-ocean travellers would call the visitors Fish-men, as they called the Greek ships ' giant horses' because the y performed the duties once carried out by landed horse-powered soldiers.
Fish and Ships
These 2 concepts carry through into Pharoanic religion, Judaism and Christianity, my knowledge of other organized religions precludes me from further comparisons.
Ra regularly races around in its barque, Iheshuah Ben-Adam walked on water, got crucified on a mast, like Ulysses. Noah and the Ark heralded the new world order of men who built not towers but great ships. Building a tower on land does not require thinking about how much it weighs but a ship needs exact calculations and effishent use of materials to stay afloat. The great ships of business tend towards maritime language - companies are floated , launched, sunk. Limited liability law comes directly from the East India Company insuring of cargo and ship though not the crew. The owners would get paid off if their company sank.
Ships have new forms now - trains , planes and spaceships


hoi polloi said...

It's all so interesting. What are your thoughts on splicing human DNA with fish?

aferrismoon said...

Hi Hoi Polloi
In Buckminster-Fuller's CRITICAL PATH [ a book] , he writes an off-hand sentence that seems to say that as the humans frolicked in their island lagoons some babies would tend to the Delphinic while others to the Humanic. It seemed to suggest little difference, choice, one = the other dependant on environmental conditions. I will get the quote and page number. Of course Dolfins = mammals
As far as splicing with fish, I guess its poss, they splice fish with maize.Maybe theu , they , they can arrest the foetus at the 'fishy' stage and then develop a human-fish. But then I'm 'fishing'
I try to keep with the tangible for me explanations, like the Fishmen being Mariners. I like that Fuller attitude of Operative Geometry and I try to apply this to magick and mysticism- this helps me attain Faith rather than Belief.
GBShaw spelt 'fish' as 'GHOTI', the 'gh' from laugh, the'o' from women and the 'ti' from nation. Who knows maybe we will splice it in to thias Mega-En-rich-u-all.
Thanx for visiting and commenting.
UR the 1st

Waesar said...

indeed the polynesian navigator-shamans do have a skill for navigating and in this shamanic context one way i have come across is that of out of body travel or shapeshifting. the shaman would occupy/share consciousness with a bird and make the journey first that way and thereby learn the route, or maybe the same technique with a whale or fish. these possibilities are boundless...
it's been annecdoted that fleets followed a shark, or a whale etc.
if you want a very interesting read along these lines and which touches on huna practices and hawaiian shamanism in general check out Spiritwalker (there's two more after it that go into deeper depth) by Hank Wasselman. it's written as a story as the author claims to have gone through a series of experiences he later honed to a skill which revolve around him going into shamanic ecstatic trance and sharing consciousness with a distant future ancestor of his who lives on the then sunken coast of california around the inland sea in a hawaiian society that came from the islands a thousand years ago, and the ancestor lives 5000? years in our future. the mainland is a lush wildland again after some great destruction of civilization that leaves next to nothing for him to recognize of the past USA. the awesome thing is, tho he gets to spy from behind his ancestors eyes, they make mental contact and the hawaiian learns how to visit the earths ancient past our 1990's USA and i assume even now...
there must be validity to his experiences as he is accepted and respected in hawaiian kahuna societies. and there's artifacts...

aferrismoon said...

Cheers waesar. I imagine that with the time , space and energy, minimal distractions that these peoples could and can do this, I feel sure I can, just needed reminding. I tentatively imagine that Adam named all the animals etc. as they all exist as extensions of humans, which maybe why it's possible to 'take over' their bodies. Also I feel that Eden or Edens are more likely to be Poly, Micro Melanesian and /or Hawaiin islands. This is why they had to GO as they may have consumed all the Trees giving life. An evolution without blame, otherwise they'd still be sitting there and we humans wouldn't have made all the mistakes we've made to get us thinking about this again.
Many religions have seafaring metaphors and I doubt that it's because everybody evolved from apes in Africa.
Is there a story in Hawaiin lore[law]similar to the Noah story which I imagine is an original Polynesian story retold for the Semite peoples.
When i took mushrooms [psilocybin] in Wales [ an action I neither condone nor condemn] I started singing hawaio-maori-red indian songs from my 7,6, 5 and 4 chakras, Chinese in the throat and some thing else when it reached 1 and 2.
ThanX 4 the Hawaiin synch-insertion