Monday, June 25, 2007

He Be Gee Bees

The plethora of GBs abound , esp. on the Easr and west shores of Atlantika
Gordon Brown now shares the amalgamated USA subsidiary of Great Britain with Gorgeous Bush. Gates. Bill former Moonchild soundalike hits the heights of MicroSophistry, the unpoetic incarnation of WilliamBYeats
G8 almost looks like GB in fact so much so I'll damn well inklude it in this collection of GBs and nearly GBs . I'm starting a collection so send all GBs u can think , idiotic to scintillatingly brilliant, such as
Glove Boy - he's got his finger on the pulse
Glow Ball - King of the radiating testicl;es that can be geigered round the whole world
Germaine Beezley - handsome lad , sings Ratpack songs but softer, one for the laydeez
and any other slightly illucid mimzy


Jake Kotze said...
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Jake Kotze said...

Ghost Busters
Grand Buffet (cool band)
Goat Boy (Bill Hicks as Randy Pan)

aferrismoon said...

GB is the abbreviation for Sarin among other words, I assume that's to help people recognise it easily.
Gravity Bias .v. Green Beret
all written in Guo Biao 2312 - 80

FilmNoir23 said...

Golden Bough!
George Burns (he played God after all)
Great Beast aka Crowley

aferrismoon said...

GiBralter has raised it monkey-head on the Daily Behemoth
George burns the Golden Bough
While he wears a green beret
He eats great beasts and Sarin gas
And listens to Grand Buffet