Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Stone of Goat Mountain

Ebenezer , the Stone of Help. The Philly Steins stole the Ark at this place and took it to Ashdod [stronghold]. It wasn't called Eben-Ezer until the Israelights won it back 20 years later. The place was then dedicated to The Lored with the name Ebenezer.
Thoth-Duck SynCrow : Charles Dickens named his miserly character Ebenezer Scrooge
which inspired someone at Disney to call Donaldducks uncle :Scrooge McDuck
OZ-Duck Sink : When Ebenezer is written using an 'English' Alphabet for the Hebrew characters : ABN HOZR [pron. Even Haazer] [ the stone - help] the word OZR = help.
I decided to swop the letters round for other meanings mayking
HR OZ [ Mountain - Strength/Goat]
In L.E Duck, though Scrooge isn't in the scene. DD sits atop the unfinished pyramid," but,I'm bushed", I can't read the rest,though I get the idea he might need some help. He obviously needs some bricks/stones to cap the Pillarmid [ Considering the mixing between R & L this word seems unchanged - 'aaaah pilamidu '].
Help Stone , a bit of bush, the a4mentioned piwamid
Rimes with Geezer
Cap that
Trigger Squeezer

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