Saturday, June 2, 2007


Well come
After watching Jake Kotzke's 9/11 Starg8 productions I willed to comment and necessarily had to open this blog.
My first comment was on the apparent to me synchs in pages 4 - 5 of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.
This hasn't been published so I thiught it wise to use it as the initial posting on this blog.

The quotes follow:
' Phall if you but will, rise if you must'

'... and during might odd years this man of hod, cement and edifices in Toper's Thorp piled buildung pon buildung pon the banks for the lives by the Soangso '

'Oftwhile balbulous, mithre ahead, with goodly travel in group......... to rise in undress maisonry upstanded.'

'... a waalworth of a skyerscrape of most eyeful hoyth entowerly.... with a burning bush atop off its baubletop...'

' What agentlike brought about that tragoady thundersday this municipal sin business. our cubehouse still rocks as earwitness to the thunder of his arafaas.... unkalified muzzlenmussilehims that would blackguardise the whitestone ever hurtleturtled out of heaven.'

' Then we'll all now if the feast is a flyday'

While it requires an active mind to find the synchs written some 80 years ago I find the proximity of the Woolworth Tower, Arafat, Bush, bush burning, flyday, unqualified missile-muslims, the whitestone- Kaaba, the man of hod, HVD the *th Sefira and the Cubehouse worthy of a investigation
Joyce wrote FW around the 'Egyptian Book of the Dead' so the similarities with any Egyptian-Masonic ritual are easy to find.
He puns to pound out meanings as the priests of egypt were wont to do, and perhaps provides a basis for Xing 'time' to glean or dissemin8 in4mation

I use the Hebrew letter-number system to elucidate info and if I write sHebrew words I will use an English transliteration, as with HVD above.

Look siXward to sharing with U